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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
baptism party centerpiece and setup here we go I am finally making a baptism party
centerpiece you guys have been asking for it for a while and I’m finally
inspired to make one because I do have to be inspired in order for them to turn
out well so let’s get started alright guys so the very first thing I’m
going to do is have a martini no not at all so inappropriate for a baptism
centerpiece oh my god how ironic is that I totally try to find so many things to
try to make the centerpiece and this was the best thing I could find for a real I
am not kidding but nevertheless this martini glass is going to help me
accomplish what I need to accomplish to make this centerpiece beautiful and the
martini glass is pretty much going to be my base on top of it is going to be my
angel and at the bottom where the stem is it’s going to be where I’m going to
build a cloud of balloons that is going to stand this way and then that way to
make my balloon cloud I’m going to be using five inch white balloons from
Party City and I’m also going to need the assistance of my assistant here
my balloon buddy because blowing up this little balloons with your mouth is no
joke so you’re either going to have to use a pump or a balloon buddy as this
one this one I got from Party City I also saw them at Walmart so you can
find them pretty much probably anywhere alright so let’s get started so we’re going to start with two
balloons and we are going to tie them together all right and then I’m going to
wrap this around once all right that’s so in the next I am going to do
the same and I’m going to wrap it around on the other direction and here I have
my four points the very same way I do my floral arrangements I have a balloon in
the front in the back and then one on each side I’m going to start gluing the
balloons individually alright so I blow up slightly smaller balloons and I’m
going to be cutting this off not too short because you don’t want the air to
come out and I am going to be using a low temperature guy to glue them
together all right so so far I only have four on
this side I have one back here and then three right here I’m going to start on
the other side and then I’m going to figure out if I want to add more I kind
of want to add smaller ones somewhere but I don’t want it to be so long either this is what I have so far
so just to recap right here in the middle I have my four points and we are
going to call these large ones and then here on these sides
I have medium ones and I have four here and four over here now I’m going to add
slightly smaller ones right where the cup is to cover up the top of the glass
all right so I’m going to place one here and I’m going to place another one on
the other side now I made three tiny ones want to go inside the cup and then
I have two more want to go here and want to go back here next I’m going to have blue discarding
dish from Dollar Tree right on top of my martini glass my next step is going to
be to glue these beautiful angel wings behind Teddy right here these wings I
found at Hobby Lobby in their wearable craft section the original price for
this was $5.99 but I ended up paying for the others because I had a 40% discount
coupon and I’m going to be cutting off the elastic and velcro from here before
I go behind teddy as far as plush animals you can find
very cheap ones at Walmart this particular one was actually a bunny from
Target and I already had it so I just ended up cutting up the ears because the
ears were coming in the way of the wings so I’m just going to go ahead and cut
this off I’m going to add hot glue to this area of the wing and then I’m going
to glue it to the back of his neck now I’m just simply going to place Teddy in
here my teddy angel my angel teddy one of the
two and in order for him not to slouch or fall to the side I am going to place
this very heavy cross tea light candle holder from Dollar Tree right here in
the middle plus he goes with a theme you know next I’m going to add a row of
Diamond wrap from Dollar Tree so I can add it to the imperfection right here
with the glue and I can polish the look lastly I am going to add just one of
these cross glitter stickers from Hobby Lobby so but all of this so I can place
it right on here I thought about placing some of these in
the balloons but I tried it and I didn’t like it here they are what I do love the
big one right here because he makes it pop and I love it I’m going to add
another big cross to the back of the wing just make sure to add some hot glue
so it will not fall off since I have this smaller stickers left
over I think I’m gonna make him a necklace how about that let’s just try
it and see how it looks I love it I like it it gives it a little
more balance which I was kind of missing so yeah I think if it go so I spent the
last half an hour arranging more balloons on top of the balloon clouds so
I finally decided to glue them on and basically what I did was just add a
little more of the extra small and small ones right around there because on
screen and in person it just totally looks different so it was bothering me
that I will like it in person but on camera it didn’t look right so I finally
have it where it looks good on both okay guys this is a this is my baptism party
centerpiece and it is absolutely adorable this centerpiece is truly very
easy to make the balloon arrangement can be a little bit addicting because you
can get carried away with the balloons but other than that it is easy as one
two three I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please make sure to
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  1. 🕇Absolutely Adorable,love your style🕆Extra special 🕇 Love the centerpiece 💕💕 HAPPY Sunday Morning 2u 😊

  2. Tayra I need your help my siblings and I are making my mom a party for her birthday and we’re doing fiesta theme but we are having a really hard time finding a cute centerpiece it would be awesome if you had any ideas please! Thank you! 😊

  3. Gracias x esos detalles q tienes Tayra así nosotros tus suscriptores. Puras cosas bellísimas nos enseñas. 😊😊

  4. You always have Beautiful and inspiring art crafting. I Love your channel. May God continue to Bless you and your family. 😊

  5. This is sooo adorable!! I love the simplicity of it yet it makes it look store bought!….I would’ve never imagined you could use a hot glue gun on balloons!!! Totally mind blown!!! 🤯 Thanks!!

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