Baked Ginger Salmon Dinner Recipe!

What’s up guys we are back with another cooking video Finally I know you guys been wanting cooking videos I think the last cooking video was the jambalaya video, and that was over a year ago now, but we are back We are making salmon today This specific recipe is my wife’s favorite recipe that I make it’s healthy and it feels and looks a lot Fancier than it actually is it’s very simple to make very fast recipe I’ve actually never bothered to name this dish. It’s always been hey, baby. Do you want salmon, hey can you make salmon? We’ve never actually called it anything so now that I’m here making the recipe video Let’s just call it baked ginger salmon And trust me fellas if you want to earn brownie points with your lady friends out there do yourself a favor? Make this dish because this dish has earned me major brownie points with my wife So take notes, so let’s get started with our marinade. We’re gonna start with our fresh ingredients We’re gonna have some ginger some garlic and some green onions the ginger I’m gonna cut it into medallions maybe about like whoa run away piece Let’s do six medallions So this dish that we’re making it does have an Asian inspiration behind it hence The use of ginger green onions is a very popular Asian ingredient. All right, so once you have her ginger dice it up Alright, then we got ourselves a bowl here, we’re gonna just toss everything we’re cutting up into this bowl Let’s move on to the garlic three cloves of garlic. We’re gonna mince them just as small Once we got that chopped up. Bring our garlic in. And speaking of Asian influences on this dish. I noticed that Asian foods have their own Holy Trinity because in Cajun cooking There is the Holy Trinity bell peppers onions and celery for Chinese cooking Specifically, I would say it’s garlic ginger and green onions Let’s go with two spring onions chopped off that part. Chop it in half Stack it Alright once we got that chopped up go ahead and add our green onions in yeah Get off my hands. Cool now We got our fresh ingredients done moving on to the liquids all right so our first liquid will be sesame oil Next some soy sauce To add some pop for our marinade we’re gonna add some juice of lime And finally we’re gonna add some oyster sauce one tablespoon of this for some sweetness to balance it out with Some of the soy sauce and the lime juice all right And let’s go ahead, and this is what we got this is our marinade concoction Let’s go ahead and whisk it up real quick. Just get all the ingredients worked in together Smells great Mmm There we go we got our marinade I’ve already washed the salmon we’re gonna section it off in portions now the golden rule for making a portion size for salmon It’s the width of your hand so if you can just put your hand down this right here is the proper portion size for salmon All right what we’re gonna do is put them back organize them a bit 2 by 2. there we go and Uh got this little tail it’s not worth much but uh yeah throw it in here anyways. Let’s make room for the tail here we go all right, so now that we got our fish cut up We’re gonna season this real quick with some salt and pepper something very simple now be easy on the salt Just because we do have soy sauce in the marinade And some pepper All right with finally I’m just gonna spoon on the marinade you want to just kind of work it in. I also forgot to mention that you want to utilize a dish that you can use to bake with you can dress it up and then Toss it right into the oven look at that So now we’re gonna preheat our oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and we’re gonna bake it. All right So now after you’ve put your foil on top to trap as much moisture in we are now ready for the oven 400 degrees here we come All right so now with big salmon we want to bake this for about 20 minutes 15 to 20 minutes now some people like to eat salmon Slightly rare if you’re going for that slightly rare kind of texture in your salmon I would aim for 15 minutes, but for me because I don’t trust the salmon. It’s not sushi-grade. I’m gonna go 20 minutes I’m going for more of a well-done but with salmon you have to be very very careful because You can easily overcook it and when you do overcook salmon and super dry it’s almost as if you cook the flavor out of it It doesn’t taste as good anymore so in the meantime while our salmon is baking we’re gonna work on A little garnish that I like to put on top all right, so we’re gonna take those leftover green onions have about Five of them here, and we’re just gonna dice it all up Alright, so once we have it all diced up Let’s go ahead and toss it in our Bowl alright And we’re gonna just season this with a little bit of salt not too much salt goes a long way in this all right, so next where you gonna start the fire, and then you want to put about like three tablespoons of I don’t know actually about that much But yeah, we need some olive oil in here now the idea here is
and this is a trick that my mom taught me when I was a kid we’re gonna want to heat this up until it starts smoking a little bit And you’re gonna be able to see the smoke and once it gets hot enough we’re gonna take this and pour right on top of That green onions that we have over there. I’ve never seen this done in any other cuisines other than Chinese cooking I don’t know what it’s called the only thing I can call it is flash cooking You know it’s like you’re not really cooking these green onions Or simply pouring piping hot oil on top of it and through that heat It’s gonna sizzle, and that’s it not too sure you can actually see it in the camera But I can see that my oil is already smoking. Let’s go ahead and bring in the green onions and We got our hot oil Let’s go ahead and just give this a nice mix Work in the green onions into the heat try and use your chimichurri or whatever you want to call it I don’t know Bam done all right so now when you’re doing this green onion Salsa thing you’re gonna want to be careful when you’re heating up the oil cause I’ve learned this from experience I let it heat up for too long. It’s smoking but I’m thinking maybe just give it a little bit more Just get that really really piping hot next thing. I know my entire kitchens engulfed in flames Not really, not the entire kitchen, but the pan that I’m heating the world on its engulfed in flames And I’m freaking out. point is the moment it starts smoking take it off the burner So it doesn’t get too hot and actually ignites. That’s a scary moment The moment we’ve been waiting for oh that smells good That looks bomb Put this aside and let this rest so this salmons gonna be delicious It looks perfect And it smells great in here right now and add this little garnish on top mmm out of this world but to further Complement this salmon. We’re gonna plate it with some brown rice and some saute’d spinach tonight and Let’s go ahead and whip that up real quick. Add some oil to your wok, and once it’s hot enough We’re gonna go ahead and add some crushed ginger And some crushed garlic And basically what we want to do is just infuse this oil with the flavors of garlic and ginger It’s optional you can actually take the garlic and ginger out, but I’m gonna keep it in here Just because I wanna really get that flavor into that spinach When you’re stir frying or sauteing or whatever You wanna make sure it’s as high as the heat as possible The idea is to flash cook everything. You don’t want it to let it sit in it’s own juices and braise for too long. And go ahead and season it with a little bit of salt Stir one last time And there you have it, turn off the heat. Stir fried spinach. All right, so we’re gonna have we start off with a little bit of rice a little pile in the middle Right on top Very very garnishing BAM And we got it there is one happy wife You have to taste test before the wifey gets home. Salmon is good. Spinach is good. Mm

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  1. My favorite as well! Have you put the salmon (exact way you have prepared the salmon) into salad rolls? It's fantastic! Great video Case!

  2. great vid! Casey, you gotta get yourself a new pan. The one you were using in the vid has scratches which can cause cancer. Tip: always use plastic or wooden utensils to stir inside the new pan to avoid those scratches.

  3. Canโ€™t wait to make this ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. I feel like Casey can get a better girl than Tiff. Tiff doesn't have any talents. She is beautiful though, that's all.

  5. I follow your receipe and made it was amazingly good and everyone in my family loved it ! The only thing was I didnt have oyster i used honey instead for the sweetness.

  6. Omg I did this and I'm waiting for it to cook right now . I love your cooking chef Casey ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ

  7. Yas finally! Please do more cooking videos! Especially since thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner! I need to make something for potlucks but I need ideas! Please share more recipes!

  8. hey nice video! that technique with hot olive oil it is used here in greece by my grandma when she made pasta! u should try it but dont do it inside your house cause there is a lot of smoke when u pour the hot oil on pasta. if u wanna try it boil some pasta, let them cool a bit try to find greek cheese called 'mizithra' put it in the pasta and then pour the oil.

  9. definitely gonna try making them for my parents, and grandparents ๐Ÿ™‚ and gonna make my own but no onions, ginger, and green onions, cuz im not a big fan of them

  10. more cooking videos casey! It looks bomb. Couldnt hear ya when you satay ur spinach there. Maybe a voice over? For future cooking videos. Hehe

  11. That ring though! Congratulations to the beautiful couple! I've been following JKFilms and you two since day 1!

  12. First off, Iโ€™m disappointed that you cut off so much of the white part of the green onions. My dad says heโ€™s the best part! ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Second, I was dying at the fact that you said the dish wasnโ€™t the prettiest, because I was thinking that same thing lmao

  13. Cooking tip for Casey. If your pan ever ignites/catches fire, you should add some cold oil to it and then cover it. It smothers the fire and gives it something to burn off.

    SHE LOVED IT โค๏ธโค๏ธ THANKS CASEY C;

    Although flash cooking the spinach was lowkey the hardest part

  15. I saved this video when you posted it and I just cooked it right now.. OMG IT TASTES BOMB!!! More cooking videos please! I am by no means a cook, so easy recipes like this to follow is life saving!

  16. The only thing missing from this video is Tiffโ€™s taste test! Seeing peopleโ€™s reaction to the fish is the best part of cooking videos.

  17. hey at the end of the video i would have loved it if u videod the fam eating together or tiff trying it….but love ur videos…the vibe u create is very good

  18. Just want to say I served this as one of our thanksgiving dishes and it was a hit. Thank you and please do some more food vlogs

  19. I really wish you wrote a list of ingredients in the description! Hard to constantly rewind and pause the video just to see what was used haha. But I love you cooking videos

  20. 0:00 – Introduction
    0:46 – Fresh ingredients for marinade
    2:09 – Finishing the marinade
    2:56 – Cutting the salmon
    3:27 – Adding the marinade
    4:00 – Bake @ 400 for 15-20 mins
    4:50 – Making the garnish
    6:50 – Making some spinach
    8:15 – Plating

    Annotation Source:

  21. As far as I know and have tasted, oyster sauce is saulty not sweet. So soy sauce and oyster sauce together makes is more salty…

  22. I make a similar marinade for salmon but I add mustard, you canโ€™t taste it when itโ€™s all cooked but gives the sauce or marinade a thicker consistency. But after your salmon is half cooked or changed its color uncover the foil and you will have a sauce reduction.

  23. Love that tank top. What brand is it?
    Great recipe….Will try to make later this month, minus the cooked spinach (yuck!)

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