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Mom the weather changes so drastically. Hey listen. Maybe I won’t be able to come home this Diwali Won’t be able to make it home? Have work? Last time also you did the same thing and went to Manali I took the wrong bus and Looking at the snow I realized that I’ve reached Manali. Listen I have one important meeting this Diwali If everything goes well I might get a promotion Son If it didn’t happen in 3 years You feel it will happen in a day? Mom, you don’t start it again! My phone has low battery. Call you later Hello Yes baby! When are you coming? Okay, so your flight landed. What? Hey! Did you pack it to throw it like this? Huh? Look at this! What are you doing, man! Look at this. My boss’s mail Don’t expect timing from me! It’s my boss’s email, please read He has cancelled my leaves Ummm This is nothing It’s just Diwali, bro! Fridge is stacked, crackers are ready My party bros are invited And you are so upset? Okay, so you want I should get drunk and lay in the bed just like you Don’t take me on a guilt trip Because I love my family I would resign right away man! I don’t care! I want to celebrate Diwali Hey you! How will you take your jobless self to home? Right man Listen! We’ll celebrate our Bachelor type Diwali here itself! Drink? I have a surprise for you! Okay! Ready? I’m ready, I’m ready, ready (Doorbell) Okay Alright! One Two Okay Three Surprise! Mom? Pa.. Mummy papa You guys? Here? How come? Uncle aunty, you guys! How are you? Bless you, son! Give me the bags, you guys don’t worry Come in, come in. I’ll get you water Come inside Here’s your cake Someone handed it to us downstairs That’s the surprise Uhmm You look so thin in the videos Who’s she? Oh Hi aunty! I’m Neha Mom, she’s Neha Girlfriend Huh? Not mine! Pandit’s! I’ve also met her for the first time She’s come from the US to meet Pandit Mine? Yes, mine! She’s my girlfriend Mine, mine She was my girlfriend in college Now she’s my fiance! Mine Let’s go? Yes, please Hold this! Come dad, please sit What is this? It’s kept for fragrance papa. The room smells nice. Thank you, son! So dad, how did you guys make this sudden plan to come here? Son, your mom was missing you so we just came Oh nice! But how did you guys come? Your drivers were gone, right? They came back! They came back! Okay, they came back. Yeah it’s Diwali, they had to. Okay so they came back for the gifts Driver had gone to his village but he came back He also doesn’t like it without you Namaste Uncle! He’s Pandit Stay happy son, you remembered it too soon So when are you guys telling us the good news? Excuse me! Excused! Excused! She’s joking, she’s joking Pandit, why don’t you drop her to her hotel room? Guess she’ll be more comfortable there Hold on! It’s her fiance’s house too! Why would she stay at the hotel for Diwali And son.. While sleeping, place a pillow between you guys Yeah pillow, pillow No sex before marriage (Coughing) She’s joking Neha let Aman and his parents have their privacy Let’s go to our room Let’s go? c’mon I’m fine mom Son We have a surprise for you You guys are here What could be a bigger surprise than that? See this What have you got? Your surprise! What’s this? Thanks mom! You can’t find any excuses not to talk to us now Thanks mom but When did I make excuses not to talk to you? Don’t I give you the daily weather updates from here? Why? Weren’t you complaining about your phone’s low battery? You see this mobile On charging it just for 5 minutes you can talk to your mom for good 2 hours And as you know your mom speaks so less 90 million people are using this VOOC technology That means, apart from you, 90 million people can’t make excuses to not talk Oh come on mom! And I call you only when you’re at the market So that he doesn’t bring Cauliflower instead of Broccoli Mummy: What time are you reaching home? Pochinki Pochinki Pochinki Go, go, go go Tell me one thing? Yes? Making eye contact with her was fine but who asked you to hold her hand? Bro, I’m a method actor Once in class 12th I swept the school for 2 weeks to delve into the role of a peon Neha! Wasn’t my acting natural? I know, I know Shit man! Got killed again Damn this phone keeps lagging It lags? Yes! Take mine, it doesn’t lag Give it! Will you stay away from Neha? Yeah I’ll stay away, now give! Promise? Yeah sure, give it to me no? Aunty, aunty Please click Neha and my picture? Please Give Come Neha, come Come let’s get clicked Come on daughter Come sit no? Don’t feel shy Come! Come, come, come Come, come, come Ready? These kids have made such a mess Shut your mouth Is it nice? Yeah, it’s good! Show it, show it Wait no Look at it I’ll put it on Instagram Yeah enough What happenned? Won’t throw your bag this time? No! Being rude again Pandit Hmm? Bro, wouldn’t you ask me why I’m upset? Will you throw it then? Yeah I will Ok tell? I want to celebrate Diwali with my family this time Thinking of going home Okay, go then But my boss wouldn’t approve of it So don’t go But I want to meet my family So go then! What an idiot you are man! Don’t confuse me, take one stand no? Got killed! Do you know the full form of FAMILY It is Father and Mother I Love You! Do you know the full form of COMPANY? It is.. It has no full form And something that doesn’t even have a full form, can’t be so important You.. You are right, Pandit! You are absolutely right! Yeah! I must go home! Father mother I love you – FAMILY I must go home to my family You go! Right away! I’ll go home bro, you are absolutely right! I’ll go home and spend time with my family You are absolutely right, Pandit! Did I just get him fired? Then i will also leave I’m here to celebrate Diwali with you We’re not in a Live-in Listen, you tell them now or I’m leaving Yeah I’ll have a word with them Uhm if you would excuse us, we had a tough day We’d like to get some sleep now It’s over, it’s done! Stop overacting now Bro I’m a method actor not an overactor And calm down or aunty will listen to us Shutup! Just shut for 2 minutes, please Okay! Baby it’s Diwali tomorrow! I’ll tell my parents everything Everything will be fine Please, please That means we only have tonight, oh come on baby! Listen I’ll kill you okay? Shutup now! Oh powercut! Hi aunty I’ve got some yellow colour Fill this one yeah Neha If you weren’t engaged to Pandit I must have married Aman off to you Oh okay! Mom, the rangoli is looking very pretty I know right! She has made it! Seriously? Yeah What to say! It looks very nice! Let me take a picture for my WhatsApp group Brownie points You are chilling with your Mother-in-law, huh? Brownie points on and on, huh? This looks good on you Okay but pink really suits ya, it looks good Really? Yeah It’s baby pink not pink I’m upset! You must be embarrassed to make us meet a US return No, no You even faked today’s meeting, no? Mom, I was just going to tell you When? Just.. It’s too late now, son Why? Your dad has already fixed your wedding with Guptaji’s daughter Guptaji? Shalini? No, no mom not Shalini If it was someone else you would have agreed? What is the meaning of this then? It was a joke! Even I don’t like Shalini Moreover she couldn’t have made this beautiful rangoli You are laughing too much Now you are feeling very shy? Mom, please ya Bro! The scene is set When are you coming? Sorry bro, I have a pooja at my place Why are you doing this bro? Bro.. Fridge is stacked, crackers are set When are you coming? Sorry bro! Have a pooja at my place Bro.. You pinky promised bro! Please come no? Shutup drunkard! I don’t wanna party with you on Diwali Hang up! You please come forward for aarti Make him do it, he’s a priest Pandit? You go son! Hari Jagdish.. Om.. Jagdish.. Om.. Om hari jagdish Son, Swami Pandit! Om jagdish Say ‘Swami’ How do I drink during aarti uncle? I mean insert Swami in the Aarti Oh okay, yeah Swami jagdish om jagdish You leave it son, I’ll do it Om jai jagdish hare Swami jai jagdish hare What happened, uncle? Nothing ya! I had to cancel my party with my party bro because we had to come here You also have party bro? Yes, why? I also have party bros! But no one showed up for the party today Really? Tell me something? Now we’ve become buddies! Any arrangement for drinks? Have you seen the fridge? Little bit? Didn’t even think that I’ll be someone else’s girlfriend, huh? No no it’s not.. Here, it’s for you! Happy Diwali! Oh, thank you! Aunty! There was no need for it For you, our blessings have been.. Oh, I mean for us your blessing is enough Pandit! I know the truth now! You are not a method actor but an overactor Okay okay, that means my job is done here Okay then I should go! Happy Diwali! Okay Pandit! Okay bye It’s very nice! This is the best Diwali gift ever Thank you so much aunty! Aunty? I thought you’ll call me Mom Thank you mummy! It was a joke! Was a joke, joke You can also call me Mother-in-law Thank you Mother-in-law This was also a joke Okay was a joke? Was a joke! You guys were in a long distance relationship. Don’t rush things Let it be auny for now! Aunty is fine Let’s go! Let’s celebrate! Mom my gift was so basic and her pack has flowers, chocolates Hey Aman! Take this You continue, I’m coming Look there, it looks so beautiful! Come son, come Let me in, let me in The kids are so happy Let’s go and visit Qutub Minar tomorrow? Let’s take Pandit along He sits idle all the time He will give us a Delhi tour Happy Diwali! Happy Diwali!

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