Barbie – The Wedding Anniversary | Ep.32

Barbie – The Wedding Anniversary I can’t believe it’s already our first wedding anniversary And we haven’t planned anything! I wonder if Ken’s got something
really exciting organised? I doubt it! Unless you think going to Ben10 Land is exciting? Ken can be very romantic sometimes girls When we were dating he’d always surprise me with flowers…and chocolates…and send poems I can’t imagine Ken doing that! Yes, well we are a little busy now
with the twins and you girls… I’ve got an idea Why don’t we look after the twins and you
can organise a night out with Ken? What do you… Yes! Dinner for two Yes, this evening please …think Barbie? Hi Ken, it’s me Can you get home a bit earlier tonight? The girls have suggested we go out for our anniversary Absolutely! That would be great! I’m pretty sure Ben10 Land is opened til late? There’s food and lots of fun things for us to do there Ken! It’s our wedding anniversary, not a play date! hhhmm… Meanie! I’ll be home soon Alright… So they’ve been bathed and you know where
the milk bottles and diapers are? Don’t forget to call if there are any problems It’s fine guys We know what we’re do…ing! Wow! They sure didn’t waste any time I think Ken really thought they
were going to Ben10 Land! I can’t believe it’s been a year already Barbie! So much has happened! And boy, or should I say “girl” Haven’t our lives changed so much? Sure have! And we have so much to be thankful for Firstly… We haven’t seen Olaf the wedding planner for a year! Don’t mention that name! We’re supposed to be celebrating! But more importantly Thankful of our gorgeous little girls They’re so sweet, cuddly, and adorably cute Especially those little giggles they make
when they wake up in the morning (Babies giggling) It’s hard not to miss them… Hey! It’s our anniversary! No more baby talk This is our night! You’re right! Which babies? Let’s order! Actually, I am feeling really hungry I might have the buffalo wings…. Come on Annabelle You’re so cute Hello little Isabelle What sort of laugh was that? Oohh… Mummy loves you Ken to Barbie? Yooo hooo! You there? Oh, sorry Ken Was…aaah…just…just thinking about what to eat? Hmmm… I think I might have the prawn salad Then maybe the grilled… Come on Isabelle Don’t tell me you dirtied your diaper again? That’s adorable Earth to Ken? Ken! Yes, I’m right here, no need to shout You seemed a million miles away I was just thinking about how beautiful you look Oh Ken, you’re so sweet Ahh, I just need to go to the rest room Be back in a flash! Hi Skipper, it me Is everything ok? Sure! It’s all under control Relax and enjoy your meal Oh, ok… Call me if you need anything! We’re fine! Bye Barbie Ok…much better! What did… Hmmm… I think I need to go to the restroom now Back in a minute Hi Stacie Just checking to see that everything’s ok? Hi Ken Yes! Everything’s fine No we haven’t fed them anything but milk Yes we made sure Chelsea didn’t give them chocolate! Of course I forgot she doesn’t share chocolate If you need anything, just call There you go Enjoy your meal! Thank you! Hmmm! I’m hungry! Oh, would you believe it! I think I left my lipstick in the restroom! You start without me! Hi Skipper, it me Everything still ok? Ahhhh, yeah! Nothing’s changed since you called 10 minutes ago! Oh wait! No Chelsea! Stop! You’ll drop Isabelle! What? Oh no! What’s happening? Is everything ok? I’ll be home in one minute! Hahaha! It’s fine! I’m just kidding Don’t do that! Ok! Well call if you need anything Yes Barbie, we will Goodbye! Yep, my purse was there! Silly me! Purse? I thought you left your lipstick! Ummm, yeah That’s what I said! Ahh, funny thing The office just called Something urgent I better call them back But… It’s our Anniversary! I know! I’m not happy with them either! Yes Ken Yes we’re fine No we haven’t let them out of our sight Chelsea? Where are the twins? How should I know? No they’re aren’t crying because they miss you No, they haven’t started walking yet! Call me if you need anything Sure! What’s with those two? It’s seriously getting annoying! (Music) Shall we get dessert? Sir Madam I have some girls here who insist on seeing you! Oh! Skipper! Stacie! Chelsea! What are you guys doing here? Is something wrong with the twins? No But there’s something wrong with you! Yeah! You and Barbie are driving us crazy Huh? You keep calling us every 5 minutes to check
on Annabelle and Isabelle! Barbie! How could you? You too buster! Oh yeah Sorry girls! It’s our first time away from the twins Well, we’ve got an idea! How about you have you anniversary with the twins? We’ve had enough! Yes! Great idea! I mean, uhh yes… If we have to! Come on girls, let’s go! Finally we can get some peace and quiet! I think I might have the chocolate ice cream for dessert Sounds good! Make it two (Woosh) Did someone say chocolate ice cream? I think I might stay here for a bit Waiter!! Another chair please! Oh! Nearly forgot! Here’s your anniversary gift Ken! Hmmm… What’s this? Ben10 Land! Yippee!!!

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