Banks’ Stag Do (Part 4 of 4)

We’ve spotted him! Yes! Defeated! He punched me in the eye. I’m so tired. We need to ask him his name and rank. I ain’t tellin’ you nothing! You’ll talk, man, you’ll talk. They all talk. Your name and rank? NAME AND RANK?! NAME AND RANK PING PONG!!! PING PONG! I’ve got dogtags on… Who’s your daddy? Who Rambo? Name and rank? You’re very strong. Name and rank. Poke him. What is it? What is it? That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. What, Banks’ nipple? Nyah! You will talk! You talk to us! No! So…we hear you like to eat things. You open your mouth! You hungry. You hungry? You eat this! Eat it! Eat it all!!! Eat it. What is it? Dunno. Can I have some? What is it? Oh my god. Eat it. It’s some food, eat it. EAT IT! Eat it! EATING! That is really rubbish. Ping pong! Eat it. Eat your dinner! Eat your dinner. I thought you could eat anything. Confess! Now you talk… Now I think you talk. Name and rank. I can’t watch this. Mercy! He’s still smiling! Why you still smile?! You like this? You like, you want some more? Why you still smile? You still hungry? You st…you open your mouth! Open your mouth, eat this! Eat it all. Urghh…it’s fish. Confess! Oh, that’s horrible. Fail. Stephen’s not… Open mouth! Why are you doing this… You want something else? No! You still hungry? No! You still hungry! No. Eat this now! Eat it! Eat now! Swallow! You swallow! You eat it, good! What is that? Where are your friends? Where your position? I’m right here! What you want? What you want to find? What mean expendable? Err…shall we? Ready? You eat this! Eat now! Eat now!!! Fair play though. You swallow! Oh, he’s not gonna eat any of these, mate. Can I say…these photos are amazing with you in the background. Eat this! You eat this NOW! You earn our respect! We still going fuck you. Me love you long time! You want us fuck you? Gaww..what is that?!

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