THE LABRADOR GOVERNMENT Put this on… It’s your night. Don’t hurt me. We won’t. -Rolf? Raymond?
-Cat Ray. -Conny?
-Hey. Guys, we have not seen each other since high school. So. Just a little entertainment. -Drink.
-Is this not a bit extreme guys? It’s your God damn bachelor party, drink man. Have some more… it’s yummy. Lick it, it takes away the bad taste. Good… taste a little more cream. Look, we got you a little gift. -Here, take the gun.
-This is a real gun. You are going to shoot an illegal refugee, he is sitting there. Is it loaded? -Shoot.
-No, I won’t do it, never. -Shoot.
-No, I can’t shoot– Shoot! Do you know what people pay to do things like this! People pay one hundred thousand for these things, get it? Now squeeze the trigger Melvin! Now, squeeze, do you hear! Shoot. I’m getting married tomorrow. -Shoot, God damn it.
-Shoot him! What the hell, wake up now, for fuck’s sake, it’s real! Shoot, God damn it! Shoot already. To do this, squeeze the trigger. Shoot him now. -Shoot.
-Forgive me… Damn my son is a real wimp… This we did damn good. He looks scared. I almost feel ashamed that this little runt came from my own ball sack. But seriously, it’s a great day today. A really big day. Look how happy everyone is for you. Now you are married. You are such a big boy now… Sexually mature and everything, or is he? Does he get it up in the bedroom? Yes, you never know. You were quite late in your development. Always bad at sports and stuff… My son is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box, so to speak. Oh… shoot me then.

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