Ballora’s Party (Based On & Dictated To Party At Ballora’s By Phoenixkev)

Ballora: Now girls just follow my movements and……. Minireenas: Yay! Ballora: Now little ones play time is over please settle down. So that I can teach you some of my graceful poses. Minireena (1): But that’s dumb. Minireena (2): We just want to have fun. Minireena (3): And these arn’t even dances Ballora. Come on! Ballora: Now girls please you don’t want auntie Ballora to get disappointed do you? Minireenas: Whee! Yay! Ballora: Girls stay focused we have a birthday party of 5 year olds tommarow! Minireena (1): Ballora look at me can you do this? (laughs) Ballora: Girls? Minireena (2): Ballora look why don’t we dance like this tommarow? The kids will love it! Minireenas: Bon Bon! Bon Bon: Hey guys, whatcha doin? Minireena (3): Um……Ballora’s having a party. Ballora: Well it’s not really a party. I’m teaching the girls how to….. Bon Bon: Hey guys get over here Ballora’s hosting a party! Funtime Freddy: Oh boy a party! Thanks for inviting us! Ballora: Scoop my life. Funtime Foxy: Hey hey hey pals! What’s going on? Funtime Freddy: Hello Foxy! Ballora’s having a party! Funtime Foxy: Ooh a party! Wait, Ballora why didn’t you invite me? Ballora: But….. Circus Baby: Hey guys I heard you talking! Ballora’s having a party! Who wants ice cream?! Minireenas, Isabella, & The Fireside Girls: Yay! Ice cream! Ballora: (sighs) I guess I’ll be the only saying much for a party. Oh well.

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