Bad Birthday Gifts | Stand Up Comedy | Carmen Ciricillo

My mother, by the way, still is around. She still lives here in Sarasota she buys me gifts also. Last gift I got was a baton- a clear baton- filled with sunflower seeds coated in the most heinous chocolate you’ve ever tasted in your life. So what the hell is this? If I would have if she would’ve had like the idea to ask me what I wanted for my birthday and I would have said to her- Mom here’s what I want for my birthday. I’d like a baton… is this so unreasonable? Filled with sunflowers seeds. But not yet not yet. Coated in the most heinous chocolate you’ve ever tasted. She would have looked at me like – where in the fuck am I going to find that? Where you did find it Mom at Bealls Outlet. That’s where you found that shit. That’s where you live. Where’s Mom? Bealls Outlet of course. You don’t buy food at Bealls Outlet – you don’t even buy clothing at Bealls Outlet. That’s where the Polo shirt has a Polo on the back of the shirt. The v-neck is over here. you’re gonna buy food…

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