Bajo, Hex & Goose Return for the 10th Anniversary Special! | Ep 20 | 2019

DARREN: 10 long years ago, a tiny robot came to be. (CROWD CHEERS) And across the universe,
lifeforms rejoiced at the fulfilment
of a long-whispered prophecy. The Data Analysing Noob Exterminator
had arrived! The chosen one! The great saviour! (RECORD SCRATCH) Uh, that’s not how Good Game
Spawn Point started, DARREN. Yeah. Wasn’t your father a toaster? Well, what’s a bit of
creative licence? (CHUCKLES) If we’re going to celebrate
Spawn Point’s 10 years on ABC ME, we may as well do it with style! Am I right? Huh? Am I looking back in time?
Is that Bajo and Hex? It sure is. They’re here
for GGSP’s 10th anniversary. Oh, that’s an occasion
worthy of a special. Hey, Bajo and Hex,
you two have this, right? OK, well,
let’s get on with the show. Hello, and welcome
to Good Game Spawn Point, the show for younger gamers,
by gamers. I’m Bajo.
And I’m Hex. And I am DARREN! (LAUGHS) Oh, welcome back, you two.
Oh, thanks, DARREN. And thank you so much
to Rad, Gem and Will for letting us take over for this
special 10th anniversary episode. Yeah, Spawn Point has been
on ABC ME for 10 years. So we thought we’d pop back
and say hi to you Spawnlings, and take a look back
at how the show came to be. Mm. Something we can’t
quite agree on. Isn’t that right, DARREN? Ah, well, I guess
the only way to resolve this is through proper
journalistic investigation. Sounds reasonable.
Roll the tape, Kerry! Uh, no, it’s
“Roll the tape, Leigh,” remember? Actually, there’s no tape
these days – it’s all digital. Let’s just watch. (ORIGINAL GGSP THEME MUSIC) NARRATOR: Good Game Spawn Point
sprang onto our screens in February 2010, starring national treasures
Bajo, Hex and DARREN. It was an overnight hit, becoming the biggest family-friendly
gaming show co-hosted by a robot on what was then known as ABC 3. It was crazy. It just blew up. It was huge. Over the years, these three shared
their deep passion for gaming with a legion of dedicated fans
known as Spawnlings. Their silly humour, playful antics
and love of video games took the show to heights
of megastardom few dare to dream of. Who’d have thought little old us would be performing in front
of live audiences by the end of it? But behind all the fame and fun,
there were storm clouds brewing, with long shoot days,
allegations of noobery, and a perfectionist robot. I don’t tolerate noobery
from myself, so why should I
tolerate it from others? Hmph! This is the story behind the games. (PHONE RINGS)
Hello! Bajo speaking! Ah, yes. (LAUGHS) The first time I met DARREN, well, he rolled right up to me,
confident as anything, and he said… I’ll never forget that day. It was 2009, a Tuesday if I recall,
in the afternoon, about 3:01pm. I was walking to work and this robot
just rolled up to me and said… BOTH: “Charging my laser!” I started crying. There were real tears. I mean, I was just terrified. It was traumatic. DARREN: You see, I had this idea
to create a show called DARREN’s Mega-noob Destroying
Laser Variety Spectacular. It would run 24/7
on its own channel. And when I saw Bajo and Hex I knew that was my chance
to pitch it, so I didn’t muck about – I hit them straightaway
with my killer catchphrase, “Charging my laser!” I was very upset. I had to call my mum. I just ran. Really far away. (EXHALES HEAVILY) Oh, they loved it! They were screaming
and running around with excitement. I knew I was onto a winner. After I’d calmed down
and stopped crying endlessly he explained his idea,
and I remember, I looked him right in his
illuminated ping-pong-ball eyes and said – I’ll never
forget this – I said, “This is going to be the most
significant televisual event “since Bananas In Pyjamas.” And I do not say that lightly. NARRATOR: The three hosts
took this pitch to the King of the ABC,
Kerry O’Brien. He thought it was ridiculous,
and suggested that instead of a whole non-stop
channel of noob destruction they should make one 15-minute show
a week, about video games. And so, Good Game Spawn Point
was greenlit to hit the airwaves. First episode, I was kind of a bit
nervous about working with a robot whose middle name is literally
Ruthless Extermination, but DARREN… (CHUCKLES) ..he really was not ready
for the pressures of filming. Hex, did that robot
just introduce itself? Affirmative. DARREN. It stands for Data Analysing Robot for the
Ruthless Extermination of Noobs. I have been selected to assist you in the hosting
of Good Game Spawn Point. He could barely even move his head
for the first few episodes. (CHUCKLES) Complete stage fright.
He was terrified. Yeah.
I can’t help it if you’re slow, Dad. (LAUGHS) Bajo.
Oh, I wanna be called Dad! (LAUGHS) Ooh! Now, remember, make sure
you do your business outside. We don’t want you leaving…
(LAUGHS) Sorry. (LAUGHTER) Terrified? (LAUGHS) Is that what they said? No, no. I was ACTING, my dear. I was simply PERFORMING robotically. And, as I see it,
I wasn’t putting on an act – I was putting on the truth. How do you get Pikachu on a bus? Um, no idea. You poke him on. Ha, ha, ha. Oh, man. His acting? (SIGHS) (LAUGHS) He’s convinced he’s some kind
of Oscar-winning actor. (SNORTS) I mean, he did win an Emmy. (SCOTTISH ACCENT)
Do not be afraid, peasant. How now, common carbuncle? (PIRATE VOICE) I want ye two
scrubbing the poop deck, or ye’ll be walking the plank
before sunset. Me is DARRENSTEIN! (GASPS)
Aagh! I’ve got you now, you noob scum. One thing not many people
know about me is that I’m
a classically trained actor-bot. This isn’t even my real accent,
you know? (CLEARS THROAT) (COCKNEY ACCENT) My real voice
sounds like this, Master Wayne. (CHUCKLES) I’ve rolled the boards
the world over. To be or not to be –
that is the question. I’m sorry, Jessica –
my hard drive is almost full. Well, I mean, truth be told, he was made in the ABC
props department. I think they just installed
some kind of program that makes him think
he can do anything. I mean, he thinks he can sing.
Have you heard him sing? # The phone rings
in the middle of the night “My father yells “What you
gonna do with your life”… # “Jingle bells, Bajo smells # Hex likes unicorns… # (ON PHONE)
# I’ve got the moves like Jagger # I’ve got the moves like Jagger. #
No. (CLEARS THROAT) While DARREN’s big personality may have caused some friction
on the set… Firing my laser! DARREN! Calm down!
DARREN! No, DARREN! ..there’s no denying the hosts
had a natural chemistry, which soon bloomed into
a long-lasting friendship. And we’ll…
Uh, this is too stupid. I’m shutting down to conserve power. (POWERS DOWN) Especially with one co-host. (CHEESY 1970S SITCOM THEME MUSIC) Well, DARREN and I definitely had
some great chemistry together. Ugh! Oh, what can I say about Goose
that hasn’t been said before? Talented host, fantastic hair,
and of course, a good friend. DARREN… Uh… Ugh! (GROANS) Oh, no, wait. DARREN! Agh! DAAAARREEEEN! You can’t win, DARREN. If you strike me down,
I shall become… Aagh! DARREN! Well, you know, I’d just moved from
Melbourne to take the job on GGSP, so I was looking for a place
here in Sydney, and thankfully, DARREN
invited me to stay with him. So we did actually become
roommates for a while. That’s actually where we got
the idea for Totally Incompatible. They were all based on true stories. (LAUGHTER)
(GASPS) It’s gone! It’s gone! Goose! Ahh! What’s up, Daz? Having trouble
with your sleep mode again? Charging my remote! Uh… Aagh! Oh! (COUGHS) Oh, DARREN!
What have you done to the TV?! No! Please, don’t take DARREN. I’ll give back all my
in-game purchases, I promise. You won’t be able to do that. Intangible digital assets
are non-refundable. Well… Oh, I’m sorry, DARREN. So long, Goose. Of all my flatmates,
you were the most… ..human. Yeah, I mean, DARREN and Goose
were the best of friends. But, you know, we all grew
really close over the years. We just…had so many
amazing times together, and I came to think of all of them
as the brothers that I never had. Without a doubt, they were
some of the best years of my life. So many happy memories. Because, at the end of the day, we were just friends who got to
play games and have fun together. It’s the dream. Fang it, Goose!
(WHIMPERS) Oh, banana!
Oh, banana down! Banana down! (RAPS) # If you see him
on the ground # Don’t wake him up
or he’ll turn around # He’ll eat you up and burp out loud (BURP)
Because… # It’s a mushroom
with a wyvern on the top # I’m the MC of D&D… # RIHANNA: # We’re beautiful
like diamonds in the sky… # Oh, affirmative. They’re
some of my favourite humans. In the top few thousand, at least. One of my favourite memories
is how DARREN was always cooking. He made the best
cheese toasted sandwiches. The best! He is quite the chef. Charging my celebratory
cheese toastie maker! Ah, here we go, Goose. (CLINK!) Charging my cupcake cannon! DARREN, no! No, no, no! Oh, no! You know what you are, Bajo? What am I?
You’re a noob sandwich. Say it. What are you? I’m a noob sandwich.
You’re a noob sandwich. (GROANS) Mm, Bajo did grow quite fond
of my cheese toasties. His equatorial bulge
is plenty proof of that. (LAUGHS) NARRATOR: As the good times
rolled on, tensions on the set grew as continued allegations of noobery
came to the fore. The Noob Cup? Um… (CLEARS THROAT)
Yeah, I mean, I just… I don’t…I don’t miss it. (GAVEL BANGS)
The Noob Cup. (GAGS, COUGHS) The Noob Cup? Um… (GAGS, COUGHS) Aagh! Ugh! So gross! (GROANS) Uh…I thought… I thought we talked about this – that there’d be no questions
about the Noob Cup. If anything, I think
maybe we should suggest that these Spawnlings should partake
in a sip of the Noob Cup themselves, for clearly…for CLEARLY labelling
me with false noob allegations and trying to besmirch my good name. I say good day to you, sir. Oh, well, that seems a bit harsh.
I said good day! Where’s my agent? Sandra? Sandra! Sandra, I don’t want to talk
about the Noob Cup! (BURPS) (BURPS LOUDLY) Ah, it was tough
working with humans. They can be such noobs sometimes. So, of course,
I had to keep them in check. CRO upon the wall,
who’s the biggest noob of all? (GAGS, COUGHS) Oh!
Oh! Oh, not the Noob Cup. That’s no disco ball –
it’s a noob laser! Scanning. Scanning! I’m not a noob – he’s a noob. I’m not a noob either. Oh, you’re noobs. DARREN? Yeah, it’s all about DARREN. Every week, we got
countless emails and letters complaining about DARREN
being a noob, not me! I mean, he couldn’t even say
basic gaming words right. (SNORTS) But with ‘Pockimon’
instead of nasty criminals. The ‘Kynect’ still
discriminates against robots. Negative – that was ‘Herthstone’. Hey, DARREN, you have to drink
from the Noob Cup for saying ‘Hearthstone’ wrong, and ‘Pokemon’, or ‘Pokaymon’,
or whatever you say, and ‘Kynect’, and probably
everything else you say. (CHUCKLES) Oh, Bajo. We’ve been through this before. My ‘pronounciation’ of words
is ’emaculayte’. I mean, the thing is, for every noob
complaint that Bajo or myself got, DARREN got thousands, so… The Spawnlings were always saying
DARREN’s a noob. And they were right. I-A-M-N-O-T-A-N-O-O-B. I am not a noob. But he would never admit
that he was wrong, though. He always managed to just
weasel out of it somehow. It was so frustrating. I mean, he was always
coming after us, putting us on Noob Watch and stuff, when HE was the real noob. I did get him to drink
from the Noob Cup. Oh… (LAUGHS) DARREN! It’s Noob Cup time! (COUGHS) Oh! Oh! Awful! Oh, yuck! Oh-ho-ho! Robo-spew!
Agh! Aagh! Bleaugh! Just a little sip. No! I don’t want… Bleaugh! Bleaugh! Bleaugh! (ALARM BLARES)
It’s so noobalicious, I think I’m… Oh, here it comes.
No, DARREN. Bleaugh!
Oh! Bajo, let’s get out of here! But to this day, he still doesn’t
admit he’s ever been wrong. I think there’s some kind
of fault in his programming. I mean, of course I’m not perfect.
No-one is. For example, I have
a very sensitive robo-stomach. (ALARM BLARES)
Bleaugh! (ALL SCREAM) Bleaugh!
No, DARREN! Bleaugh! So, no, I wouldn’t say I am perfect. But, having said that,
I am always right. NARRATOR: After many
successful years on air the show found itself
entering a new era, as the long-time hosts
began to find themselves at their own personal crossroads. Yes, at the end of 2016,
I was given a chance to work on some new and exciting
projects outside the ABC, so I had a big decision to make
on whether to stay or take a chance
and try something new. So, I took a chance. Of course, we all wished Hex well,
but it was a bit of a shock. We’d been hosting the show together
for so long, you know. It felt surreal thinking about
how to do the show without her. Without a doubt, it was one of
the hardest choices I’ve ever made. It was like
leaving behind my family. But sometimes in life you’ve gotta take an opportunity
when it comes to you, because… ..who knows how many you’ll get? Oh, working with Hex
was always such a joy. She brought such charm and charisma
to GGSP, both on and off screen. So, of course, my emotional circuits
were a bit overloaded when I heard the news. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Perhaps, though,
the saddest part about it all – she still had some accrued
noob accusations that I never got to enforce. Hmph! Yeah, I’m very happy now. But do I miss it? Sometimes. (ALL EXCLAIM) With Hex’s departure,
the show was left with big shoes –
and an empty chair – to fill. However, the team
didn’t have to look far. (BOTH EXCLAIM) Whoa! You could’ve
warned me, DARREN! It was one of those things where
everything sort of fell into place. What people may not realise is that I started working at GGSP
as work experience in 2012 and then, shortly after that, as
a full-time production coordinator. Ah, yes, Rad. She kept the show running
behind the scenes for many years. But I always sensed
an untapped source of talent there. I’m pretty sure DARREN
didn’t even know my name for the first few years. Rachel! I’m going to need you to fill in
and file these for me. Oh, and then call Mumbot
and tell her happy Mumbot Day. Oh, and I need you to get
some cheese for the toasties. OK? Ah, thank you! Actually, my name’s Rad. Oh, of course it is.
Very radical, young Rachel! (LAUGHS) I had a lot of fun that first year, getting to work alongside
Bajo, Goose and DARREN on that iconic GGSP set. It was like a dream come true. (FRANTIC DUBSTEP MUSIC) Oh! That was such a great year. Rad really rose to the challenge. But, after Hex left, I admit I started thinking about
my own future and what chances I should be taking. What’s next for Bajo? (INTENSE CHORAL MUSIC) What could it be? I’d been doing Spawn Point
for so long, and with Rad, Goose and DARREN there I knew the show was in good hands. So, after many long nights –
mostly playing games – I decided my time had come. I had to take on
a whole new adventure. So, of course, I went to space. (CHORAL MUSIC CONTINUES) It was OK. Of course, he left in a way
that only a Bajo could – by launching into space
through the roof in a rocket-powered
Sonic astronaut costume. (CHUCKLES) It was emotional. (SNIFFLES) Negative! Negative! I promised I wouldn’t cry. (TEARFULLY) I’m sorry. I’ll need a minute. (LAID-BACK HIP-HOP MUSIC) While the loss of the two
founding personalities was a surprise to the audience, behind the scenes, plans were afoot
for a whole new era of Spawn Point. Yeah, a lot changed for us in 2018. I mean, we built this
brand-spanking-new set. And of course, we welcomed
the bright and bubbly Gem into the GGSP family. I remember hearing that Spawn Point
was looking for a new host, but never in a million years did I think I would actually
get an audition. But I figured,
you’ve gotta try, right? And here I am now. Gem? Oh, I love that girl. We’re like sisters now. We both connected over the challenge of stepping into
something as massive as GGSP during such a big transition. And I think she nailed it. Oh, Gem is great,
and a perfect fit for the show. She came in at an interesting time. We had a new look, and DARREN… ..well, DARREN had gone
into the cloud. It just felt like so much
was changing so fast. My body was burnt out, literally, my emotional circuits overloaded. That’s why I ended up
in the cloud that year. (CHUCKLES) Hello! I just needed a bit of downtime to let all my circuits
and programs defrag and repair. Even though the show has changed
a lot since it started back in 2010, it still feels exactly like
the dream job I always imagined it would be. I have so much fun here every day, and the team just rises
to every challenge. There’s never a dull day
here at GGSP. (CHUCKLES) But at the end of 2018, it seemed
change was still in the air. Yeah, you know, seeing these
fresh new faces coming in, I realised I’d been doing this show
for almost nine whole years. I felt like it was time
for this old Goose to move aside and make way
for the next generation. Charging my laser! (GIGGLES) Blimey, it’s stuffy in there.
Hey! I’m Will! I literally started
three months ago. Wait. Do I get a montage? Losing Goose? Well, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. So I copied him into my cloud so I could spend eternity
with his digital clone. (LAUGHS MANIACALLY) (LAUGHS) Uh, he did WHAT with me? As GGSP pushes on
into its 10th year on ABC ME, led by the charismatic trio
of Rad, Gem, and now Will – and, of course, Australia’s
favourite robot, DARREN – a new era of gaming goodness beckons. (ALL SCREAM) But one thing about GGSP
never changes – this is a show by gamers,
for gamers, of all ages. # Happy birthday to you… # Happy birthday, GGSP! May the Goddess smile upon you. Hi, GGSP. Hope you guys have a great day. Bye, and congratulations
on 10 years. Hope you had the most amazing
birthday ever. Happy birthday, GGSP. Thanks for watching my video. And it’s a show that demonstrates how the power of this little thing
we call video games can create whole new families and friendships that last a lifetime. Good Game Spawn Point will always
have a special place in my heart. 10 seasons is a huge accomplishment, and I can’t wait to see
what the future holds for you. Congratulations,
Good Game Spawn Point, on 10 amazing seasons. GGSP is almost an institution
for the gaming kids of Australia. There’s a whole generation now
that have grown up with it. And here’s to many generations more. It’s honestly the coolest job. I still pinch myself every day
that I get to do this. Wait – so I really
don’t get a montage? Maybe in 10 more years, Will. 10 more years! (LAUGHS MANIACALLY) Oh, so many amazing memories! Thank you so much,
Bajo, Hex and Goose, for coming back to share this
special 10th anniversary with us. Oh, it was our pleasure.
Yeah. And congratulations to all of you. Oh, it’s been heaps of fun, you guys. Now, what would a party be
without a cake? That’s your cue, DARREN. Charging my cake laser! Whoa! RAD: Whoa!
HEX: Wow! Um, you organised the balloon drop
too, right, DARREN? Affirmative. Cue the balloon drop! GOOSE: Oh.
Is that it? Well, I was told BALLOON drop,
not BALLOONS drop. Classic DARREN. Happy 10th, GGSP! Bajo, out. Hex, out.
Goose, out. Will, out.
Gem, out. Rad, out.
DARREN, out. Hip-hip!
ALL: Hooray! Captions by Red Bee Media Copyright Australian
Broadcasting Corporation

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