Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse have a dinner date | Vogue Paris

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  1. They are cute but it is weird to choose to put your relationship so out in the open to the media. Especially cause they really haven’t been together that long (has it even been a year yet?) and there are famous couples who have been together for decades and who don’t do things like this

  2. I enjoyed the video they looked so natural. Oh and recently Barbara got bashed in social media because her fans thinks she doesn't care about them anymore. And this video just answered that questions, to why she's not that active anymore.
    Tho We all know social media is a toxic place, especially for celebrities like her. 😔

  3. U look so beautiful when you smile from Pakistan my WhatsApp number 03052837638 plz make video call

  4. Actors dating models… tch. Can you be any more cliche? (pictured, me: hunched over my keyboard, typing in a jealous fury because Dylan should be *mine*)

  5. To be honest for me he is so much handsome than Cole, everybody is in love with Cole and I just keep thinking about how perfect Dylan is 😅😍

  6. Both strong personalities. I love when the “honeymoon stage” is gone and you see the friendship come out more. That’s great ❤️

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