Barbie – Birthday Party Surprise | Ep.17

Barbie – Birthday Party Surprise Come on Ken We’re going to be late for the movie… Yes, right… Ummm… Barbie… Would you be a dear and grab my jacket for me? It’s a bit chilly out there… Chilly? It’s the middle of summer! You can never be too careful… You’re a very strange man sometimes Ken Carson! Ok girls, it’s Barbie’s birthday on Sunday and I want to do something special for her I was thinking of a party Yay! A surprise birthday party! I’m in! Me too! A party? Who’s having a party? Oooh! That must be for my birthday Ok, so I’ll invite her friends and buy her a nice gift I’ll organise a cake I can get some food together And what can I do? It’s ok Chelsea Might be best if we organise this party No! I want to help too Can I do games? Games? Ahhh, ok Maybe you can organise one activity Something that Barbie and her friends might like Yay! Yay what?? We’re organising a surprise… …a surprise for Chelsea’s teacher Ahhh, yeah! That’s what I meant Oh right… Got your jacket Let’s go Ken Jacket! Barbie, it’s the middle of summer right now Why would I need a jacket? But you… Oh never mind…. Whooaaa! This is a great movie Are you enjoying it Barbie? Ummm, yeah… It’s great! Hey Ken… What are we doing for my birthday this Sunday? Oh yeah! It’s your birthday Hmmm…not sure Maybe grab a pizza… Sure, sure… You’re not fooling me I can’t wait till my big party Another glass of champagne miss? Great party Barbie! Yeah! Food is heavenly Everyone’s having a ball You may have the party of the year Barbie …and I just want to thank my husband Ken for organising such a wonderful birthday (Applause) Barbie… Barbie… Barbie! Barbie! Oops! Sorry Ken I was… ummm…really enjoying this part of the movie! What am I going to get Barbie for her birthday? Some earrings… Perfume… Bag… Oooh! That’s a nice dress! I think she’d like that Oh come on! I don’t have time for any specials What is this anyway? Ben 10! Whooaaa! I don’t have that, and what a great price Oooohhhhh! What to choose… What to choose… Hmmm… Hmmm! (Phone dialling) Hello, Cakes r Us Rob speaking Hello Rob! I was wanting to get a birthday cake made for my sister’s party on Sunday Will you be able to do that? I think we can manage that What kind of cake would you like? Great, I think we’ll get a sponge, Rob! Oh, is this for your little sister? Oh no! She’s in her twenties Hey, Marg! This girl wants to order a Sponge Bob cake for her twenty-something year-old sister That’s a bit strange! Ok miss, if you’re sure! Sounds good, now I’ll just give you the address… Well I’d better do my part for the party Food, food food I could get a catering business to organise some nice party food But I think Barbie would appreciate
me making the food instead Maybe some nice hors d’oeuvres followed by a seafood platter What do we have here…? Ohhh! Looks like all we have is bread, hot dogs and sprinkles Sorry Barbie, no hors d’oeuvres for you So one activity that Barbie and her friends will like, hey? Firstly, one activity is not enough, and Secondly… I have no idea what games Barbie and her friends like! When Chelsea’s in charge of party games she’s going to do it her way! Ok Barbie, no peeking Oooh! I can’t wait to see! I can already imagine it… Beautiful decorations, some fancy food champagne and entertainment My friends are going to love it! Alright, off with the blindfold Yipeeeeee! Thanks guys for my… Kids party?! What’s is this? Hi Barbie, did we get confused? Is this party for you or Chelsea? Sorry Barbie, but we’re outta here! I don’t do kids birthday parties! Me either Let’s go girls! You don’t like our party Barbie? Ahhhh… Well, er… I’m not sure yet It’s not what I expected Well let’s see if we can change your mind then Yeah, don’t worry about Raquelle
and the other girls Barbie We can have fun all on our own You’re right! Let’s go Thank you so much guys for the best birthday ever! You’re welcome Barbie Ok, so who’s party are we organising next? Chelsea’s birthday is next! Yipeeeeee! Now… I want a princess theme with lots of purple and pink I want a clown No! Two clowns A band and a karaoke machine Fairy floss, three different types of cupcakes and I want to invite everyone from my class… Except Joey cause he’s mean to me And I’ll need a jumping castle, and… Oh dear!

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