– Welcome home everyone. You are here on the Carl
and Jinger Family Channel where every day is a new day and we’re making it an awesome one. We’re doing that today
by doing awesome tricks and stunts off of our ramp into the pool. Oh yeah! Faster, faster, faster, faster! – Ah! – [Carl] Aw, he chickened out! – [All] Whoa! (upbeat music) – [Carl] Here is a our master plan. We have our stunt helmet
with the stunt camera. Life jackets and everybody’s
gonna pick something that they’re very comfortable with and we are gonna go off of our giant ramp into the deep end of the pool and it’s gonna be amazing. – Yeah! – We’ve been doing a
bunch of practice runs off of this ramp. Obviously, we can’t jump
it like onto the lawn without getting hurt,
but we haven’t jumped into the pool yet. We’ve been doing practice runs where we go off the corner of the ramp like this. Oh, Kyle you didn’t do it. I thought you were gonna
take a practice run, like that, to work up to it. So we’ve got our confidence up and everybody feels safe. The kids are gonna just get up to speed and jump straight into the pool, but when me and Jinger
try to go off the ramp, we’re gonna pull each
other with the four wheeler and a tow rope and it’s gonna
be a little bit nuts, right? – Yes. – Are you excited? – I will be (laughs). – [Carl] And Gage believes
that he has the courage to ride the power wheels
off the jump into the pool. – This is the only thing
I’m comfortable riding, going off the actual jump,
but I’m probably gonna have to get towed by the four wheeler. – [Carl] Are you gonna
do the Ninja Turtles one or the princess one? – Ninja Turtles, come on. Of course ninja turtles. – [Carl] Alright, you gotta
Ninja Turtle off the jump into the pool, so we’re gonna have to take the battery out so
we don’t ruin it (laughs). I’m actually a certified
life guard or I used to be and so I know how to help the kids and we’ve done a bunch of test runs. We’re gonna be as safe as possible. With a little bit of chaos. Alright family, I love you so much. Who’s gonna go off the jump first? – [Kids] I will, (shouts) – [Carl] Luke or Kyle? Let’s make ’em do rock,
paper, scissors or somethin’. You guys both wanna go so you gotta rock, paper, scissors. – One, two, three, shoot. Ah!
– Yes! – [Carl] Luke gets to go first. – Oh! – [Carl] (laughs) Here is the plan. We’ve got our ramp set up. This is how Luke wanted it. We got Jinger over here
for a safety diver. Jackson over here is a safety diver. I’ve got this camera as a safety diver. Life jacket, helmet. You ready to go Luke? – Yeah. – [Carl] You’ve done your practice runs? – Uh-huh. – [Carl] You feelin’ confident? – Yeah. – [Carl] This is gonna be sick! Alright, let’s do this. We are rolling on all three cameras. We got a chest cam, we
got a reaction face cam that looks amazing right now. Alright, we’re rolling, let’s go Luke. Go for it. He’s back there getting his running start. Everybody excited? – [Kid] Yeah. – [Carl] Here we go. Get it when you’re ready! No backing off. Faster, faster, faster, faster! – [Kid] Come on, come on, come on! – [Carl] Woo! (laughs) Yeah! Yeah! (upbeat music) You did it! (cheering) You totally did it, dude! (laughter) That was so awesome! Look at the bike down there, man. You caught a little bit of air, but that was really
good for your first try. Kyle is gonna go next. He said he wants to ride his scooter off. (yells) – Ah! He gets Luke’s soggy seconds for a helmet. That’s so gross, huh? (wind drowns out speaker) – Does it feel good? – Yeah. – Alright, let’s do this. We’ve got a wind storm comin’ in. We better goin’, huh? – Yeah. – [Carl] Here goes Kyle. He says he’s gonna do
a couple practice runs. We’ll see. – Here I go. – [Carl] He’s gonna have to get going faster than that, I think. – [Kid] Faster, faster, faster, Kyle! – [Carl] Faster, faster. – [Kid] Faster, faster! – [Carl] Woo, there ya go. You can do it, I think. Here he comes for the actual, final run. – [Kids] Go, go, go, go, go, go! – [Carl] Can he do it? – [Kyle] Nope. – [Carl] Ah, he chickened out! Chickened out! (laughs) Kyle was a little bit
nervous on his practice run. It felt a little bit steep, huh? – Yeah. – [Carl] It was a little
bit steep for you? – Yeah, but now I can do
it since it’s like that. – [Carl] Yeah, we turned the ramp, so, just like his practice runs, he can cut the corner and go off that way. So, it’ll be a little bit easier for him. Here he comes. – [Kid] Go, Kyle! – [Carl] You got this! – [Kid] Go, go, go! (yells) (laughter) – I got the scooter. – [Carl] You still got the scooter? Nice work, dude. (upbeat music) (laughter) Get it mom, get it. Nice. Good job, Kyle. So, let me ask you, bud. Now you went off the crooked way, do you think you could
go up for real, or no? – Um, no. – [Carl] No? – No. – [Carl] Oh man, chickened out. That’s okay. Oh man, you guys. Look at those choppy waters. That’s not from Kyle
splashin’ in the pool. That’s from this crazy
lightning and thunder clouds that are blowin’ through
the area right now. We were doin’ a couple more practice runs, and a gust of wind caught our ramp and blew it away and shifted it. So, we’ve decided that
it’s too unsafe right now to do this with all this wind. So, we’re gonna pause for
now and be back tomorrow. You guys gettin’ warmed up over here? – Yeah. – [Carl] You didn’t even get to go yet. I’ll tell you what; I will do the trike, the drift trike, if you
do the power wheels. – I mean, we all already know I was gonna do the power wheels, anyway. – [Carl] Right, but it’s
gonna be awesome, right? – Yeah. – [Carl] Deal? – Deal. – [Carl] Deal. Okay, I’ve got the wrong hand here. – Okay. – [Carl] Alright, in the meantime, here is the Twitter follower of the video. If you wanna be the Twitter
or Instagram follower of our video, just make sure and follow us on Instagram or Twitter. – [Jinger] Carl looks so cool right now. He’s got all the coolness. – The weather cleared up
and everything looks great. There’s a little breeze, kind of a gust of wind, but. – [Jinger] We’re goin’ for it. – Danger is my middle name today. That’s a little intimidating. I’m gonna ride the drift trike off of it. Ready? – [Jinger] Yeah, let’s do this. – Let’s do it. – [Jinger] We got a
four-wheeler here all ready. Jackson’s gonna be the, what do you call this, the chauffer? – The Dad Delivery Man. – [Jinger] You’re not a chau– The what? – The Dad Delivery Man. – [Jinger] Dad Delivery Man (laughs). Okay. You got the rope tied up, and Carl’s lookin’ pretty cool. – Don’t try this at home kids. To subscribe, turn on
notifications so you don’t miss any future uploads. Take care of my family if
something happens to me. – [Jinger] Alright, ready? – Hang on. Okay, you better go get in your position. – [Jinger] Here we go! You guys ready for your dad
to do something awesome? – Yeah! – [Jinger] Okay. – I hope nothing bad happens. – [Jinger] Nothing bad’ll happen. It’ll be fine. Okay, you ready? (motor roaring) (yells enthusiastically) (laughs loudly) – Yeah! – [Jinger] Whoa! – Yeah! (laughs) (motor roaring) (upbeat music) – I totally hit then went over
the front of the handlebars. That was so… (Jinger laughs) – [Jinger] That was– That went way better than I first thought, I will say that. – I thought I’d want
to do it again faster. – [Jinger] Let’s do it! Okay, we’re gonna set up for round two. Jackson’s in place. You ready for this, babe? – Huh? – [Jinger] I’m really impressed. – Are ya? – [Jinger] I will have to say, yeah. – Now, everything’s all wet and slippery, so, I don’t know, we’ll see. – [Jinger] Adds an extra
element of awesome. – It really does, actually. – [Jinger] You ready for round two, babe? – I don’t know. (Jinger laughs) – [Jinger] Well, if all else fails, you look awesome. – I think I wanna try and
do, like, a stunt this time. – [Jinger] Do, like, a flip or something? – No. Like a… – [Jinger] Oh, okay. Oh, okay. Like a hand motion stunt. – Maybe. I’ll try to look at the
camera and make eye contact. That’s all I could offer. It’s a little bit like a blur
all at once when you hit it. It’s a little crazy. – [Jinger] Alright, Jackson, you ready? – I’m ready. – [Jinger] Let’s hit it! – Let’s do it! Woo! (motor roaring) (upbeat music) – [Jinger] Oh, man! Are you okay? – Woo-hoo! I was tryin’ to get the camera (laughs). (upbeat music) That was the best thing I’ve ever done! That was so awesome! – [Jinger] It looked awesome. – Did ya get it? – [Jinger] Yes! – I totally did it. I also go a headache now. Ouch! Woo! – [Jinger] That was so cool. – Well, guys, I know that we kinda teased that we were gonna do the power wheels with Gage jumpin’ off the ramp. But, the weather’s really unpredictable. It’s kinda crazy out here. The ramp keeps shifting with the wind. So, I think we’re gonna pause on that and do that in another video. So, we will re-visit this again. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll do some power wheels action off of the ramp next time. In the meantime, make
sure to click anywhere on the screen in order to subscribe or to watch more videos. We try to upload as often as we can and always have family-friendly content right here on the Carl
and Jinger Family Channel. We’ll see you guys next time. [All] Bye! – [Carl] Bye!

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