Bang Baaja Baaraat – Full Episode 02

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on! Hold on! And… Voilà! How do you like it? – No. No. No. No. No. No. No, Gurpreet. – Relax. What is wrong with you? No! Are you out of your mind? What if someone drops in? And anyway,
Pawan’s mom is too scandalized… …I don’t think this right. Shahna, don’t be a pussy. Anyway, I’m going
to lock this place down. And…today evening
we’re going to have… …a bikini-themed bachelorette. Are you crazy, Gurpreet. – What? Pawan is not going to like all this. Like it? I’d love it! Shahna, can we talk? Look, I am really very sorry, Shahana. Can we please, please,
please be on the same page again? Okay. Just a sample…for the bachelorette. Is that a self-portrait, Mr. Sharma? Because…slightly disappointing? I’ll show you the real one? You want to see the real one? You sure? Barkha. Oh, God! What are you doing here? You were supposed to come tomorrow. Please, I couldn’t have
travelled with those of idiots. Yeah, yeah. Hi. – Hi. Hi, sister-in-law. Wasim, you? You’re here too. How was the trip? – Tiring. I was saying, let’s catch a train. But your sister made
me drive all the way here. Who drives all the
way here from Kanpur? Well…you see… – Hi, Wasim. I’ve heard a lot about you. What? That you two were really
mischievous in your childhood. And you specially. – Mischievous? Me? Who are you talking about? I am Wasim. Wasim Sheikh. I’m joking with you,
and you’re getting scared. Hello. Hello. You scared the poor girl. Who comes by-road? I mean… Listen. Yes, sir? Is there a well around here somewhere? Sorry, I didn’t get you, sir. Well? The place where we draw out water. Sometimes people even
in it to commit suicide. They stand on the ledge and jump in. Do you have one? No, sir. You want water? No, no. What do they call it in Marathi? Punnu told me once. You are Maharashtian, right? In Marathi it’s called… Its an important ritual. The groom’s mother gets
upset and sits at the well. Wondering if the groom will
forget all about his mother… …post his wedding and
be stuck under his wife’s skirt. Mom, what are you saying?
– I’m not saying anything wrong. That’s why the mother
asks him to take seven vows. Only then does she gets off the ledge,
understand. Punnu, go find a well. I’ll get upset and sit there. Then you can take the seven vows… …and I’ll come back with you, okay? Mom. Mom. – What? You can make me take
all the vows right here. Where will he find a well? Even papa’s been searching
for a well since morning. You’ve been dictating your own terms.
– Hello. Yeah. Okay. Hello. Stop arguing. – I’m not arguing. Where are you going?
– What are you doing? I’ll be right back. Everything is happening
at once – Oh, God. See…it’s all because of you. The city’s completely ruined. How much further? – Just a
little further. We’re almost there. I hope there’s a ladder to climb down? Papa, papa…where are you going?
– Stop running, son. I’m only going to see that pond.
For the function. No, no, someone’s having
a private party out there. Sir, it’s your party. – Shut up. You should’ve told him… …that he can’t walk-in
on someone’s party. Papa, that’s the pool area. Do you have any idea
how expensive that is? They charge 5000
only to sitting there. Have you lost your mind? 5000 rupees?
The hotel people are swindling us. Yes. Come to the room, I’ve made
all the arrangements for the function. Bachelorette party. Cheer’s bitches. Meaning…dog. Come, I’ll explain everything to you. You mean actual dogs and bitches. What else do you expect
in a big hotel like this? They’re paying 5000 to cats and dogs. Isn’t my mother enough..
What is she doing there! Who is it? Who is it? Toothpaste. I forgot mine… Sir, it’s ready. You can check the
temperature of the water. Boss, we’re not shooting a soap ad. It’s a ritual. You go. Go. – Okay, sir. Thank you. It’s done. Come…sit. You can watch that newsreader
of yours tomorrow. Come now. Just a minute, Roli. They’re showing the weather report. Heavy rains, is the prediction. You drown yourself, I am coming. Come, sit. So listen,
I’ve made a list of modern vows… …for a modern wedding. Yeah…first one. You won’t convert to half a Punjabi… …but she’ll become a full Brahmin. Meaning…no meat. Mom, I am a chef.
I run a continental restaurant. I can’t cook potato wedges. Son, just say yes for now… I saw that wink. And Punnu, if you don’t
agree to these terms, I will.. Fine, fine, I agree. I am going. I am going to die. Careful. Enough. – That was just the first,
now for the second. The second vow. We’ll name your first child. I will. You’ve already turned
into half Englishman. God knows what name you’ll come up
with like Tom, Dick or Harry. – Mom. At least let me name my kids. It’s our kids, not yours alone.
Be quiet. No one even realized
how soon you two grew up. Uncle, aunty, grandpa…they
all raised you together. If you don’t answer
my questions correctly… …consider this wedding canceled. First question. How many beauty marks
does Shahana have on her body? Your options are, A, 21. B, 37 Or C, 19. Your options are wrong. It’s 33. She must respect her elders,
touch our feet. And we don’t have
this kissing culture. Mom.. Tell her…there are a
couple in places she cant see. If you want you can
count again and check. Son, count properly. These hotel people always
increase the plate count. Go honey. Stop it. Right answer. Mom. Is it done? Can I go? No not done. – Next question. What is Shahana’s favorite position? Missionary. She likes Missionary pastry. Why are you laughing? Ranjeet. Ranjeet. Don’t mess up the entire basin. Leave it. I’ll do it. There’s only one downside
of marrying your secretary. She doesn’t let you
keep a new secretary. Or she’ll find a secretary… …that you can never
get distracted by. Are you drunk? No…Just a little… happy-happy. Shahana is very sensible. She’s just like you. You did a great job, Sushi. Are your wife and kids
coming for the wedding? Yes.. ..tomorrow morning. Goodnight. Goodnight. Here… No, it’s yours. Yes, it’s mine. Dare Time! Shahana has to call one of her exes… …and tell him that
she still loves him. I know exactly which one to call.
– No, no. Ma’am, you said yes, you have do dare. Cheering cheering Hi, babe…I… I miss you. I miss those evenings,
those nights, those afternoons… I think I still… You think we could… You know, kind of get together. Now last dare for the night. You have to manage a quickie… …before we finish eating this cake. Shut up, okay. Go run. Run. Hi. Hi. What are you doing? If Mom… I sent that cake as well. I came to thank you. Cool. Now you.. – No, now you. Have you gone mad. Dad has a habit of wandering
around … Shahana, please. Our party isn’t over yet… …and I must thank you
before they finish the cake. Okay, okay…not here. Only three minutes left,
your time starts now. – Okay. Okay. Hey… Hey…Wasim. You [email protected]*k#r… Pawan. – Listen to me… Oh my, God. Stop it. – You could
you do that with my sister? What are you doing? Stop! Leave me! Is he your nephew? Nephew? But kissing on the lips? Mom, it must be a mistake. It wasn’t a mistake, Punnu.
I saw it myself. They kissed deliberately. That boy’s sc**** everything up.

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  2. am I an old lady in a 22 year old body??? Raam raam mere mun se kyun nikal raha? yeah, it's entertaining to watch, but brain says, what a fuss and infusion of unnecessary culture!

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  11. No cultural values in so many stuffs I see now a days. What happened Bollywood serieses? I think it's a beginning of a new era of the western culture.

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  17. What is this ?? I thought it was a normal rom-com ..But this is worst than hollywood ?? Even hollywood wouldn't go this low..When People in India protested against padmavaati, everyone thought Indians respect their tradition and can't tolerate the distortion of their culture..But when craps like these are made, no one is against it..NO WONDER WHY DELHI IS THE RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD..INDIA TOPS THE LIST OF THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF CRIME AGAINST WOMEN IN THE LAST DECADE..RAPES AND GANGRAPES ARE COMMON IN INDIA..ESPECIALLY NORTH INDIA RECORDS 90% OF CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN..EVEN RAPES OF MINORS ( 5 YEAR OLD) HAS BECOME COMMON..THIS IS A SHAME ON HUMANITY..Its hilarious.This is not Indian culture as far as i know..They are certainly sending a wrong message and spoiling the youth..Which is why objectification of women is there in India..This is one of the major factors responsible for Crime against women..What's the use of going for candle light march at the India gate after rapes and gangrapes, when no one is bothered to take any step against factors responsible for it..What's the use of making all those hue and cry ( that the accused should be hanged) when everything has already been done ?
    Prevention is Better than Cure..

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