Barbra Streisand’s Marriage Is Way More Bizarre Than You Thought

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin make up
one of the entertainment industry’s longest-lasting power couples. They seem to share a perfect relationship,
but that doesn’t mean that certain quirks in their longtime romance haven’t raised a
few eyebrows over the years. Having spent most of their lives working in
showbiz, Streisand and Brolin have understandably kept their romance largely out of the spotlight
since tying the knot in 1998 on the two-year anniversary of their first date. With their wedding day kept on a strictly
need-to-know basis, Streisand reportedly blasted “loud jungle noises” and “bad rock ‘n’ roll
music” outside their tented ceremony in Malibu, California so that the press couldn’t hear
their personalized vows. These two have also sometimes gone to equally
great lengths to avoid prying paparazzi cameras on date nights. Brolin told Parade in 2010, “If we go into town or the obvious spots,
they’re there. And if we don’t look in the rearview mirror,
they’ll tail us. They’re like rats. So we’ll drive in the other direction.” He added that they go out to places that are
generally out of the way in areas that nobody, or at least not the paparazzi, really cares
about. As revealed in Streisand’s 2010 book, My Passion
for Design, the couple’s Malibu estate famously contains a basement mall. It’s populated with a vintage dress shop,
frozen-yogurt stand, and a slightly creepy antique doll boutique. As Streisand put it to Harper’s Bazaar in
2010, “Instead of just storing my things in the
basement, I can make a street of shops and display them.” Whether this section of Streisand and Brolin’s
home is the stuff of dreams or nightmares is all in the eye of the beholder. But for Lady Gaga and Glee creator Ryan Murphy,
an impromptu visit to Streisand’s underground shops during an A-list dinner party meant
absolutely everything to them. They spent an hour down there, perusing a
collection of gowns from Funny Girl and Hello, Dolly! and then snacking on fro-yo. In a 2015 interview with Vulture, Murphy said, “I could write a whole book about that night.” Both Streisand and Brolin were already parents
to adult children from their previous marriages when they got together later in life. So, the couple’s three Coton de Tulear puppies,
two of whom were famously cloned from Streisand’s late dog Samantha, are essentially their kids. Samantha passed away in 2017 after 14 years
together with Streisand, but the star was determined to keep her pooch around in some
way. So she ended up with Samantha’s clones, naming
them Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett. She told The New York Times, “You can clone the look of a dog, but you
can’t clone the soul. Still, every time I look at their faces, I
think of my Samantha […] and smile.” James Brolin is a massive film and TV star
in his own right, but with a wife as legendary as his, he acquired the nickname “Mr. Barbra
Streisand” the moment he said, “I do.” But it turns out that the leading lady in
his life apparently isn’t very amused by the moniker. A source told Life & Style in 2017 that Barbra
actually finds it quite disrespectful. According to the report, a man working construction
at the pair’s Malibu home made the mistake of using the nickname when referring to Brolin,
and Streisand made it clear that she was not happy about it. She supposedly went on to complain to the
construction company itself about the alleged incident in a lengthy email before cutting
ties with the business altogether. Luckily, it sounds like Brolin himself wasn’t
too bothered by the incident, as the source claimed that he just laughed about it. While Streisand and Brolin seem to have unlocked
the key to a successful relationship, it might not be what you’re expecting. It turns out that the two of them keep separate
bank accounts. This is Brolin’s third marriage, so he knows
the problems that can be stirred up by financial issues. “I know what trouble can come out of marriage,
so I didn’t want any reason that I would ever have to be either divorced or married again.” Practical marital advice aside, there’s a
lot more that goes into making this long-lasting marriage work, including spending quality
time together and putting family first. Brolin has admitted that he and his wife do
everything together, while Streisand has noted the importance of paying attention to your
significant other and having a kind heart. While Streisand and Brolin’s romance may have
its fair share of oddities, these two clearly still embody a great example of relationship
goals. Over two decades into their marriage, they’re
closer and stronger than ever! “We’ve been in heaven for 20 years, so it
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  1. Well I will say one thing that Josh Brolin did most certainly not take after his father and looks which isn't a good thing!

  2. You really should remove the word 'bizarre.' Their marriage and life together seems like the kind most folks wish they had.

  3. Plain and simple she’s a (((nauseating person))) who I have no respect for. I thought her MJ comments were despicable, …… just as despicable, (((as her demonic tribe))) from hell! I am PRO MICHEAL JACKSON And PRO PALESTINE ….. fOR ALL PALESTINIANS! We must continue this long fight for freedom for both of them because they deserve it!

  4. I guess the bizarre part is the fact that they are still married after twenty years. By Hollywood standards that truly is bizarre.
    I happen to think it's wonderful that they are still together and obviously still in love. Nothing bizarre there.

  5. What's with Streisands pale new look? She looks ill. Whoever does her make up needs to rethink this flat pale look.

  6. It sounds like a lovely, respectful marriage. Nothing bizarre at all. And Babs was so right to be angry about the “Mr. Streisand” comment; she clearly didn’t want to have her man disrespected! That’s love ❤️

  7. So worried about money they have separate bank accounts?? Do they charge each other to have sex? Super rich people are the most selfish and paranoid folks on Earth. Hide your wallets, you happily, sorta, married couple.

  8. So. Let me get this straight., they aren't heteronormative exclusively monogamous so therefore the union is deemed "bizarre" …ok, gotcha.

  9. Barbra Streisand is a horrible person that when you listen to her speak you wonder if she even has a brain….. her husband all you can do is feel sorry for him

  10. Omg NS you're garbage! Their relationship sounds sane and heartwarming within the context of who they are. 🖖

  11. I love them both!
    A dream marriage😄🌹
    Congratulations to Mr and Mrs James Brolin.
    Barbara your "Sadie" the married lady 🌹👏

  12. Barbara you got great historic life Story in the filming industry remarkable very talented unique techniques talency personality incredible Directors senarios scripts I love everything you have done in your life you got a lots in you love it public sector voted 6.4 Bilions loves you congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  13. Cele BRAT ies… they're all weirdos but fascinating how weird they all are … want a freak show? Watch cele BRAT ies, most entertaining ppl watching there is – they live on a another planet – I think living the way they do affects their egos so deeply that they lose touch with reality and they don't even notice it.

  14. I didn't see anything "bizarre" about their marriage but the dog cloning is kind of weird. I didn't know that was a thing nowadays. Probably isn't unless you are wealthy.

  15. So nice to see a happy marriage. Who cares if it's a bit eccentric. Barbra is gorgeous but I hope she doesn't have more face lifts and face fillers. It's starting to be glaringly obvious!!

  16. Women have been called by their husband's first and last name for centuries but when it happens to a man it's disrespectful?

  17. i cannot fathom what her allure is. shes always been ugly as hell and much weirder. and like a thousand years old. he must have very low self esteem.

  18. I don't know what is so bizarre about the marriage? Lots of couples have separate bank accounts. So they have to be secretive when they go out. Don't all stars have to do that? What does having a fun entertaining basement have to do with her marriage? If you watch american pickers, you will lots of people with stores of things they have collected. Whatever. I should of known better than to watch nicki swift.

  19. He always had that deer in the headlights look. Like he is afraid of her. She wears the pants. Must work for them.

  20. She always was a nut , hell she even had a one night stand with Prince Chuck in there hay days .

  21. You used to know how much money you had by the pile of coke on your table, now it’s that you cloned your dog? Wow

  22. So what is bizarre ? You are bizarre to even think they are Bizarre. Good Grief young people today.. FO Nicki Swift who ever you are

  23. They do NOT share a "perfect relationship" but James has been very tolerant of a very difficult woman who still seems very narcissistic and has trouble with family and certainly did with those she worked with, when she worked.
    But every family has skeletons in their closets and we will always enjoy Brolin's work, and even a few of Streisand's songs.

  24. Beautiful couple with talent too! Some people reach a level of popularity and adoration so high–but,they are just Human!! 👫

  25. Sie haben sich gesucht und gefunden. James Brolin ein eher zweitklassiger, aber sehr gutaussehender Schauspieler. Da muß doch eine Diva, wie Barbra einfach zu greifen!

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