Bailey’s Birthday SPECIAL!

– [Chris] What’s going on? – I’m going to Hogwarts. – [Chris] What? (cheerful music) – Good morning, everyone. Today, it’s my birthday. – [Chris] Oh, my goodness. Are you 11? – Yeah. – [Chris] What are we
having for breakfast today? You’ve planned the whole day. – Chocolate-chip pancakes. (energetic music) I have two cups of tea, ’cause Mommy made me Christmas
tea and blueberry lemonade. – You’re just like (slurping). – No, I wouldn’t do that, because this one’s hot
and this one’s cold. – Oh, no. – So Bailey’s downstairs, sipping her tea, and I went up by her bedroom,
and I noticed something. (“Harry Potter Theme”) So it looks like Bailey woke
up and didn’t even notice that there was a special
letter for her next to her bed. (energetic music) – Daddy’s putting the chocolate chips on! Isn’t that exciting? Today it’s Tuesday! My sister’s birthday! And I’m super excited for my
sister to get her present. Ta-da! – [Jacob] Well, when are
you gonna give it to her? – Right now! – Ohhh! Whoa, Parker, thank you. – It comes with a Hatchimal. – This is really beautiful, Parker. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. It comes with a Hatchimal. – [Jessica] Wow, Parker. – Thank you. – Thank you so much, Parker, it’s amazing. – You forgot a wrapping part, so I’m just taking that off. Uh, I’ll take off the tape. The one you got is this one. The one you got is this one. – [Bailey] Thank you. – [Chris] Nicely done. – [Jessica] Gluten-free
chocolate-chip pancakes. I keep wanting to say cookies. – I think I’m going to take my bath after the chiropractor, and then go there in my pajamas. – [Jessica] (laughs) You’re gonna go to the chiropractor in your pajamas? (gentle music) – Mm, this is amazing. – Mm-mm. Why is it so good? – [Jessica] I guess it was made with love. – Yum-yummy in my tummy. ♪ I’m sipping my tea about it, uh ♪ – Okay, Bailey, you’ve
gone to the chiropractor, how did that go? – Good. – You’re still in your pajamas. – Yes. – And now we’re doing some
shopping for your party tonight, your little get-together with the family. What are we shopping
for, what are we getting? – Some fun stuff for the party to eat. And now we’re going to the pet store. – We’re going to the pet store right now? Okay. You excited about the pet store? – Yeah. – [Chris] Yeah. – [Jessica] Awww. – [Bailey] It’s really
nice to the other cats. – Is it a girl or a boy? – [Jessica] I don’t know, I don’t know! Oh, it says male. Awww. (laughs) It’s so cute. – (mumbles)
– Yeah, yeah! (gentle music) – [Jessica] Bailey really
wanted to go to the pet store, just to spend time with
animals on her birthday, even though we weren’t getting any. – [Chris] Is it cold in here, Parker? – Yeah. – [Chris] What did we just get? – We got rock fish. – [Chris] Rock fish, for dinner? Yes. – We didn’t get any pets. – [Chris] No pets? Sorry about that. – But there is a store in
West Lake that sells pets. – [Chris] We’re not
getting any pets today. – [Jacob] What are you– – I’m just saying, I’m fine with it. – [Chris] You’re fine with getting pets? – So if you don’t get
a pet on your birthday, it was your daddy’s fault. – What? (Jessica laughs) Why you gotta do me like that, Jess? – I’m fine with it. I’m onboard. – Hurry, to West Lake! – Okay, I think we’re
done with our shopping. What are we doing next, guys? – Bailey still needs that bath and to change into her stuff. Like, she’s gotta do her business. – Doing business. – And we have to make the cake, which I’m gonna do. – Okay, so Bailey and I
did a whole planning video, and today we’re still sticking
to a lot of those plans. We are thinking about
trading Mansions of Madness for watching Incredibles 2, which she was on the fence on before. We also went to a store and found a lavender,
gluten-free cake mix. Which is, like, Bailey dream town, so now we have to figure out how to make the sweet-potato thing and bake a cake, and
maybe bake some bread. We got a lot of gluten-free
magicalness at the store. So, we’re trying to figure
out how we can do it all and also host a party? – Alright, it’s time to
make some tuna melts. (Parker and Jessica
chatting in background) – Okay, the birthday girl
just finished her bath and got all cleaned up. Look at this princess. Aww, Bailey, you look so nice. What an 11-year-old angel. I love you. Bailey did her own hair. She got all nice for her big day. Wow, lots of tuna melts. – [Chris] How are those tuna melts? – Amazing. – [Chris] Yes. – I made music. (machine beeps) It has to take a minute,
’cause this has to light up. (machine beeps) It has to light up for the whole song. So you have to wait. – [Jessica] How’d you make that, Jacob? – Oh, it’s a kit. I connected a bunch of circuits in a kit. It was kind of fun. (“Angels We Have Heard on High”) – [Jessica] It’s good celebration music. (kids vocalizing with music) – This lavender thing is really good because there’s actually
lavender flowers in it. – Yeah, it’s really cool. – [Parker] See those little black things? That’s lavender. – I wanted to show what we
were making really quick, because I know there are going
to be some people out there who are really wanting to know. Oh, I cut off the name of it. It was… Let’s see if I can find it. Wholesome Chow, it was
called Wholesome Chow, and I just found it at a store near us. I don’t know where you can get it, but I hope you can, ’cause
it looks pretty cool. We’ll find out soon if it tastes good. – It’s very heavy. – [Jessica] It is. Watch Mommy. Don’t let your arm touch, though. Good work, dude. Hey, look at you. – We have to put whipped cream on it! – [Jessica] Yeah, we’ll frost it. I’ll teach you how to make frosting. I know how to make frosting. – Let’s make it now. – [Jessica] We’ll make it
when it’s closer to the time. – Okay. (energetic music) – [Chris] What’s going on? – I’m going to Hogwarts. – [Chris] What? What is that? – It’s a letter from Hogwarts. – What is it? – I’m going to Hogwarts. – Oh, my goodness. You’re not actually gonna
leave me, though, right? – Why don’t you see? Is this for Bailey? So Bailey’s going to Hogwarts? – [Jessica] You got all that stuff? – Not yet. – That’s pretty cool, huh? – It is. – [Parker] Welcome to Hogwarts, Bailey. – [Chris] You think maybe we
should go on a campus tour in a couple days? Check out Hogwarts, make
sure it’s where you wanna be? Make sure there’s no dragons on the loose or whomping willows that might stop us from visiting you. No Dementors. – No, no, no, Daddy. It’s a place with magic. – [Chris and Jessica] Ooh. – [Chris] I like how he kinda disappeared. He just kinda like… – What do you think, Bailey? Wanna go on Friday? – [Jacob] Wait, are these
all the things that you need? – [Chris] You have all
these things, Bailey? – Not yet. – Hopefully you get a scholarship. I don’t have enough in
Gringotts to get you there. Is that right? Am I saying all the right words? Am I saying the good words? I haven’t read all the books
or seen all the movies, so I don’t know all the lore. But I know a little bit. – I’ve seen a little bit of a movie. – Yeah. I watch it with him when
I sit and we do child swap in the Harry Potter ride
at Universal Studios. Pretty cool. You must be how old to
get a letter like that? – 11. – [Chris] 11! – Mmm. I could put that next to my bed
and smell it all night long. (Jessica laughs) – [Jessica] What are you guys doing? – Putting marshmallows on sweet potatoes. – Can we just taste one? Eat one by itself? – [Jessica] You wanna taste one? – Yeah. – [Jessica] Okay, you each can taste one. – I’m gonna eat one from my bag. Taste’s like a marshmallow. (balloon pops) – [Chris] Ohhh, that one got me. (upbeat music) – My cousins Layla and
Brooklyn just showed up. – Hi. – Hey, guys. We’re making our frosting for the cake. – [Girl] Why so flowery? – [Parker] I wanna see. – [Jessica] Teaching the kids how to make buttercream frosting. – I heard my mom’s really
good at making frosting. – I am, I’m really good at it. (gentle guitar music) Look at that. ♪ It’s a lavender cake ♪ ♪ And I don’t know what I don’t know ♪ – I want to frost the cake. – [Jessica] Nice. Ooh, it’s perfect. (silly music) – [Chris] You wanted two
colors for your decorations. Gold and what else? – Glow in the dark. – [Chris] Alright, I got these guys. – Thank you. – [Chris] And all of these guys. For you guys to decorate each other. – Each other? – [Chris] Yeah, you wanna
pass ’em out to your– – [Jessica] Like, you could wear ’em, or if you wanted, you could
loop ’em around the baby gate. – [Chris] Or you can
give ’em to your cousins or your brothers. – Yeah. (upbeat jazz) – [Chris] Nice. Alright. – We have a glow stick stuck in the tree and a glow stick stuck on the roof. – [Chris] You guys have been out here for, like, two minutes. – I know! – [Chris] There’s a
glow stick right there. And a glow stick right there on the roof. You guys. – It was all Jacob’s fault. (laughs) – [Chris] Whoa, you’re just throwing him right under the bus. What are you guys doing out here? What’s the plan? – We’re finding all the glow sticks. – We’re gonna do a glow show. – A glow show? Okay, so the kids are
preparing a glow show. I’m making rock fish,
but I’m make it outside, ’cause it’s gonna smell bad
if I do it in the house. – [Jessica] Look in the oven. (Bailey gasps) Christopher, look at this. – [Chris] Ooh. (Jessica laughs) – [Jessica] Isn’t that incredible? We need to get Parker. – These are all marshmallows? – [Jessica] There’s sweet
potato on the bottom. – I want some of that. (Jessica laughs) – Look who’s back home? It’s Duncan. You visited Grandma and
Grandpa for a little bit, huh? Is that fun? – [Jessica] Grandma and Grandpa time! – Did you have fun with
Grandma and Grandpa? Is Grandpa over there? Is he over there? Yes, he’s over there with Parker. Did you say happy birthday to Bailey? You have to say, “Happy birthday!” – [Jessica] Say “happy birthday, sister.” – What’s this? Oh, wow, you did it. – [Chris] Whoa, a balloon. Can you say balloon? Whoa. Throw it to Daddy. Whoa, good throw. You ready? You gonna catch it? Here it comes. Good catch. Whoa, okay, throw it to Uncle Trent. Throw it to Uncle Trent. Throw it to Uncle Trent. Whoa. (gentle music) – [Jessica] Stand up, stand
up, speech, speech, speech! – Thank you for coming. – [Chris] Yay! – That’s my kinda speech, man. – Cake! Cake! Cake, cake, cake! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Woman] That’s a beautiful cake. ♪ Happy birthday, dear Bailey Ballinger ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Bailey Ballinger ♪ (all cheering and clapping) – [Chris] Did you find
any lavender in your cake? – Yeah. – [Chris] How does it taste? – Amazing. – [Rachel] Is there anything on your fork? I feel like you just ate nothing. – [Chris] She ate a lavender bud. – She’s… – This is Bailey’s invention. We have a gluten-free cone. And we have mochi. If you’re not familiar with mochi, it’s ice cream covered
in, like, a rice dough. You usually eat this with your fingers, but Bailey’s plan is… – [Jessica] It looks perfect. – There. – [Jessica] Oh, wait. – [Chris] What? – [Jessica] Why do you squish it? – [Chris] I didn’t squish it, that’s… – [Jessica] Oh, yeah, make it rounded. – Well, then it’s a slidey situation. This is much more secure. – Mango, mango and green tea. – Brooklyn’s invention is that. (laughs) – [Chris] And then, and
then we’ve got, there it is. – Game changer. – [Jessica] Nice, Brooklyn. You got a lot–
– Oh, watch. – [Jessica] Got a lot of
inventors in this family. – [Chris] It’s mochi in a cone. – I’ll just have mochi. – [Chris] In a cone. – You put a ball of mochi in the cone? – [Chris] This is Bailey’s brilliant idea, and we’re all gonna try it, and we’re gonna be happy about it. Okay, Rachel? You’re not trying it,
though, ’cause you’re vegan. And green tea, mango and green tea? – I want a double decker. – [Jessica] Okay. – Maybe side.
– Whoa. – [Jessica] Oh, wow. No, it came out. – [Chris] One of the
advantages of the mochi. – [Jessica] Ooh, oh. – [Grandpa] Careful. – [Jessica] Wow, Jacob. – [Chris] You gotta use
your fingers like that. How’s your rice dough? Good rice dough? – [Jessica] I’m trying to
convince him to take a bite. Did he do it? – [Chris] Yeah, he took a little bite. – [Jessica] He did it! – (mumbles) – [Chris] Uh-oh, did you
get some ice cream there? – Mm. – Whoo! (Jessica laughs) – [Trent] How’s your mochi? (Duncan squeals) – [Jessica] What are you gonna do? Ahhhh. – It’s present time. – [Parker] Not yet! – Are you going to help
me unwrap ’em, Duncan? – Big smile. Big smile. Big smile, Duncan. A-boo. – A-boo, boo, boo. – [Jessica] Ahhhh. – Ahhh. – There. Great. We did pretty well. – This is from Grandma. – [Jessica] And Grandpa. – And Grandpa. – Be careful with that. She said there’s a lot of
little pieces in there. – [Chris] There are two. – There are beautiful pearls in here. – [Chris] Beautiful pearls? Wow. Beautiful pearls. – These are all yours, though. – I’ll go get some scissors, Bailey. – It’s Harry Potter and
the Fantastic Beasts. – Whoa, thank you so much. – [Grandma] I thought that would
remind you of your travels. – It’s beautiful, thank you. “Happy birthday, Bailey. “We know how much you like to read, so…” – [Grandma] He wrote a story. – Wow, thank you so much. – [Grandpa] You have to
read the whole thing, right? No, just kidding. – [Chris] Dad, did you draw this? – [Grandpa] Yeah. – Wow. – Thank you. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome, sweetie. Happy birthday. – Thank you. – [Kid] Happy birthday
Jonathan and Bailey. (all laughing) – This is from Aunt Rachel. – Who is this from?
– This is from me. – Thank you so much.
– Oh, okay, got it. – [All] Ooh. – Thank you so much. – [Rachel] You’re welcome. – Thank you! – [Rachel] You’re welcome! – [Jessica] Oh, canvases. – I love to paint. Thank you so much! – [Rachel] You’re welcome. – [Woman] Both the
purple ones are from me. (Bailey gasps) (Bailey squeals) – Is that D&D characters? Are those all D&D characters, Bailey? – Thank you so much. – [Chris] Dungeons & Dragons characters? Figurines, very cool. – Thank you so much. I already know what it is. Thank you so much! – [Colleen] You’re welcome. – It’s a Wentworth puzzle. (all clamoring) – Thank you so much! – [Colleen] You’re welcome. I got you one with cats on it, since I love cats.
– Thank you so much. – So you have to show me
when you’re done, okay? It’s from him, too. – Thank you. – [Chris] Wow. – This is from Mommy and Daddy. – This is Dungeons & Dragons. – Whoa. Wow. – Wow. (Jessica laughs) – [Jessica] It’s a little vase, and you can put succulents in it. – Whoa. – It’s a Polly Pocket. – Thank you. – [Jessica] Polly Pockets? They still make Polly Pockets? This is kind of more for
you to do with (mumbles). No, no, no, no, no, no. – Whoa! – It’s so cute. – [Jessica] Look what Bailey got. – Ruff, ruff, ruff. – [Woman] It’s to buy a book with online. – Thank you so much. – Yeah, no problem. – Thank you so much, Uncle Trent. – Yeah. (toy barking) (Bailey laughs) (Bailey gasps) – Whoa. – Look at that. – I love this so much! Thank you! This is amazing, thank you guys so much! Thank you guys, all of you, so much! – You’re welcome.
– Happy birthday! – [Chris] He’s so concerned. – [Jessica] That toy is really crazy. – [Parker] Can I have that? Let it go. (Bailey laughing) (people chatting) – [Chris] Is it giving you kisses? Can you give that doggy kisses? – [Grandpa] Bailey, I apologize. There’s a couple typos in there. – [Chris] So, Bailey, you
got some mini figures? – [Bailey] Yeah. – [Chris] Harry Potter ones? – [Layla] Harry Potter
and the Fantastic Beasts. – [Chris] Oh, is that Dobby? (all laugh) What’s this one? Is that Dumbledore? Oh, look at this. You were asking for an owl
today, and you got one. – I wanted a living one. – This is so rare. (gentle music) – The kids wanna do a glow show,
so that’s what we’re doing. – [Kid] No, wait, we have to hide first. – Okay. Backstage, everybody. – One, two, three. ♪ Glow show, glow show ♪ ♪ Glow show ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Glow show ♪ ♪ Glow show ♪ ♪ Glow, glow, glow show ♪ ♪ The balloons can’t touch the floor ♪ ♪ The balloons can’t
touch the floor, oh, no ♪ ♪ Gloooooooow shooooooow ♪ ♪ You can see but I’m not okay ♪ ♪ Glow show ♪ And here’s the finale. – Thank you all for coming
to my birthday party. – [Woman] Happy birthday. (Parker laughs) (gentle music)

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