Bad Idea Duck Pool Party

since it’s such a nice warm sunny day
figured it’s time for a pool party funny they’re afraid to go past the wall
they don’t know anything’s beyond it oh you guys need a ramp you guys are free
but you don’t know what to do so Manny, Manny stay to the fence
are close to the fence all right all right now can you help them get get into
the thing there we go yeah just keep guarding the doors everybody that was from Great Wall okay so how are
we gonna do this next time there is no next time never use it he’s gonna get
bigger we’re gonna just wait until they’re bigger before we can let them go
free again yeah lesson learned I’ve got to admit I’m very disappointed
with how that went I feel like I really should have done a
better job I should have been checking to make sure
that the fences would hold them back and I should have maybe tested it it good
news is the Ducks don’t look any worse for we’re a little tired
they got their exercise for the day that’s for damn sure I’ve got to say I’m
thankful that Alison and Sarah and their dad were here to help me wrangle these
guys then if I had done this by myself it would have been a complete mess if I
had had other situations like Pablo was on the prowl I could have had a complete
mess luckily for me sort of no real casualties in it all just some stressed
out Birds which is my bad and hard lesson learned for me so yeah so much
for the pool party

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  1. Electric poultry netting isn't a physical barrier, it's a pain barrier! It's gotta be hot enough to shock them when they touch it to teach them not to try to go through. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. …So much easier than trying to herd $&#%& cows back through a hole in a fence that they have made!!! Damn, I hate cows – the DUMBEST animal on the planet! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Morgan I don't think I have laughed so hard at a video in a very long time. That was hysterical. What's good in theory can come back to bite us no matter how good out intentions. The ducklings are adorable though.

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