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(upbeat electronic music) (snorts) – Sorry.
(laughs) (upbeat electronic music) Hi guys, I’m Barbara Palvin
and I’m getting ready for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with my favorite makeup artist Tim, and the most beautiful
makeup by Giorgio Armani. Tonight I wanted to go for a little like an old Hollywood glam. I’m actually pretty nervous ’cause this is the first time I’m attending this party and I’ve been looking at the carpet. I was watching it on T.V. so far and everyone looks great. We’re tryna bring back the
colors what I have on my outfit which you gonna see in a second. So, that’s why the lip is a little pink and then I got a little
blue on my eyelids. We don’t wanna do a lot of makeup because my outfit is a
lot, and very sparkly. Obviously I picked my outfit
and then we worked from there. We gave ideas, we were
like ah this will be cool and then I say this and then
at the end we compromise. I think at the end it’s all teamwork. It’s all about teamwork. Right? – [Tim] That’s true,
you usually win though. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) – Alright, it’s good?
– [Tim] Ready to roll. – I think it’s ready to get dressed. Give me a second. (upbeat electronic music) Well, as you see, I’m
wearing a very sparkly suit, and the reason is, is that
I’m going to an after-party. So, I didn’t want to wear a gown and not being able to enjoy the party. So, this is always a comfortable choice but also it’s super elegant,
very old Hollywood style. I really love the details on the suit. I love the pink and the green-blue. Like my lip has the pink color and my eyes got the blue color and yeah, it’s pretty
heavy by the way. (laughs) That was a little work out for me. So, I can’t wait to get on the carpet and get a little flash on it and then put the picture in
a totally different mood. (upbeat electronic music) Ta-dah. This is it. (upbeat electronic music) I’m pretty happy with the
final look I have to say, but little nervous about my hair ’cause my hair stylist
left like three hours ago so it’s been sitting like
this and it’s, you know, I naturally don’t have short hair, so it’s all pinned up and curled up. Hopefully it stays like this
until I get to the carpet, and after that it doesn’t matter. I’m just gonna dance the night away. Thank you for watching! Now, I’m late so bye. (upbeat electronic music)
(paparazzi talking)

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  1. dress never make her beautiful , women beauty in skin , body and face. she look very beautiful even without branded fashion.

  2. Mit esznek ezen a lányon ennyire? Be van esve a felső fogsora és semmi kisugárzása… Soha nem értettem.

  3. i was wondering , how a man like that can do make up for her and stay focused and strong among that feminin volcan hahah

  4. IT is so funny to see that she is that huge now. I’ve met her in an elevator 😊 that time she was just 17 but happy 4 her carrier… lots of my friends know her personally but that’s how it is, when u live in Budapest 😊

  5. Maybe…none would believe me…I didn't care anything about red carpet or glamour or flash sessions…or beautiful women…I would like to work in Hollywood for great salaries
    I love money so muchhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!
    Good Luck Barbara !! Hope you enjoy !!

  6. She has d perfect eyes, prfct lips, perfct face nd prfct nose..
    Nd all pf em jst compliment whn Put together 😍😍😍😍💕

  7. I haven't seen such a beauty. I love you Barbara, you make feel good in my body and how i am. Love you sister

  8. "Hopefully it stays like this until i get to the carpet. And after that it doesn't matter i just gonna dance the night away."

  9. Hi Barbara your over makeup not doing reason your marri after your husband unmakeup watching sometimes heart attacked possible makeup less please that my good advice just your are listening okay

  10. I honestly did not like the sparkly suit she should have stuck with a simple black pantsuit with a better cut for her body ❤️

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