Barbie – Pool Party | Ep.80

Barbie – Pool Party I said no! Oh please! Your Mummy said no! Please? I won’t call you silly Daddy anymore Huh? When do you call me that? Oh… Umm… Never! Why are we not allowed in the pool? For the tenth time… It’s not warm enough yet and your Daddy and I need go shopping for the day Auntie Skipper look after us in pool Auntie Skipper do what? Nothing Just look after the girls please … and no pool! But… No pool! What if… No pool! And no friends over either! Not today Oh… Andrea was going to come over Not today she’s not Can’t you girls all play together for the day? Boring Alright, we’re off Behave yourselves Yes sir! I’m bored! Me too! So… What do you all want to do? Go in the pool! Sorry! You heard Barbie… No pool and no friends (Doorbell) Hmm… Who could that be? Maybe that Mummy! Maybe she come back to say we go in pool! Sorry I’m late! What are we doing today? Andrea! Oh, you didn’t get my message? What message? The one about… Oh, don’t worry You can stay for a bit Oh can she now? Umm, yes Well I can’t send her home now! Fine! But you owe me one! Deal! Just don’t tell… Hi everyone! Max! What are you doing here? I invited him But Barbie said no friends! Max is not a friend He’s a…boy-friend! What! What you doing Chelsea? Waiting Waiting for what? I might have invited a friend over What! But Mummy say no friend! Then don’t tell her! But (Doorbell) Right on time Catch you later girls! This unbelievable! Auntie Skipper have friend Auntie Stacie have friend Now Auntie Chelsea have friend! Maybe we tell Mummy! Yeah! Or else… Come with me Isabelle! Hi Tamika, you’re right on time Hey! What are you all doing here? They were all at my house And they wanted to come and see your new house Oh! Cool! Come on in! Nice house Chelsea! Thanks! Hi Annabelle! Hi Isabelle! Hi Kira! Where are you two going? We going in the pool silly! Pool! Wow! Can we go in the pool? Yeah! No We’re not allowed to Sorry… Ohhh… We go in pool! No you’re not Remember what your Mummy said! Well you have friends here and Mummy say no friends! Yeah! You not tell Mummy we go in pool and we not tell Mummy you have friends at house Are you bribing me? Whoops! Annabelle! I go get it Hurry up! We’re not supposed to be in here. Sure! Please Skipper We all want to go in pool Sorry, I can’t Barbie would not be happy with me! Come on Annabelle… (Splash) Annabelle! Whoops! I slipped! Yay! Get out of that pool! Don’t worry Skipper, I get her! Thank you Isabelle (Splash) Isabelle! Yay! Hey! I thought you said we can’t go in the pool? We not supposed to go in the… (Splash) …Pool I give up! So we can go in the pool? You might as well! We just have to be out before Barbie gets back If we’re not, we’re in big trouble! Yay! Now I think I’ve got a swimsuit for all of you… Somewhere… Oh, here we go! One for you Tamika One for you Kira Gracia, here you go …and… Cool! You’ve all got swimsuits! Yes, lucky we’re all the same size Let’s go have some fun! Chelsea… What are you doing? You look like a duck! Hey! I need these! Where’s Darrin? He was just behind me (Giggling) Girls! Darrin, you look… Beautiful! Yeah Thanks! It’s all Chelsea had left… And no one says anything at school! We promise! Let’s go girls… And Darrin! Our pool party is about to start! (Splash) (Splash) (Splash) (Splash) (Splash) (Splash) Hey! What’s going on? I couldn’t stop them They all wanted to go in the pool Oh no Barbie is not going to be happy! Is she Stacie? Stacie? Talk later Max! I’ll be in the pool! (Splash) Hey! The water is really warm here! Yeah! I feel it too! Darrin! Ooops! Sorry! I forgot to go to the bathroom Ewwwwwwww! I don’t think you should be in the pool! Barbie said no pool and she is not going to be happy with any of you! It’ll be fine Max Come in! No I’m not getting in trouble! And anyway, I don’t have a swimsuit here You don’t need swimsuit Max! Ahhh! (Splash) My glasses! My glasses! Someone help me… (Phone rings) Hello? Skipper, it’s me! Barbie Oh Hi Barbie Just letting you know we’ll be home in five minutes Everything alright there? Everything’s perfect! Can I hear splashing? Ahh… The twins are… Having a bath! Perfect! See you soon! No! Everyone… Out of the pool! Barbie will be home in five minutes! Ahhhhh! Hurry! Oh no! Go, go, go! Move! Hello? Anyone? Hello? Where is everyone? Skipper? Stacie? Annabelle? Isabelle? We upstairs in bath Daddy! Maybe we should do something fun with the girls They’ve probably been bored inside the house all day Great idea! Maybe we can take them to the park? Or… Hey! What’s that swim ring doing over there? I have no idea… Hello! A little help please! What! Is that Max? Come on! Somebody! I can’t see a thing… Max! What are you doing in the pool? Oh, is that you Ken? Would you believe I fell in the pool? Girls! Downstairs! Right now! Oh ooohhh!

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  4. Oh wow I canโ€™t believe they canโ€™t be in the pool thatโ€™s just rude I think you said just please make this video more interesting with you know Iโ€™m Laloโ€™s and come to my house while thank you for very much

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  7. i love pool but barbie said wrom yet no pool skipper said no pool ANDREA theres no way youre friands nooooooooooo friands youre girls get so mush trouble so dont go outside nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. Attghtyghhtdfegjk

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