Back On Keto After Cheat Day + Christmas Party 2019!!!!

Hey YouTube family so we are in the car
got it all warm and toasty if it’s feeling amazing over here y’all let me
tell you okay so today is the day after Thanksgiving so I’m fasting right now
that’s a keto and intermittent fasting over here and y’all I’m feeling good I’m
feeling great my body didn’t I hate me too much from all the food and Happy
Thanksgiving y’all triflin we had some honey bun cake oh my god might even got
me my own sweet potatoes hi y’all I’m so happy we have a whole sweet potato pie
right here yes yes that’s the lowest good but I can’t have any tomorrow so
I’m gonna enjoy today well tonight yeah tick I’m about to go to the gym real
quick y’all but I am going to be doing a little bit of Black Friday shopping with
my mother that’s the plane y’all but if it gets a little crazy I’m gonna be life
again it is not worth it whoopsie yeah if you are curious to know how my
body is filling with eating all the carbs and been on my period basically my
body hates me my period hates me all of me hates me right now so yeah so don’t worry out that’s got Office
Depot real quickly I just want to check the prices for the laptops and just to
see what they have all for today y’all so let’s go ahead and go y’all I was
going to record me going into Office Depot but it was such a fail that I
didn’t want to show y’all that family cell in the car about to go for the
Christmas Christmas party y’all I got told y’all everyone is down here so yeah
not to have my first meal of the day alright y’all so have some salad tryin
to talk with Thousand Island meat and eggs and lettuce okay sing it y’all he realized he forgot
the end and did it up this hand right is better than mine that looks so good you
guys first meal of the day I just have two chicken wings with hot sauce on it
one egg I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy I’m on season 12 episode 23 and
I just have my water and I just keep replenishing over and over and over yeah
young I am all about that Greenville water Greenville water is just so good
to me I have yet to find anything that tastes
as good as river water hey guys were at the doctor’s office my mom is here for
some stuff or whatever I don’t want to share her information unless she’s okay
with me sharing it but yeah I’m sick still yay so it’s fine thing yo she did
it again she was about to see the little shit I was like mama gave him a B and
she did not want to lay down so we just sitting here together y’all so she’s not
gonna take you to the little bed I’m gonna take you study so yeah

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