Bailey’s Sleepover Birthday Party Special

– [All] (singing) Happy Birthday to you. – You blew ’em all out, how’d you do that? (dramatic music) Good morning, everyone. Today, we are celebrating
Bailey’s birthday. She’s having a big slumber party tonight. A bunch of girls are gonna come over and partay! Are you excited about it, Bailey? Yes, yes you are. Oh look, you did your
hair all by yourself? That’s so nice. Let me see your bow. The kids have an animal class today. They need to get in a
car and be on the run, so they don’t have time
to eat breakfast here so I’m gonna try and
make a quick breakfast that will travel well. Do you wanna help me make breakfast? – A waffle.
– Yeah. – [Christopher] Yeah? – How many waffles will we get? – [Christopher] No waffles,
I’m making pancake tacos. – What’s that? – [Christopher] It’s where
you have a pancake and eggs, scrambled eggs inside of a pancake, and you eat it like a taco. Do you wanna help me out, Parker? – Yeah. – [Christopher] That’s
how you seize the day. – Can you pour that in? – [Christopher] Yeah, I got
some melted butter here. Go and mix that up. – I did this before, with you. I did this before, with you. – [Christopher] Yeah. – Do you remember that? – [Christopher] I do remember that. – I remember it too. And we poured water in it. And we poured butter in it. And we poured everything in it. Just what we needed. Smells like popcorn. – [Christopher] It’s
probably the melted butter. – Oh. (sings) Laughing, running,
having lots of funnin’. – [Christopher] Did you make that song up? – Yep. (chilled music) – Today’s been kinda crazy so far. I’ve been editing and I’ve
had like phone meetings and all sorts of stuff. But Grace was here and she helped the kids decorate this room. This, as you might
remember, is the ocean room. Is this the ocean room?
– Yep. – [Christopher] Are you in the ocean? – Ah yeah. It’s where the dolphins’ beds are. – [Christopher] These
are the dolphins’ beds? – Yeah, they’re all in their baths. – Okay, Bailey and Jacob are
in their Lego class right now. But look who’s here? Look who’s here, already
here for the party. It’s Leila, how are you?
– Good. – [Christopher] Are you
excited about the sleepover? – Yeah.
– You know what we’re doin’? – Um, watching Zootopia and
I don’t know the other thing. Bailey told me it was going to be storks. – Storks?
– But, yeah. – [Christopher] I don’t think
it’s going to be storks. (laughs) I’d be surprised if it was storks. (laughs)
But maybe, I don’t know. Maybe she’s got some tricks
– Well, she said we were – up her sleeve.
– watching storks – at the movie theaters. – [Christopher] Oh, we’re not doing that. We’re not going to the movie theaters. (laughs) We’re bringing the movie theater to us. I’ll show you in a second what I mean. And Brooklyn’s here too, hi Brooklyn. – Hi.
– Hi, Brooklyn. – [Christopher] This is the forest room. It’s all done. With foresty business. And Jessica’s down here.
– In the forest. – Ooh.
– Cool. – [Christopher] How are you? How’s the forest life treatin’ you? – It’s nice. – So, I’ve currently lost
count of how many kids there are here, but there’s a lot. I just wanted to show you this. Awesome movie projector. We’re having a movie night and so the kids are all
going to watch a movie. – Daddy, what about,
the Good Dinosaur too? – Well, it’s one movie at a time.
– One movie at a time. – So.
– Yeah. – But Dinosaur first, and then Zootopia. – [Christopher] Oh, I didn’t know that. – [Jessica] Oh, should
we consult the schedule? – Yeah, let’s look at the schedule. – The Good Dinosaur while eating pizza, and Zootopia while going to sleep. – Guests arrive.
– Okay, great. – 5.30 to Seven, pizza and movie, GD. – Oh Good Dinosaur, right.
– So, Good Dinosaur. – Is that on Netflix, Bailey?
– 7.30 to Eight, – [Jessica] ice-cream sundae bar. – [Bailey] Oh no, we have the DVD. – Oh we have the DVD, okay. I’ve got to go get a DVD drive. Can you show me your allergy book? Mommy said that you made an allergy book. – Uh huh.
– I like this song. – [Christopher] So, Bailey made this. I don’t know what it is. Bailey, can you tell me about this? – It’s a book for allergies.
– Do you have any allergies? – [Christopher] So people
are supposed to write. Are you scared of Zootopia
or The Good Dinosaur? And a birthday cake.
(laughs) You’re not even having cake at this party. (laughs)
(children shouting) This room’s crazy so
I’m gonna go that way. Okay, change of plans, they’re
watching Snow Buddies now. So, all the kids are in here, they’re watching the Snow Buddies. And I gotta make a vegan pizza, ’cause some kids have allergy
sensitivities to things. – [Jessica] And you can’t
have a slumber party without popcorn. – [Christopher] Oh, Jess
is making the popcorn. I think it’s darker in here
than it is in the movie room. – Yeah, I think there’s,
we’ve got a light missing. – We’ve gotta turn on some lights. So, it’s a good thing Bailey
made that allergy book because we’ve got the regular pizza here. We’ve got the gluten free pizza here, and we have the vegan pizza over here. We have dairy allergies
and/or sensitivities. We have gluten issues,
and we’ve got people that just like pizza, so. – Parenting in California
in 2016, my friends. – And I think we totally
rocked it, by the way. – (laughs) They’re happy.
– We made it happen. – They’re happy little girls. – And ice-cream sundaes are gonna happen. I got gluten-free, I got
dairy-free ice-cream. These ice-cream sundaes. This is an all-round win for us, I think. I don’t want to jinx it though, ’cause the night is young. Movie number one is done, and now Bailey’s gonna open some presents. (upbeat music) – What is this? – Fantastic.
– Whoa. – Braids.
– What is this? – What is that?
– It’s like rainbow room. – This is great, thank you. – And your own flower poses.
– This is so much. – [Girl] You’re welcome. – To Bailey, from Alexis. Happy Birthday, Bailey, I hope you have a good ninth birthday. Thank you, Alexis. Ah, yay!
– Ah! – I’m lucky. This is the one I really
wanted, thank you. Yay, this is like an awesome, ooh yes!
– Adorable! – Ooh, water bottle!
– Wow, Bailey. – This is so cool, thank you. – [Girl] Those are awesome, you can like draw designs on them. – This is awesome, thank you. – Yay. This is amazing. – You can comb her hair
– Trolls? – and put pins on
– Do you want me to take this – and everything.
– For you. (upbeat music) ♫ Happy birthday to you. ♫ Happy birthday to you.
– Make a wish, Bailey. ♫ Happy birthday dear Bailey. ♫ Happy birthday to you. – You blew ’em all out, how’d you do that? That’s amazing.
(upbeat music) (laughs) What did you get, Jacob? – I’m not finished yet.
– You’re not finished yet? – Still waiting
– What’s your plan? – on the peanuts. – [Christopher] Ooh, look
at all these cherries. That looks delicious. – [Jacob] Wait, can I have one. – [Christopher] Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jacob. Let’s not get crazy. You got crazy, you totally got crazy. – Can I please have that?
– I want to have. – [Christopher] You want a cherry? – Yeah, I want to have that. – [Christopher] Oh, you
want the whipped cream? – Yeah. Lots. – [Christopher] That is a lot. Do you want a cherry?
– Seriously, that’s what – [Jacob] my brother says. (laughs)
– Huh? – I want a cherry.
– Come here. – Yeah. – [Christopher] Bing. – [Parker] Happy birthday to me. (laughs) – Technically, that was a dad joke. So, yes. (upbeat music) – Who’s that?
– What are you doing? (cries) – This is not with me. – Ice-cream sundaes were a big hit. Now, it’s time for everybody
to get ready for bed. The girls are all changing
and brushing their teeth and then they’re gonna set
out their sleeping bags and set out these two air mattresses. I’m gonna put a movie up there and hopefully they’ll all fall asleep before the movie’s over. Right? You’re gonna fall asleep
before the movie’s over? – Probably not.
– Probably not? – [Christopher] Come on. – My heart is so full. This is so cute right now. Look at this. – [Movie dialogue]
Multitudinous opportunities. Yeah, I don’t have to
cower in a herd anymore. Instead, I can be an astronaut. – I feel like my kid, who’s turning nine, is like very officially a kid right now. In that room, with that scenario. It’s like, where you’re getting to the age where you remember your
own childhood enough that you can relate to their childhood. Because, when they’re like three, you don’t really remember being three in the same way. And like now, she’s like a little girl, like when I was a little girl.
(laughter) And they’re all laughing. (laughs) Happy birthday, Bailey. – Good morning, everyone. We’re combining today’s
vlog with yesterday’s vlog because it’s the continuation
of the slumber party. We’re gonna make pumpkin
pancakes for all the girls so I brought out the big guns. (military music) All right, here’s what we got going. We got regular pancakes, we got chocolate chip pancakes. I even got more pancakes going. There’s coffee going over here. That’s just for me, and tons of oatmeal. I think we’ve got this covered. The girls got a lot of
popcorn on the ground, but don’t worry. I’ve got a plan. (dramatic music) All the girls have gone home and the kids actually took a little bit of a quiet time, slash nap, and now we’re loading up the car and we’re gonna go to the mall. I have to return something
to the Apple store that did not work out. And we’re gonna get some
food and we’re just, we’re gonna have kind of a lazy day today. Parker, are you ready for a lazy day? – [Parker] No! – [Christopher] (laughs)
No, you want a busy day? You want a super busy day? What are you building? – A wall.
– A wall? – For my house.
– Which house? – For my house. – [Christopher] Oh,
you’re building a house? – Yeah, I’m building a house. – [Christopher] So,
this is one of the walls for your house? – I’m going to build another house. – [Christopher] You’re
gonna build, whoa, careful. – Another wall.
– Another wall? – Yeah, because I’ll– – [Christopher] So, it’s a two-wall house? – No, it’s a three-wall house. – [Christopher] It’s a three-wall house? Is one of the walls open, or is it gonna be like triangular shaped? – It’s gonna be, my
house is gonna be little. – It’s gonna be little?
– Right, yeah. – I returned what I needed to return and now we’re gonna eat
at The Cheesecake Factory. How was your birthday party? – Good, tomorrow’s my birthday. – [Christopher] I know. – This is my last day being eight. – [Christopher] How does that feel? – Good. – [Christopher] You had
fun with all your friends? – Yes, I did. – [Christopher] Did you have fun? Did you have fun at the
party last night, Parker? – I had fun with Alexis at the party. – Let’s find out who won today. It’s Kathleen Kuhn. Congratulations. Today, up for grabs,
since the kids watched the Zootopia movie, is this stuffed, Officer Judy Hopps. Here she is. If you’d want to win this
adorable little thing, all you have to do is be
subscribed to our channel, and write something in
the comments section. Be sure to leave a social media handle, so that we can contact you, if you win the stuffed animal. Hi, let’s talk about
(gentle acoustic music) what we learned today. We learned that Parker
remembers cooking with me. Even though it happened
like a whole three days ago. We learned if you’re gonna
throw a kid’s birthday party in the 2016’s, remember to get a pizza that’s dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, tofu-free, peanut-free, pizza-free pizza, so that everyone can join in the fun. And finally we learned that that is enough whipped cream, Parker. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (laughs) (upbeat music)

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