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Shobhan, since I landed the job,
take these Rs. 200 and buy everything needed
to party. Rs. 200?
So you mean the party is on me? Fine that you guys are partying.
But don’t turn the place into a mess. What is wrong with this kid? Stop there!
What is happening? Well, today we got the new year’s party..
– New year is only after 12 tonight. Not now. Also, the new year must be celebrated peacefully
by cutting a cake and by sipping on soft drinks
and then going to sleep without bothering anyone. Don’t make noises and don’t mess up the place.
Most importantly, don’t irritate me. For now, don’t let him run in circles.
– Cute kid he is. How come the lights are on?
I guess thieves broke in. Brother..
– Isn’t that my bedsheet? Yes. That is my bedsheet.
– Come in, Shobhan. Shobhan, what is all this?
– It is a set up. No! It is a mess up.
Shobhan, I want this cleaned right now. For the first time my brother
did something productive. Appreciate him. No, I won’t allow this.
My bedsheet became shit. This is a fine set up too. Now, what is this?
– Sotari the senior.. I don’t you to spill anything
and turn this place into a mess. And, Sotari the junior..
– You’ll be dead before new year if you call me that again. Alright. Shobhan, take out your bottle. What! Shobhan, even you’ve taken to boozing?
Mom thinks you are still a kid. Mango juice?
You still are a kid, kiddo. Shall we begin? Brother, could you open the lid? You can’t even turn the lid open?
You still are such a kiddo. No! I want it neat.
– Yeah, the glass is neat. I meant I want my peg to be neat.
– I see. He wants even his peg to be neat?
– Cheers! – To? To the new year?
– No. To my brother who landed a job. Right! Cheers to Ravi Sota..
I mean, cheers to Ravi. ‘You only downed one peg, bro.’
– ‘Why is he staring at me?’ Cool! Keep up the good work.
Keep at it. What for did I get you a spoon? Just for fun?
Use the spoon to eat. ‘Who eats Boondi mixture with spoon?’
– No wonder you are named Sotari. You picked up a soiled meat ball?
Don’t you want everything neat? Is it tasty? Now what is he upto? It is delicious.
– This is what happens when you get drunk? There is nothing left in it.
Have some of this. Take it away!
– Alright. ‘There is some left in his glass.’ No! That is my drink!
– I’m sorry. But you can have it. ‘How come you’ve become
this understanding?’ Thank you, Srinu Vaitla.
– You’re welcome, Kona Venkat. Kona Venkat?
– What are you staring at, Sotari? Don’t you dare call me Sotari!
– I will keep calling you Sotari. Deal with him, brother.
– He’ll only call you Sotari hereon. Your name on your Aadhar Card says Sotari.
– Your name on your Pan Card says Sotari. Your name on your driver’s license says Sotari.
– Your name on your ID Card says Sotari. Your name on your birth certificate says Sotari.
– Your name on your death certificate will say Sotari! He should be proud of our surname.
– Exactly. We should be proud to call ourselves
Ravi Teja Sotari and Shobhan Sotari! You speak like it is
some Padmashri to be proud of. Even the year changes every 365 days.
But you always remain the same. Mr Balaji..
– Yes, Mr Brahmaji? It is about time for the new year!
– You are right. Turn on the music, Shobhan! What is wrong with this?
Guys, I haven’t turned on the music yet. You didn’t?
– Do it fast, then. I’ve turned on the music.
– Oh, cool! Happy new year! Right! Happy new year..
– Quite! We’ll be reported for nuisance! You both have woken up
the entire neighbourhood! We’ll be kicked out for causing nuisance!
– Happy new year, Sotari! Mr Sai..
– I like this beat! Hey, you! – Hey, you!
– Someone is at the door. Open the door!
– Open the door! Open the door!
– Open the door! Door, door.. Open the door!
– Mr Sai.. Calm down, you guys!
Hello, sir. What is going on?
– Well, we.. By the way, happy new year. Stop it! Mr Sai.. Who has come, Mr Kim?
– Somebody is here for Sai, Mr Trump. Mr Kim, you aren’t at a country fare
to turn up such loud music! Do you do Rangoli only for Sankranti?
– Do you burst crackers only for Diwali? Do you eat mutton only on Bakrid?
– Do you feel cold only on Christmas? Do you spot snakes only on Naga Panchami?
– Do you stay awake all night only for Shivratri? Likewise, do you hear loud music only at country fares?
– Well, these guys are sort of drunk. Let me whisper something. Right!
– Let’s proceed. Bunty, come here.
– Did you call me? Not you. Go call Bunty.
– Who is Bunty? I get it. Bunty! Come here, Bunty.
Chanti is calling you. Here I am, Chanti! Let’s see if you’ll still be friends
even after sobering up. Hello, all! In case you liked.. Hello..
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– Wirally! And also, let’s wish all a happy new year.
Ravi, let’s wish everyone. Wish you a happy new year..
To all..

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