Barack Obama Singing Happy Birthday

I love you back! Happy Birth Day To You Happy Birth Day To Yooou Happy Birth Day Dear Baah Buh (Dad) Happy Birth Day To You

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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for watching. Make sure you check out my shirts before they're gone in a week!

    By the way, Baba is Arabic for dad. Hope that clears things up!

  2. tomorrow is my birthday but sadly there's another popular kid at school whose birth date is the same as i am. And he's getting all the wishes. Me? I'm always left out. Every year…

  3. Got this notification four days ago and refused to open it until today, which is my birthday. Great timing, since it was coming up so soon! 🙂

  4. I am going to miss this channel. Now that Trump is elected president, America is totally fucked. And aside from that, no more Barack Obama speeches for him to make. All I can say is, Obama was the Best President We have Ever Had. We won't forget him. Goodbye, President Obama! T.T

  5. You once wrote a code in the comment. looked that up on YT and found a channel that seems to deal with the attempted assassination on Reagan.
    What's happening?

  6. He was the coolest president we ever had trump going to be too serious but he could be cool dunno just yet Will trump be a cool but serious president find out next time on dragonballz

  7. What software is used for making these so many small clippings? is there any easy way or you've to clip all word by word and go through that shit lmao

  8. To be honest, this past bday was my first bday I spent alone, without any family. So I played this and got a kick out of it 😊👌

  9. Does President Obama know about these—he'd love these videos!And how long did they take you to make? And just what does mr. trump think about them? Probably not a fan—but I am! You made me smile the first time in days.Right back at you☺!

  10. Little obami, happy birthday to you, communist bastard. Your mama's wild promiscuity created that little magic.

  11. Why ANYONE would want a C👹RRUPT
    DEM👹N like SATAN 👹BAMA to sing ANYTHING to them, let alone "Happy Birthday" can mean but one thing:

  12. I used to enjoy birthday,but you came along,I used to enjoy Fridays and Saturdays,but you came along,and made the world great liars,and lied to me day in day out,sly pricks,all of you,make a show about yourselves,and a movie,hates this world,I hope god makes everyone in this world feel the same way,nasty cunts

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