Bad Instagram: Fun Facts!

What’s up Greg, it’s me Danny back with another episode of cyber facts. We live in the age of information The internet has created so many new ways to learn and share information. We can connect to each other in ways we never could before. We can send emails and visit web pages A lot of people like to use Instagram as a way to look at photos of people that they know or celebrities and stuff like that But I use Instagram the way I think it was designed to be used as an educational tool The Internet is an extremely powerful tool that puts a world of information at our fingertips right at our little right if the tips of your fingers is so much information an Instagram is probably one of the best places for that I don’t know if you guys have ever stumbled upon it counts like incredible facts if or a fact of fantasy. Instagram is also a place for learning and it’s not the kind of boring stuff that you learn in school it’s fun new age technology for Millennials like me and you and Him because kids like me don’t like to learn in the classroom. We like to learn on the world wide web I’ve recently started following a bunch of Fact Instagram accounts and I found that they’ve made me 20 times smarter If I took an IQ test right now I would probably ace it because I’ve just been reading these simple Instagram FAQs take this one for example in 1915 a woman was late to her sister’s funeral When she arrived she demanded that her sister be let out of the coffin so that she can see her one last time Upon opening the coffin the dead woman sat up and smiled the woman lived for another Forty years after her death. This is really shocking. Whoa This is really shocking the best part about this fact is that it tells you why it’s an interesting fact at the bottom It says this is really shocking it lets you know the part that is the interesting part It’s the part that the woman lived a long time after she died without that I wouldn’t really understand why this is so strange or interesting Yeah, so a woman at her funeral sat up and lived for another 40 years. What is the interesting part of that? But luckily it says this is really shocking Here’s another good fact, you might be cool But you’ll never be as cool as mago liam shephard with his ak-47 and pet snow leopard It’s not really that much of a fact It’s just kind of mean actually you might be cool, but you’ll never be as cool as this shepherd with a gun and a leopard Whoa that rhymed. Whoo! Okay. Here’s a really cool Fun fact a man planted 7,000 trees to make a guitar-shaped forest as a tribute to his wife Was he married to a guitar two guys used their dead friend’s ashes as fishing bait and caught the world’s biggest carp I’m gonna assume that this was in this guy’s will or something like to my friends who always used to take me fishing Take me fishing one last time and use my ashes as bait and not like a horrible alternative to this story that’s like two friends murdered one of their friends and sadistically burned him and used his ashes to catch a fish this one I like because it has a practical use Standing like a superhero for as little as two minutes changes our testosterone and cortisol levels increases our appetite for risk causes us to perform better in job interviews and Generally configures our brains to cope well in stressful situations So all you have to do is stand like a superhero for as little as two minutes and this will change your life This is the type of stuff that you follow one of these accounts for this is real-world advice I’m not exactly sure how superhero stand let me goo–. Let me just google this real quick a Superhero stance. So it seems like a lot of just sort of standing with your hands on your hips like that Actually, I’m gonna give this a shot. I’m gonna stand like a superhero for two minutes and let’s just see if it makes any difference Oh, yeah, I can already tell my life is my life is changing for the better over here My testosterone levels are off the charts right now. Oh boy. I’m feel ready to take some risks All right, that was two minutes in a superhero stance I already feel so Much best so way better at a spending rate of 1 million dollars a day. It would take Bill Gates 218 years to spend all of his money now This isn’t necessarily a useful fact because you would never really need to know this under any circumstance Would you ever be asked in any practical? Situation how long it would take Bill Gates to run out of money if he spent a million dollars every day Unless you’re Bill Gates as accountant in which case? You should follow this account it’s really helpful, but it is an interesting thing to think about Bill Gates could spend 1 million dollars a day for 218 years that is pretty cool But he’ll never be as cool as that Shepard with an Ak-47 and a snow leopard. Having traveled peacefully across Canada for 26 days a hitchhiking robot hitchbot Which relied on people for travelling was destroyed in Philadelphia on its first trip into America. Honestly, good. Fucking hitchhiking robots coming from other countries to take our jobs. I say good for the people in Philadelphia Destroy that fucking robot. I don’t want any goddamn robots coming into my country Freeloading for one hitchhiking around the u.s. I don’t think so. Okay. This isn’t really a fact It’s it’s just the face of an ant as seen through an electron microscope. I Don’t know why that this is so funny to me, but whatever I don’t know if those are teeth or just little bristle hairs But he just looks like such a goofy little dork aunt. Look at his little face This is what all ants look like when you zoom in I’m sorry to all my subscribers This is the quality content you get when you subscribe to my channel If a passenger on a British Airways plane suddenly died mid-flight the old protocol instructed flight attendants to give the newly departed an eye mask The day’s newspaper and a gin and tonic Why? What? An eye mask I would understand because I guess you can’t really do anything else with a dead body on a flight like there’s nowhere to really put it although I feel like there would be so you might want to put an eye mask just because it’d be Unsettling if you were the person next to it to just have a dead guy like staring at you for the rest of the flight But a newspaper and gin and tonic seems like almost Condescending to give to a dead person. It’s like, you know that he can’t Read those right? It’s like oh look at the dead guy. He’s so dumb Let’s dress him up with a little newspaper and a little gin and tonic. I like put it in his hand and he just Came up with that protocol. It is impossible to hold your nose and Hum at the same time. That’s really fun fact I didn’t know that you can’t hum while plugging your nose That’s just I just wasn’t true alright this account Facts, that was a lie If you’re gonna lie about a fact don’t make it something so easily testable as as being able to plug your nose and Hum What are the comments on this but I just did it Someone said but I was able to make a little hum while doing this in the facts account responded Was it a hum or just a noise? That’s what a hum is. It’s just a noise. It’s just mmm. It’s like the same sound It’s just like it sounds a little bit different but it’s still a hum The facts are countless like beefing with people in the comments because they were they’re self-conscious about their fact. It’s not them It’s just the sound you’re just making a noise not a hum. This is from an account called knowledge fusion Whoa, I’m ready to get some knowledge fusion. Let’s see what they have to say. You don’t need a fairness cream to achieve your dream What hi, this is Amazon, yeah, um, can you cancel my order of fairness cream? Yeah. I don’t need it anymore I learned it on the yet knowledge fusion. That’s the one a lot of people have been calling about that Yeah, it’s just I don’t need it to achieve my dream so I don’t really need the cream meet Eli Thompson He was born without a nose. He is still the cutest baby ever. Stay blessed boy. This is a very cute baby the comments However are savage Voldemort as a kid Voldemort alert Oh Voldemort alert, why do you have to roast this baby with no nose. He’s got enough problems You can’t even smell did you know five truths of life? Finally more practical information that we can actually put to use these are five truths of life Nobody is real in this world. Except mother mother is the only real one in the world Hmm, the only real one in my life is mother. She’s the only one I can trust. Okay. That was number one number : is A poor person has no friends Jeez, what the fuck? So, so far we have nobody ins real in the world except for mother and a poor person has no friends so
I’m sorry to all the poor people Watching this but you just got roasted the fuck out of by Knowledge Fusion. Number three: people do not like good thoughts They like good looks people don’t like good thoughts? Then why the fuck am I reading knowledge Fusion? people respect the money not the person hmm and number five: the person you love the most will hurt you the most not mother most Laughs you hear on TV shows today were recorded in the 1950s means technically, you’re likely hearing dead people laughing That’s a pretty interesting fact for most people but I can always hear dead people laughing Train your brain. So this one’s like a riddle or a puzzle or something Steve killed his wife in front of so many people yet No one has the power to accuse him of the murder and send him to prison for his crime how Like I feel like is it just me or I feel like they don’t give you enough information to solve this puzzle Steve killed his wife in front of a bunch of people But they can’t send him to jail why it’s almost like you could come up with any answer that satisfies you and since there’s no Answer on here. Like as long as you believe the answer then you’re right in your own head It’s because they’re all blind. Is that the answer? everybody that he killed his wife in front of his blind a top comment if Steve’s wife was a criminal and sentenced to death while Steve was the executioner and executed her. How the fuck did you get that from this question? I guess that does make sense Maybe I’m dumb. Am I just dumb for not getting that I feel like there’s a million different explanations for it Like there’s not just one answer to this riddle. He killed them all – they were all mute. They couldn’t speak That’s just a handful of answers one gram of DNA able to represent close to 1 billion terabytes of data Believe it Why do I get the feeling that some of the people who make these facts are really? Self-conscious about their facts like they have to write things like believe it at the top of that meme It’s true believe it who workers standing on top of a wind turbine That’s in flames hugging each other knowing they were both going to die Jesus. That’s dark It’s from an account called granny facts Like that’s that’s the type of fact your granny would tell you, you know When you go over to your grandma’s house and she’s like look at this picture of two men Hugging cuz they’re about to die on a wind turbine This account’s bio is actually pretty funny: know what you never know. a platform where you can get videos Riddles and facts. Did you know at the age of 17 a lady named Mallette became pregnant with a child She was encouraged to abort the baby but she refused abortion and that child is “Justin Beiber” Except it’s in quotes, which I really like so it’s like and that child is Justin Bieber Yeah, we all believe that your kid is “Justin Bieber,” Mallette. It almost like it seems like it’s discrediting her She wanted to get an abortion, but she didn’t and now her child’s “Justin Bieber” or something Well guys, hopefully through this video you’ve come to realize that the Internet is such a magical place And Instagram is a great place for us kids to learn the way we want to learn Instagram is more than just a place to look at celebrities’ butts. It’s a place for Learning and expressing ideas. So I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’re not Greg yet Greg is my family on YouTube It’s my fan base. Just hit the subscribe button and turn on my notifications to become part of Greg I have new merch it’s the Greg family crest. We are the strongest family on the internet So it’s only proper that we should have a family crest to show how cool we are It’s got our mortal enemies Craig’s burning in hell It’s got my face on it Which is awesome to see and plants if you want to get that dannygonzalez .store Head on over there Thank You Liza Beth for turning on my notifications. You are truly Greg I’ll see you guys next time where I go to the Gucci store and ask them how much the shoes are and when they tell Me how expensive they are I go. Oh That’s too expensive. I don’t want it. It’s gonna be really fun. And I think it’ll be really interesting. So stay tuned for that, but stay tuned for that bye :3 (subtitled by true trash)

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  1. The gin and tonic as well as the newspaper are to make the person seem like they passed out while reading the paper.

  2. hold up they are wrong if a female is sentenced to death a female will execute her if a male is sentenced to death a male will execute him

  3. Okay but my speech teacher told us about that super hero thing. She said that it increases your confidence or something like that when you do a power stance for a few minutes. I have no idea if there's any proof or science behind this though lol

  4. The weird fact at 5:57 is one of the ways airlines deal with the recently deceased, some have compartments but what they didn’t go into in the fact is that it makes the passenger look like he is drunk and thus not moving. I’m not sure if this practise is still in use today though lol,

  5. Bill gate now makes at least 33 million a day so im pretty sure hed have more money at the end of that time spane lol wtf

  6. Umm I heard people talking about this on Minecraft

    Girl #1:Hey do you know Adam and Eve,how they are siblings,and the first ones on earth?
    Girl #2:Yeah
    Girl #1:Doesn't that make us all siblings?
    Girl #2:0-0

  7. On one British airline (I can't remember which one), if a passenger died during a flight, they'd give them aviator sunglasses, a whiskey and a copy of the Daily Mail. This kept the death from being noticed, because who'd wanna talk to that guy?

  8. my best friend learned how to blow up tokyo with electromagnetic pulse. he said he can mentally destroy them. he found this out with 5 minutes of google research

  9. You should do an asmr video, or an opposite asmr video where you make a shit ton of loud, unsatisfying sounds for the whole thing 🙂

  10. The song when you were talking about the robot was from Disney World's Electric Light Parade. Careful for copyright!

  11. If y’all that curious about the world being flat why not just like ask Neil Armstrong or some astronaut that’s seen the world :/

  12. danny, bill gates makes 100 million dollars a day….. but he gives most of his money to charity things. in 2017 he spend 4 billion dollars on charity!

  13. Wait if nobody is real apart from your mother. Then it doesn't matter whether a poor person has friends or not , they aren't real anyways

  14. the reason they give a dead british person on a flight a news paper and gin and tonic is to not unsettle any other people on the flight and to make them appear conscious

    your welcome

  15. 9:25 I tried saying the highlighted words only.
    Killed in front of people no one power accuse him murder prison crime.
    Not sure if I’m just reading into this too much but yeah. That’s the answer all right.

  16. The plugging ur nose thing and humming is actually true, u have to close your mouth all the way and plug your nose tight and you are unable to hum

  17. the protocal for the dead guy on the british airways was to put a gin and tonic to make it look like he had passed out while reading a newspaper just so if there were any kids on board who saw him it wouldn't scar them for life

  18. 1:21 may i give an explanation??

    Maybe the lady got into the car crash (just an example) she then went into a coma. Nobody knew that and planned the funeral, after the sister was late she (coincidentally) woke up after she opened the lid?? Idk, i feel kinda dumb now, lol. Or maybe its just fake

  19. i think the "fairness cream" may be referring to a line of products commonly used in the indo-asian parts of the world to lighten skin color. fair being another word for pale.

    whiteness being considered a standard of beauty, many feel the need to essentially bleach their skin so that it appears lighter.

    sorry to rain on the joke but its actually a pretty sad situation

  20. I'm literally a year late with this comment, but Danny, you should check this out:
    It's a TED talk from this lady who explains how standing like a superhero can help you out. It's actually really interesting, you all should check it out!!

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