Balloon shoe decoration for birthday party or wedding by Balloon Artworks, Ripley Derbyshire

Hi everyone. Melanie here from Balloon Artworks
in Derbyshire in the East Midlands. I wanted to show you today this giant shoe
that we’ve made. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.
But it is absolutely huge. It’s standing about 6 feet or 2 metres tall.
And well over 3 metres in length, so probably around 11 to 12 feet.
It is a huge shoe. Where would you use this? What sort of an
event would you use this for? Well, it’s great for any ladies who are obsessed
with shoes, and let’s face it, quite a few of us are.
So any shoe-aholics out there who are having an event or a birthday party, who you want
to surprise them with something really unusual, this is going to do it.
We’ve also done this piece for weddings in pastel colours, in pearl ivories, in pale
pinks, and it looks really, really elegant. Where would you use this sort of a piece?
Well, it’s important to remember that each piece of decor for your event has a purpose.
And you could use this piece of decor – perhaps a pair of shoes either side of an entrance,
so you’re framing that entrance-way really beautifully and you’re directing your guests’
attention to where they need to go. It’s making a real focal point of your entrance
and everyone is really clear where they need to be heading.
It directs the eye, draws the eye in straight to the doorway and that’s the sort of thing
you can use it for. It can be used if you’ve got a very large
space as an accent to one side, or on a stage if you’ve got a large stage to fill – it works
very well there as a backdrop to the band. That works well to.
You can use pastel colours or go much more vibrant than this depending on the customer’s
colour preferences and colour scheme for their event.
We can also scale down, so this shoe doesn’t have to be quite so giant as it is now. We
can scale down quite a bit for smaller event spaces, so it’s actually a very versatile
piece of decor. So I hope you like this piece and, if you
do and you’ve enjoyed this video, please give us a big thumbs up, subscribe to our channel.
And make sure you’re around for more of our videos that are coming up over the next weeks
and months. Bye

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