Barbie – Slumber Party! | Ep.88

Barbie – Slumber Party! Uh huh… Uh huh… I know! That was so funny! Great idea! I’ll message you back Barbie, can Tamika come over? You just talking to her! You need to talk more? Yes Chelsea, she can come over for a play And have dinner here? Umm, I suppose Boy! Is she sleep here too! You’re right! Can she? I joking! Alright, Tamika can sleep over And Madison? Chelsea Please? Fine! “Sleepover is on!” “Yay! Be there soon” “Slumber party at my house tonight!” “Woo hooo!”
“Sounds great” “Cool!” “No boys!” What’s going on? Chelsea is having two of her friends sleep
over tonight Oh great (Doorbell) Hello girls Wait! What? That’s not two friends! Hi Ken! Hi Barbie! Oh, hello Tamika! Hi Barbie! Hi Barbie! What? Hi Barbie! Hi Barbie! Hi Barbie! Ah, ah, ahhhh! My Mummy say two friends! Not one hundred! Chelsea! Well I didn’t want to leave anyone out! I know I’m going to regret this, but ok… Yay! Slumber party! Slumber party! Slumber party! One, two, three… We play too Chelsea? Sorry girls Maybe next time Not fair! Ready or not
Here I come! Found you! Ohhh Found you! Ohhh Found you! Arrrrrrrr! Ooops, Sorry! I have to get a lock for that door Pizza everyone! Yay! Pizza! Yum! Chelsea we sit with you? No girls You can sit up there This is my slumber party! Oh boy! I think we have slumber party and not invite Chelsea! Mmmmm…Nice pizza! I think you right! Here Chelsea! You have this pizza! (Splat!) Hey! Who threw that? Food fight! Yay! (Splat!) (Splat!) (Splat!) (Splat!) Now, what’s for dinner? (Splat!) Hmmm…I guess were having pizza Sorry! I’ll be in the shower again Why are we all wearing the same pyjamas Chelsea? So we can all be twins for the night! What do you girls want to do now? What about a movie? Yeah! Yay! We watch Frozen? No, something scary Alright! I’ll get the popcorn! Oh great! We watch T.V. upstairs (Scary music) I don’t know about this movie Chelsea Yeah, it’s a bit scary Where have the girls gone? No idea! They weren’t here when I came in Now I can enjoy this nice cup of tea Oooh! A scary movie! (Scary sound) Arrrrrrr! Hot! Hot! Hot! Arrrrrrrr! Sorry! Ok, best dancer wins a prize! Yay! (Music) Huh! Music! (Music) Chelsea! Isabelle and me dance too? Sure, you can dance Yay! (Music) (45 minutes later) Yay! This fun! I think I win best dancer! Another song! No, that’s enough Time for bed Ohhhhhh! Goodnight girls! Goodnight (Click) (Girls are all talking) Something tells me we’re not going to get a good sleep tonight Girls That’s better (Girls talking) Girls! I think that will stop them! (Girls talking) Girls! (Click) I need a drink of water (Click) I need to go to the bathroom (Click) I miss my Mum and Dad (Click) I.. Oh, I forgot Bye Tamika Well I’m glad that’s over! I’m going to get some sleep Me too! Me and Anabelle going to do slumber party! What? Yeah, and we invite Kira… and Tamika… and Gracia… and Madison and… What about me? And not Chelsea Oh…

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