Backstage at COME FROM AWAY with Rachel Tucker, Episode 2: Celebrations

(light music) – Today is the day. Today is D-day. Today’s when I land on the rock again. A couple of butterflies. (inhales deeply) Did quite a lot of
FaceTime with the family, they’ve grounded me,
bringin’ me down to Earth. My brilliant husband and my son. He’s very sad he’s not
here watching tonight. I had lovely FaceTimes with Jenna Boyd in the “Come From Away” London. Sweet, sweet woman, thank you. And then got to my dressing room and wasn’t ready for this. I mean, are you kidding me? (chuckling) It broke me. It’s just, it’s so moving
that people actually do that and they still send
flowers and it’s gorgeous. I am so delighted to receive all these gorgeous gifts. Thank you, Cathy Moe, my
“Wicked” dresser on Broadway. Thank you Becky, thank
you so much, sweet darling for my beautiful champagne. And I got Girl Scout cookies. Whoo, what? I mean, come on. And a little something for Ben. Becky, thank you so much, darling. Thanks for passing the baton on. Carrie, thank you, darling. Enda, thank you, see you in June in Japan. My beautiful guy Ben bought me cacti. They’re keepers. And beautiful English agents,
Helen, Alister, Ronan, Emma, thank you, thank you. We shout out to Susan
and Jennifer, always. Thank you, thank you. And Melissa, New York Melissa. Guys, thank you so much,
so honored, so proud. Now I need to get my head in the game, get on that stage and… Let’s do it. – First show, first show, first show. – Yay!
(all cheering) – We did it. (actors shouting and cheering) Ah, we did it! First show, done, down, one show, done. Oh my god. Well, that went, it was very good. I actually can say that I enjoyed it. The cast are so brilliant. They’ve been so amazing, so supportive. It felt a little bit deer in
the headlights at some points. It’s like, okay, is that right? No? A bit of this, kind of… Getting my harmonies. If I move my chair in the right place, I get my harmony wrong, and
if I got my harmony right, I put the chair in the wrong place. So, it’ll take me a couple
shows, but I really, I’m so thrilled, I really enjoyed it. It was, god, it’s so special. I’m on Broadway. You know what, it never grows old to play an audience like that. An American audience
with such an American, very specific New York show, about New York. And you see people absolutely wiping, weeping, wiping tears from their face and it takes an awful lot to not cry and to not feed off that. I’m so happy, I’m so happy and grateful and god, and I could open a flower shop. Look at this. Is this unbelievable? Ahh! I adore flowers. Thank you all. It’s our third birthday coming up. Very exciting, can’t wait. Birthday cake, yay! Hey ladies! My next door neighbors. – Hello.
– What up? – [Rachel] Hey, Sharon. Shazza, we’re on the Shazza now. Day three, and we’re on to nicknames. (laughing) – Amazing.
– How you doing? – I’m good. Listen, I’m super glad that you’re here. – [Rachel] Thank you, we’re
having fun already, aren’t we? – We’re really–
– We are. Sh, sh. Thank you for the big welcome. These are amazing welcoming,
gorgeous, funny company. Hello. – I’m here to do your hair. – Oh, you’re here to do my hair? Look at your hair! What’s your name? – My name is Loryn.
– Hi Loryn. – It’s nice to meet you.
– Loryn, Beverly would like that
hairdo this evening. (laughing) Nikita, how are you doing? – Oh, good.
– No, it’s Kenita. – Kenita, that’s all right. Though, if you sing like
that to us every night, you can call me Nikita,
you can call me boo-boo. You can call me baby
girl, whatever you want. (laughing) – Oh my god,
– And then you turn around and you look at us
– I have went so red. – I love when you turn and see us. – [Rachel] I see you in my imagination. – If you’ve come to see the show already, if you haven’t come,
you need to come back, you need to come for your first time to hear this woman croon.
– Bless your heart. – Seriously. – No I have, excuse me, so day three, and I am still getting names wrong. – (laughing) oh, please.
– I will do better. – Oh, please. – Nikita.
– Kenita. – Oh, jeez.
(laughing) Allie, welcome to my world. I got your name right. – You did. (Kenita laughing)
– ’cause I need to get her name right. (all laughing) Or I will have no clothes on. (laughing) Oh, ladies, thank you for being gorgeous. Hey. You people of New York, I have a little request on this very wet, miserable day. I have been here about
12 days, and I have yet to find a really, really
nice place that sells coffee. (laughing) All I want is a really nice cup of coffee. Send help, please. This is the next section of the vlog. – [Woman On Recording]
Getting to know you. – I played this part. I played this part.
– Did you? – Yes, I played Anna Leonowens
when I was way too young. When I was in university
in Boston, Ontario. I was terrible. Well, I wasn’t terrible but I was miscast. I used to rap it instead.
– Really? – For myself, not onstage. – Right, so this is “Getting to Know You” quick fire round with Astrid. It’s not that quick, okay, don’t worry, but there are def– What do you want? I wanna know you. So, quick fire round, here we go. – Text or talking?
– Talking. – Dogs or cats? – Both. (laughing)
I’m cheating, but both. – [Rachel] Favorite junk food? – Chips.
– Yes. – Crisps. – [Rachel] Oh, crisps. – Chips like crisps, like potato chips. – [Rachel] Like a bag of. Those, that you gave me. Have you ever wore socks with sandals? – Yes, as a character, not in real life. – [Rachel] Not in real life? – Not in real life. – [Rachel] Thank you, you
can still be my friend. – Okay, thanks. (chuckling) – [Rachel] First celebrity crush? – Willie Aames from “Eight is Enough.” – [Rachel] Ha, charmed lovin’. I don’t know him.
– That’s okay. He’s, he was a, yeah. He was like and American sitcom, yeah. – [Rachel] Right, I’ll look him up. And then–
– Oh, I’m sure he’s lovely. Oh my gosh, what if he ever sees this? He wouldn’t see this. You were lovely, Willie, and I loved you. I still love you. – [Rachel] Cake or pie? – Oh. – Quick.
– Pie. (laughing) – [Rachel] Tea or coffee? – Coffee. – [Rachel] Always. Do you believe in love at first sight? – Yes.
– Aw. Giving presents or getting them? – Giving. Absolutely.
– Absolutely. Swimming or sunbathing,
and this is good for you ’cause you’re about to go on vacay. – Swimming naked. (laughing) – Too much detail.
– True though. – [Rachel] Is it wrong for a vegetarian to eat animal crackers? (laughing) – No, that’s a good question, though. – It’s not, it’s not wrong?
– It’s not wrong, no. Unless you take real delight in like biting off the limbs or something. – So this is Chad. – Hi.
– I’m loving him. – I’m loving you, is this– – We’re having a good time.
– We’re having a lovely time. They can edit this, so it’s okay. – Okay, good. You’re not gonna want to. – Obviously.
– Let’s do the whole thing. Why would they? – Alright, we just had
beginners, we gotta go. – What is this? What are we doing?
(laughing) Oh we’re not doing anything? – We’re doing “Come From Away.” It’s a Broadway show you’ve
been in for five years. (footsteps approaching)
Hi, who’s this? Who dat? Paul!
– Hey! – How quickly things change. Nice to meet you, Rachel. – So it’s end of the first week of shows and I can honestly say I
have never felt more proud and excited and quickly a
part of a company in my life. This has just been the
most welcoming group of people on stage, off stage,
back stage, front of house. I’ve dreamt of wishing for. So, I wanna say thank you. I’ve had a brilliant first week. I’ve had lots of support. People come over from London and Ireland to see me and my New York
friends and thank you. And “Come From Away” on
Broadway turned three. Such a fantastic time to be here with ’em. I’m honored, thrilled to
be sharing all the feels. And look at all these flowers which are still going, look at this. Thank you, I’ve come in early and put fresh water in them all and my beautiful cacti my beautiful
husband and son sent me. It’s okay, I got it, I got this. Well, yeah, there he is, there. I miss you, I love you. After the show we will be
hosting with all the girls for International Women’s
Day as well today. And ’cause we’re three. So see you then. Yay, we’re having a party.
(all cheering) Everybody say hello, cheers! – Hello! – Happy first week. – [Rachel] Happy first week, happy third birthday. – Oh, cut the camera. – [Rachel] Look, happy three. Can we all toast to our third birthday and this is – Yes.
– Yes. – [Rachel] I have to sign off every week so we’re signing off with our celebration.
– Well do you have a drink? – [Rachel] Do I have a drink first? I do not.
– Your glass is empty. My god, that’s alcohol abuse. – Here we go, here we go.
– We could open that one. – [Rachel] Yes, thirst, start it open. – There we go.
– There she is. Everybody got a drink? Can we all say goodbye to – Bye!
– Bye! (all shouting)
– Cheers! – Happy International Women’s Day! – That’s the one, yay!
– Good job Rachel. (laughing) (light music)

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  1. Congrats Rachel! I will be seeing you at the Wednesday night performance next week. I have been a fan of yours ever since I saw I'd Do Anything. Come From Away is also one of my favorite shows of all time and I was seriously thinking about seeing it a second time. I bought my ticket five, maybe ten minutes after the news broke that you'd be playing Beverly/Annette on Broadway.

  2. What a feeling it must be to be doing what Rachel is currently doing! Joining a show like that with a cast like that on broadway. Wow! Lovely video and all the best Rachel x

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