Bachelor Party Show Fees

The show up fee that I put together
with you for the girls, at least, the show up fee is the show up fee that includes my
agency fee, the girls’ pay, it also includes the bachelor hazing, which
we did describe in another video. So you’re gonna have to find that now the
show up fee is there, girls will be there for an hour they’re gonna have a great time and
the girls they do work off tips. Now a tip is not 5% 10% or $3 or $40 it’s a
little bit more involved and the reason why is because you’re working with girls,
you’re working with their sensuality, their sexuality, their
costumes and all the fun. So, typically a lap dance in your private residence is anywhere from
twenty to forty dollars, and the girls were the ones who get to decide that it
is their choice, also they may be available for shower shows or private
shows, shower shows or private shows might start anywhere from 75 to 100 $150. So, you probably know what’s involved if their friends are involved the bachelors
involved and just how wild and crazy it wants to get. Now, sometimes my girls create
really naughty packages, that are simple to buy and simple to use and
I’ve talked to my girls about this. There’s like whipped cream races, something
with like a like a vanilla jumping bunny. I don’t even know what that is but the
girls have it, and they also bring all the things to make it a really wild show.
They’re gonna bring the Bad Girl Toy Box, the Bad Girl Party Game Supply and the
Bad Girl Insta Strip club, which is like the lights, the music, the ones and all
the fun, so you want to tip accordingly, and have flat-rate tips for the girls.
And just as a side note the girls do accept PayPal and Venmo.

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