Bachelor party Pisa Italy vlog | Rozlúčka so slobodou vlog 2017 4K

We’re starting the trip are you looking forward? YES good morning Tirrenia our first breakfast girls what are you saying about Tirrenia? peaceful place not so commercial how do you like? it’s beautiful 😀 it’s all about the atmosphere we feel comfy everywhere and that we’re together Zuzka how are you? Great! this is perfect bachelor party I think that Katka will never forget this trip for real and stuff what’s yet to come… you won’t see :* (you will:) sending regards to our boys back home we don’t miss you guys at all here we gonna buy a wedding dress C A T H E R I N E that dress looks pretty and here are nice one in green but for me no green I think it’s for blondes We are walking beautiful streets of Pisa searching the Leaning Tower of Pisa everything is very cute, typical Italian How do you like it here? beautiful, hot, sunburned shoulders we’ve red that is totally normal it’s beause of weather in Italy are a lot of towers like this but they have to repaired and save it from falling down excuse me, can I … ? waiter hates you I can’t go anymore I really can’t so Italian tiramisu disappointed that’s why I love to share with girls 🙂 ice cream tiramisu… BETTER !!! I order bad tiramisu but Lenka have great one with ice cream and Zuzka have truffle my bachelor party had officialy begun I want to wish that Katka’s wedding day work out perfectly that she will be the most beautiful bride with the best bridesmaid and that Erko will handle first wedding dance and will “use” the first wedding night ooooh thank you we’re saying goodbye to Pisa Ciao Pisa!

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