Baking Thanksgiving Dinner for Homeless Dogs

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  1. Who is going to celebrate Thanksgiving with their dog? and do this now! to try Experian Boost. It is completely FREE!

  2. I'm from the Philippines and this is the first time I saw your channel on the hope for paws comment section,glad I roam around comments🤣. Now I just watched like 20 videos.. and I might spend my weekend on YouTube again with my 16 dogs and 3 children.😂😂😂 You've got a new subscriber. Godbless you and all the people around you helping these dogs..

  3. The angel of dogs. Thank you for being an angel. I cry in all ur videos thinking about all the homeless dogs. I love u. Thank you for being the angel of dogs! ❤️ 🐕 🐶 😊 🙏 ❤️

  4. 1:23 thats sad my sisters boyfriend got a inglish bulldog her name is iceey she is a female and my sisters boyfriend and his family only uses her to have babys it is sad i tell my sister to tell her boyfriend to stop it gets me soooo mad and they already got her pregnant 3 times i love dogs sooo much i have 4 german shepherds and me and my family always take them to the dog park

  5. I really want to adopt the what looks like a Frenchie, (I remember his name but don’t know how to spell it) But we have five dogs and that would be really hard. :/ 💜

  6. The first dog is adorable 💞
    One I get my own house a d out of collage I'm definitely getting a dog that is shown on this channel!

  7. Thank you for helping dogs there my favorite animals like my dogs are huskies but I would like to adopt one of them but I’m to young and my I need to take care of them

  8. wait wait!! dogs arnt ment to have actual gravy??

    oh shit big mama what you done

    for info when I was a child there were mix dogs idk of I think big mama was mix of a pit bull and will idk other any big mama would not eat her dog food without human gravy do we cooked some not a lot but slowly but surly we got her to eat without the gravy

    now I think about it all three dogs we had were mix of pit bulls… hmm

  9. I want to adopt Goliath but I already have dogs I want all the dogs
    Also it warms my heart to see them have their first time together ❤️❤️

  10. Me: can we have a dog
    My mom: no
    Me: shows this video now can we have a dog
    My mom: maybe when we have more room ok
    Me: cries inside ok ●•●

  11. I’ve always loved big to giant dog something about them is just great , but when I went to my local spca I found this little dog his story was so sad , he was on the street since he was two we got him when he was five I love my dog he’s eight now we are trying to give him the best life he can get

  12. Best Thanksgiving ever with these adorable dogs as your guests; no relatives allowed and no table manners needed. 🐶❤️💕

  13. on almost every dog not every but almost every one of them the first thing they really ate was rather the bun or the potatoes or the stuffing stuff that was on the plate scattered and the little pug dog made my day so much better and also every dog did to I hope all those dogs are the happiest dogs ever than you Rocky Kanaka for all that you do for these dogs god bless you keep up all the hard work that you do THANK YOU

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