BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO Episode 1 (with English subtitles)

It’s the age of warring girl bands! A number of rival bands will assemble here at the Live House “CiRCLE”. A storm is brewing today! “Garupa Pico” Live House “CiRCLE” Welcome! What?! You’re the band…
Afterglow! A classic girl rock band
formed by childhood friends! You open? Hold it… Who are you? Whoa! Making their entrance
with a lively gait… Pastel*Palettes! Don’t underestimate them just being cute! This five-girl idol band
is the real deal with proven performance! Always vibrant with shining color! It’s too dark to practice in here. Incredible! This band was
already in the studio… Hello, Happy World! A unique band led by
Kokoro Tsurumaki! It’s them! Appearing like evil spirits
summoned from the dark! Roselia! With abilities that give
even the pros pause! An authentic girls band! Awful bright… Bringing light to the darkness,
their hearts as beautiful stars! Poppin’Party! Superstars with limitless potential! An up and coming new band! Oh, the lights are on. Awful bright… Kasumi, you’re soaked. But the weather has cleared up. Sure are a lot of people here… This venue’s a bit cramped. Then let’s go to a family restaurant! Let’s go, let’s go! A battle between girls who have devoted their youth to band life,
begins now. Who wants soft drinks? I’ll have a premium chocolate sundae…

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  1. Kokoro: * Kicks down the door *

    'Poppin Party: * Breaks all the front windows * This is where the real fun begins…

  2. Well,when i stop the video,i saw that the Afterglow members kidnap Ran and think she was food!How is this happening😄😐😐😐

  3. ようこそ日本人の皆様。バンドリちゃんねるで消えてもここには残ると予想してスタンバイしておりました。

  4. Woah thats weird normally your not supposed to introduce the worst band last.
    P.S. PoPiPa is not the worst, their just not as great as the other bands.

  5. How did I not know of this cartoon when I’ve been playing the game for like … 3 days.

    ps them bursting through one by one is just such a mood for me like .

    Also can we just APPRECIATE the popping party girls just casually breaking through windows ?

  6. Can we just appreciate how cool Afterglow looks in this? I love them so much
    Also i see what you did here 0:31
    Tsugu is lowkey worried cause of thunders,poor baby °^°

  7. Ini fidio bagus banget tapi sayang cuman tiga menit tapi aku suka vidio ini terimakasih ya udah buat vidio ini terimakasih banget semo ga sukses ya dan sering upload juga ok maaf aku paikai bahasa indonesia soalnya gabisa bahasa inggris hehe

  8. 1:41 뭐얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마리나는 놀랬고 팝핀파는 창문깨고 들어오네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  9. imagine if someone like remixer(i mean polaris flare)is also character in the anine i think when they said polaris she just say why im here??

  10. 0:57 holy shit, if I were an anime character you'd hear a loud heartbeat in the background along with me doing a pose as if something just struck my heart

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