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I mean it is dissolved accounts I guess our favorite bachelor do is showing us that they’re finally ready to adults on their new freeform reality show the twins happily ever after yes the hilarious series is our tell you other people think of the day and lucky for us the show stars Emily and Haley Ferguson are joining us live this morning I love to look amazing new diet congratulations on last night’s premiere I mean what is it like for you two to watch yourself on your very own TV show it’s honestly so crazy to think that we have our own to do it I swear if you like just yesterday it finally hit me like seeing myself on TV I’m like wow and then like being on social media and getting all the feedback and like wow like this is honestly insane it’s mind blowing Gabrielle with your show and all your stuff we also saw in last night’s premiere and maybe I’m most happy about the fact that David David Hasselhoff is involved negative appearances what is the connection to the Hoff how’s it going to help you guys quote unquote adult well you’ll have to stay tuned to see what we do with the Hoff but we are really excited to have him on our series my gosh it was an honor to meet him yeah and in here before he was so great he’s really amazing and the stories that guy can tell ya I’ve heard a lot from you I think amo to accuse really funny you guys really funny and such as like a great but if you look well besides a half you’re gonna have some other special guest stars of course up and Lauren and they have their own show did they give you any advice since you know they had been and lauren have labor after what advice did they give you so Ben and Lauren their advice to us to just get out of our comfort zone that’s how you’re going to learn that’s how you’re going to grow and that’s how you’re really going to become adult and the theme of like I feel like our series is take the leap of faith don’t just you just go ever say yes to everything yes to life instead of no you never said never to anything including kind of breaking out of the world of us are getting some really cool stuff you guys interviewed Celine Dion and Emma Watson to be player hello I know a big deal on you guys you’re still feeling it aren’t you I said oh and it’s still I still can’t believe it happened I see honestly can’t believe it grew up listening to celine dion which I feel like sounds weird but like our mom loved it so we grew up listening to her and she has to show them off Vegas and we’ve seen it so many guy right like actually getting to talk to her and seeing her in real life so I mean what were you most nervous about her Emma Watson we were most nervous about but like Celine Dion made us feel so comfortable not thank you you know you’ve done it who’s the better interviewer Emily she’s at all I don’t know rocker in this relationship though oh well good for you both you doing it though no so anything that’s a good perience down hey guys thank you so much thank you make sure to watch the twins happily ever after monday nights at nine p.m. eastern on freeform hey youtube don’t forget to like this video and be the comment if you enjoyed it and some more people now click on the subscribe button down here and checked out more great video right now by clicking on one of these links

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  1. The twins are just way too put together. that its just so boring. like their hair is curled ALWAYS have a ton of makeup on ALWAYS. i don't care to know anything about them, they will be cancelled soon. Besides that david hasshehoff being on their season won't make me watch the show.

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