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Arts is all about opening up as many opportunities as possible. It’s not a niche degree, its not about driving a student into a specific career or a specific pathway and not allowing opportunities, the students go in different directions that interest them, it’s about enabling the students, giving them opportunities to choose a variety of different paths they might take. I think its important to do a broad undergraduate degree, I think that’s so important because not only does it allow you time to truly think about what you want to do with your life, it gives you really great basics to go on to do graduate degrees or post graduate degrees. The Melbourne Bachelor of Arts does offer a range that you don’t often get. I think its a really good opportunity to explore different areas of your interest and you can finally settle on what’s really speaking to you. I was able to do something like Chinese and then I was able to do breadth doing marketing, which was amazing because they are so different, and to be able to do that, both of them in an arts degree was really interesting. My friends who are doing Arts elsewhere definitely don’t have that sort of opportunity because they can only really stay in their faculty and to be able to move outside that really does give you a broader experience. I think an undergraduate degree lays the foundations, helps students figure out what career path might suit them best, and then means they can go on to focus on an area which they are not only going to be well skilled at but also something they are passionate about. The staff will be teaching you are the most passionate about their fields of interest. You’re getting taught subjects by people who have written the books on that subject, the book you are using. It’s just amazing the experience they have and what they can tell you about in class. I find it really fascinating. There are a lot of smart people around you and it’s good competition so you can find inspiration from other people. Coming to a place like this you’re just opened up to a wide range of perspectives and I think that is really important especially in tutorials. You can have an academic argument with other people it’s really bringing you to the next level. Its part of the learning process in The Bachelor of Arts to focus on diversity, there is a great deal to be gained from that, it’s a real enriching path. The Bachelor of Arts experience. If I didn’t do media and communications here I wouldn’t have my intern opportunity with a China International radio station back in Beijing. I wouldn’t be doing the volunteer job that I am doing. All these internships and volunteering I think are going to open a lot of doors for me and they are going to lead me to the opportunities that are unknown yet. The attraction to Melbourne Uni
because it’s such a different system it really brings in people from everywhere because there’s not a University in Australia that’s doing something so cutting edge.

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