Balancing Love & Anxiety in Marriage | {THE AND} Ivo & Kevin

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  1. So much love and understanding and honesty between these two. This is the type of love that takes years and years to build. A true love for the ages!

  2. Much love and peace to this couple, it takes alot to heal from bad and tragic past to hold on to a love and a relationship

  3. My heart melts💕….and yes, we can grow in relationships and leave past mistakes behind…..from here there on, so beautiful to see how love can solidify after all these years ❤️

  4. So much codependency and anxiety that makes me feel caged in a way. They sure love each-other but in this case, is it healthy? I hope they both get through whatever it’s happening internally with them

  5. I watched this because I am currently entering a relationship with a person who has anxiety and I want to get a perspective on what it could look like later down the line. Things are definitely different how they are with this couple, but I love you see how honest they are with each other about things here. ❤️

  6. I really appreciate The Skin Deep for featuring such a wide variety of people and couples. This was very moving and beautiful. Thanks to Ivo & Kevin for being open and sharing! Best of luck to you both!

  7. We do not know the backstory but how does Kevin “reward” Ivo? What does Kevin bring into the relationship that makes Ivo love him so much to be able to endure Kevin’s intense anxiety dependency? A protector can only do so much before he absolutely burns out, even in a relationship. A protector that can’t depend on his lover for any of his own anxieties at that.

  8. I love how deep the love goes between these two. They have such a deep understanding and acceptance of the other person, it's beautiful

  9. So much love in their eyes after 22 years of mariage with one of them suffering with anxiety I give them my respect because nowadays relationships are more like an fast food menu.

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