Barbie – Valentine Dinner for Two | Ep.54

Barbie – Valentine Dinner for Two It’s Valentine’s Day my Stacie And I want you to relax Guess who’s going to make it special That’s right, your friend Max Oh, that’s so sweet Max! Thank you! You’re welcome Stacie So how does dinner and a movie sound? Sounds great It doesn’t matter what we do as long
as we spend the day together You read my mind! Great! What’s wrong Barbie? The babysitter just cancelled I just wanted to cook a nice meal
for Ken and I on Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen That’s no good I’d help out but Tamika and I have
a very important play date! “Sorry, have to cancel tonight. Maybe another time” Hmmm, maybe not that important So you’re home too? Double great! Skipper, are you doing anything tonight? I need someone to take Chelsea
and the twins out tonight So Ken and I can have a nice meal together Nope, nothing planned I’m sure I can take the girls off
your hands for a few hours Perfect! Thank you Now that’s sorted I’m going to start on dinner What to cook…what to cook… Mummy, you play with us? Sorry girls, I’m very busy right now Hey, while you’re here, what’s your dad’s favourite food? Pizza! Well I’m not making pizza but he does like Italian Hmmm… Lasagna! I’m sure he’d like that Thanks girls Now you play with us? No! Skipper’s going to take you out soon So…Ahhh, change of plans What? No! Sorry My friends are all going out to see a new band So… Skipper! Oh fine! Yes Grandma, you’re my last hope You’re sure? Oh thank you It’s only for a few hours Ok, see you then Better make that lasagna! I think Ken is going to like this Hello my Valentine! Ken, you’re back! Yes, it started raining at the golf course What are you doing? Oh… Just making some food for, umm… My Grandma Why don’t you go relax I can manage here Ok, thanks dear Phew! What a day (Doorbell rings) What now? Thank you so much for this Grandma That’s alright dear Take your time They’ll be fine with me Bye Mummy! Bye my little angels Be good! In the oven with you I hope Ken likes my little Valentine’s Day
surprise for him Max and I are going now Barbie I’m off too See you later Have fun! Alright, time for a quick shower 45 minutes later… Hmmm, that smells good! Out you come I’ll let you cool here while I get Ken Ken! Ken!! I’m really sorry Stacie The restaurant was closed and the movie was terrible! I ruined Valentine’s Day for you It’s fine Max No, it’s not I have to… What? You did all this for me? No! I don’t know… Oh don’t be so modest Lasagna! My favourite! I can’t believe the band didn’t even turn up! Oooh… Lasagna! Stacie made it Have some No I didn’t I’m sorry about my car kids It’s always breaking down Oooh, is that lasagna? Sure is and it’s yummy! Want some? Stacie made it Yes I will dear Thank you! I did not make it! Me too! And me! Me too! Come on Ken I’ve got a surprise! Happy Valentine’s… Day? What is going on? Yeah! And where’s my surprise? Hello dear Come and have some of Stacie’s lasagna I give up! Yum! I’ll have some of that! But I… Made… That… For you… Where did I go wrong…

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