Bailey’s Sleepover Birthday Party Special – Double Digits!

(Bailey and Parker laugh) – Today is the day of my birthday party. And today I am decorating. (Snowman Selfie plays) (Jessica and Parker laugh) – It is Bailey’s birthday party. She is turning 10 years old. She’s been excited about this for months. Bailey’s birthday is Christmas themed so we’re decking the halls. ♫ Let me take a selfie – One, two, three (snowman sings) ♫ Selfie, selfie, selfie ♫ Let me take a selfie – Our first guest has arrived. – Tah-dah! – Grandpa Mark
(Grandpa Mark laughs) My stepfather. Hi Mark. – Hey, happy birthday to everybody. – Thank you. – Oh, happy birthday to… – Bailey Not me. – [Grandpa Mark] Not you. – Bailey.
– Bailey. – Yeah, not everybody either. But thank you, thank you. It was a…we’re all celebrating. – Are you her mom? (Jessica and Grandpa Mark laughs) – [Grandpa Mark] Close.
– Not quite. (Jessica laughs)
Grandpa Mark is my stepfather. – Step dad – Step dad – [Grandpa Mark] You’ll
learn that a little later. – Grandpa John is your dad.
– [Jessica] He’s my dad. – [Grandpa Mark] Yeah. – [Jessica] GloZell is here and Ozell. – Hello this is Ozell. [Inaudible 00:01:30] want to know. – [Jessica] And Parker’s doing this. – [GloZell] Oh get it. Get it, get it.
– [Jessica] Yes. And my dad showed up.
– [John] Hi. – Look at this Christmas attire. He followed the rules really well. (John laughs) – I do follow rules. I try. (holiday music) – [Bailey] This is… – Hi, I’m Alexis and I’m
really excited to be here today for Bailey’s 10th birthday party. – Hi I’m Natalie and I’m also excited because Christmas and
birthday parties mixed are awesomer than Christmas
or birthday parties. (Bailey laughs) I like Christmas. I prefer that. – [Christopher] So is
this where all the boys are hanging out? Can I show your casts? – [Isaac] Sure. – [Christopher] Isaac got
a cast put on his feet. Do you wanna tell us why? – Oh, because I walk on my
toes so they’re making my feet go like this. – [Boy] He walks like this. – Instead of like this. – So I was kind of expecting
a different story from Isaac because I’ve heard him tell
other people why he has casts on and he usually comes
up with something pretty creative. That’s the actual reason. But what are some other reasons? – I got in a light saber
fight two days ago. – [Christopher] A light
saber fight two days ago and need some casts. Obviously. What’s another one? – [Boy] He fell off a roof. – [Christopher] He fell off a roof? – Yep. – I thought I could fly so
I tried it and I jumped, so I jumped off the roof
and it didn’t go so well. – [Christopher] It didn’t go so well? (kids laugh) Oh man, he came over the day
he got these casts put on. And we did a little
arts and crafts on them. So we painted Darth Vader on this side. It’s the dark side. Dark side of the legs. Hey, who’s foot is this? (Brooklyn laughs) And then this is Yoda over here. I thought it could be
Anakin ToeWalker and Toe-da but he didn’t like that. No, so no, we’re gonna stick with… – Toe-tafet. – [Christopher] Toe-da fet?
– Toe-tafet. – [Christopher] Toe-dafet? – [Boy] No girls allowed over here. – Yoda-fet. – [Christopher] Anyway, these are, these we painted, we painted this on there and you can see it like work
in progress on my Instagram. We posted a couple pictures. And Layla’s here. She wanted to make sure that she was seen. And Brooklyn. Wow, you guys are ready to party. – His casts, the fish are always biting. – With casts like mine,
the fish are always biting. – [Christopher] Man you
got all the casts jokes. I like the cast jokes. Those are good. Bailey just called everyone
in here for an announcement. I don’t know what it’s
about but let’s hear it. – [Bailey] Thank you for
coming to my birthday party. This has been a really
amazing time so far. I have a big announcement. Parker, come on out. Parker made these. And I’m gonna pass a
copy out to each family and I’m really excited about this and I’m really proud of you Parker. This is a book called Ruby’s
World that Parker wrote. And he also signed it. So I just wanted to tell you our schedule. And just to thank you for being here. And thank you for if you
brought any presents for me or if you haven’t brought
any presents for me, I don’t care, don’t feel bad at all because I’m not expecting them at all. So the first thing we’re gonna do is, I’m, we’re gonna eat dinner. And it’s gonna be really good. Joey made us dinner. I am very happy about that. So thank you Joey. After dinner, we are going to watch Elf, which is one of my favorite movies. And it’s probably, all of you love it. But if you don’t want to watch Elf, which I do no believe is possible, you can go outside and just sit by the fire and talk. But I don’t think it’s
possible that you don’t wanna watch Elf. (Bailey laughs) After we watch Elf, the
first thing we’re gonna do is I’m gonna open all
the presents from you. I’m super sorry. I ordered goody baskets but
they did not come in time. So, I will probably be
mailing them to you. After that we are going to have ice cream. We have a lot of options for allergies. Then we’re gonna watch Never Ending Story which is a movie that none of
you have probably heard of. – [Brooklyn] I have. We’ve watched it. (holiday music) – [Christopher] This was
the thing that Bailey was the most excited about. What is this Bailey? – Grool. – [Christopher] Grool? Christmas grool. Are you gonna eat a nice heaping bowl of Christmas grool? According to Bailey’s schedule, the next thing we’re
gonna do is watch a movie. On the ceiling. See? Perfect. (Duncan coos) (Colleen laughs) – [Jessica] Are you
happy there’s a camera? (Colleen laughs) (Duncan coos) (Colleen laughs) (Jessica laughs) (Duncan coos) (Jessica and Colleen laugh) – [Jessica] What are you doing buddy? – Duncan, Duncan, Duncan,
Duncan, Duncan, Duncan, a boo (Duncan coos)
(group laughs) – [Jessica] Not your best. – Duncan, Duncan, Duncan,
Duncan, Duncan, Duncan, a boo (Duncan coos)
(group laughs) Pity laughs I’m getting, pity laughs. Duncan, Duncan, Duncan,
Duncan, Duncan, Duncan (Duncan coos) A-boo. (Duncan coos) (Jessica and Colleen laugh) Duncan, Duncan, Duncan,
Duncan, Duncan, Duncan A-boo. (Duncan coos) (Jessica and Colleen laugh) Duncan, Duncan, Duncan,
Duncan, Duncan, Duncan, Duncan, a-boo. Duncan, Duncan, Duncan,
Duncan, Duncan, Duncan, a-boo. (Duncan sighs)
(group laughs) This is exhausting. – One of Bailey’s huge
plans for her birthday party is that she’s going to feed
Duncan his first solid food. So we are currently mashing
up some avocado for him over here. – Just smushing it up here a little bit. – Bailey knew that Duncan was
going to be born six months before her birthday. So she has been talking
about feeding him his first solid food since before he was born. (holiday music) – Now it’s time for my first present. This is from my Uncle Trent. Thank you. – [Colleen] Applause, applause. (party applauses) – [Christopher] Ooh. – I really like these things. Thank you so much. – [Boys And Girls] What is it? – [Girl] Oh, a diary. Cool. – [Bailey] And it’s sparkly too. And pens? These are really helpful. Thank you. Thank you. It’s so cool. – [Boy] Wait, let me see Bailey. Oh. – [Colleen] Ooh, that’s pretty. Applause, applause. (Party applauds)
– [Bailey] They’re so cool. – [Colleen] Applause, applause. – This is from my Grandpa John. – [Boys And Girls] Ooh. – [Colleen] So excited. – It’s so cool. Thank you so much Grandpa
John wherever you are. – Oh, I wanna try. How did she know what this was? I never would’ve… Whoa. – [Boy] Can I see it? – Yeah, look through the little
hole and look into the sky. – [Bailey] This is so cool. A new book, thank you so much. – [Christopher] Do you know what that is? – It’s a thesaurus. – [Christopher] Do you
know what a thesaurus is? – No. – [Christopher] It’s where
you can look up a word and it’ll tell you
different words that mean similar things. – That’s so helpful. – [Christopher] Yeah, very helpful. [Colleen Laughs] – This is from GloZell. – [Brooklyn] She’s hilarious. – [Christopher] She is hilarious. – Remember when you did
magic trick videos with her? – [Christopher] I do remember
the magic trick with her. – When you showed her the spider. – [Christopher] Yeah that was funny. – She hates spiders. – [Christopher] She does not like spiders. – [Bailey] Whoa. A coloring page. – [Group] Whoa. – [Christopher] That’s cool. – [Colleen] A coloring page? Is that from GloZell? – Thank you GloZell. I put this on my birthday list. – [Colleen] Amazing. – [Boy] Bailey, can you open mine next? – [Bailey] Thank you Clover. It’s a photography set. It’s not really a photography
set but it’s a Lego set. – [Colleen] Applause, applause. (Party applauses) – This is from Layla and Brooklyn. – [Christopher] Whoa. – Whoa. It’s a water park set. It’s so awesome, thank you so much. – [Colleen] Fun.
– [Christopher] Ooh. – They’re so soft. I’ve been really needing soft socks. Because I got rid of my
old ones because they were way too small. – [Parker] Look at what’s in there. Slippers
– Slippers, wow! – [Girl] Step on it, step on it. – [Adult] When you step
in them, look, see. When you step on them. – [Boy] Bailey, there’s another card. – I’ve got like a whole outfit here. – [Christopher] Yeah. – Thank you. – [Girl] It’s like a nighttime outfit. – I can wear that tonight. – [Girl] Yeah. You’ll jingle wherever you walk. – Here’s another one. – [Girl] It’s another one. [Group] Another one. – I like these ones a lot. Thank you so much. – [Jessica] Wait, I
think you’re missing one. Maybe it’s right here. – [Bailey] Oh. A bracelet. – [Christopher] Ooh. – [Girl] Big earrings, earrings. – [Brooklyn] Put them on right now. – I can’t right now. I’ll wear these on Christmas. – [Colleen] Cool. – Thank you. This is from Alexis. – [Girl] Open this. Put it on our wrist. – Whoa. That’s so cool. – [Boy] Oh my, can I try? – [Girl] Wait, who gave that to you? Who gave that to you? – [Bailey] Alexis. – [Girl] Wait, who asked first? – [Girl 2] Me, me. – [Christopher] Whoa. – [Girl] I wanna try. Can I try, can I try? Can I do it? Can I do it? I said I wanna try. – This is from Natalie? – [Natalie] Yeah. – Thank you. Clay, I love clay. Thank you so much. – [Natalie] You can make
your own clay charms. – [Bailey] This is so cool. Daddy loves using clay. Maybe he can help teach me. – [Natalie] It’s also got
a little instruction manual in the back. – [Bailey] Cool. This is really awesome. Thank you so much. – [Natalie] You’re welcome. – [Bailey] Whoa, this is so cool. Thank you so much. – [Parker] It’s the same puzzle that Grandma and Grandpa had. – [Christopher] It’s a puzzle. It’s a Pixar puzzle. – [Bailey] This is so cool. – [Parker] Can I see? Can I see? – [Bailey] This is from Grandma Dooley. I got a tea maker. – [Christopher] Ooh. – [Bailey] My own wallet too. This is so amazing. Thank you so much to
everybody who gave me gifts. – It is time for ice cream. Let’s do it. – [Group] Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Bailey Happy birthday to you (Group cheers) – [Christopher] Look
at all this ice cream. – [Jessica] I forgot to
light candles you guys. Come on. (Group laughs) No one noticed but me? I’m like frantically grabbing them. – [Bailey] No, I noticed. – [Christopher] Oh, okay. We might be going for a
round two on that one. – [Group] Happy birthday to you (Group cheers) (holiday music) – [Christopher] What’d you make? Oh my goodness. You loaded that up, that’s a lot. Ooh, that’s a glamorous one. Oh, very creative, very creative. Brooklyn, Brooklyn, let’s see it. Whoa, I like the green
sprinkles on that one. And you’re eating yours with a knife. Very manly. Did you put every single thing on yours? – Yes. – [Christopher] I thought so. – I put every single thing and doubled it. – [Christopher] You doubled it? – [Bailey] Jacob took everything. – [Christopher] That’s beautiful. – [Girl] It’s gonna be delicious. – [Christopher] Parker, you
put so much gold on yours. – [Girl] What do you call it? Golden Delicious? Golden Village. – [Christopher] How is it? How is it? – [Parker] Good. – [Christopher] Good? What are these things? These little gold balls? So there’s these little gold balls that I’ve never seen before. – I put those on my cupcakes last night and they are very hard. – I’m trying a golden ball. It fell off my tongue. I’m trying a golden ball
for reals this time. Oh yeah, that’s surprisingly hard. – Imagine, like, a bunch
of those on a cupcake and you think you’re
getting like, a fluffy cake. – That’s harder than actual gold. – Yeah. – Look at Brooklyn right now. – [Christopher] Brooklyn,
what are you doing? You’re just eating all the little… We’re coming to the end
of the night right now and we’ve started our second movie. It’s the Never Ending Story. We got the air mattresses going. And so far, great group of people. Good fun. A lot of people just
came for the party part. But now we’ve got the
sleepover crew is in there. And the boys, after
the movie, are gonna go to their bed upstairs. Solid birthday. Really quite pleased with this. Tomorrow we’re having pancakes. So I gotta get up early for that. Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that the theme
song to Bailey’s birthday is The Snowman Selfie song. We learned that
thesauruses are so helpful. And finally we learned that
it’s impossible to chew those little gold decorative balls. But Brooklyn eats them
like they’re popcorn. And before we end today’s vlog, I just want to say happy birthday Bailey. You’re turning into such
a wonderful young woman. And we love you very, very much. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. (Snowman Selfie plays) (Jessica laughs) – [Parker] Somebody
actually gave this to me. ♫ Quick, let me take a selfie

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