BART to Antioch Opening Day Celebration

the BART to Antioch train system is open
to business we are so excited to be here today we’re opening two stations out in
East Contra Costa County and they’ve been dying for the connection to Bart
you know when you’re stuck in traffic on that Highway you’re gonna be speeding by
at speeds of on average of 60 miles an hour but we’ll even be able to go 75
miles an hour while everyone else is stuck in traffic because the traffic is
horrific here I love that it’s smooth it’s beautiful it’s clean well I’ve
lived in Antioch almost all my life and so after paying the tax since the 70s
I’m really excited to see this opportunity for all our residents these
trains use new science called diesel multiple unit technology and it is a new
technology one it’s very clean – it’s fueled by renewable diesel and three it
costs half as much as conventional Bart and the cars are just phenomenal they’re
comfortable they’re quiet and they meet the needs of commuters in this part of
the county this is tremendous conscious my
concision but for Eastern Contra Costa County which is provided to over 10% of
the new housing stock in the last 20 years for the whole bay area but we
needed to get the infrastructure here residents are expected to quickly get
used to crossing from this transfer platform from the new BART Antioch train
to the regular BART system it’s a ride made possible by measure J and regional
measures one and two among other sources that’s right plus a third bridge toll
program that the Legislature passed but all three of those together chipped in
over two hundred and fifty million dollars for this extension it’s a new
dawn for East Contra Costa riders and now a commute that has never been easier
in Antioch Mark Jones reporting

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  1. Itโ€™s so cool! Itโ€™s like a separate system… kinda like NYC. NYC has multiple systems that all tie into one. I want to see more of eBART! More stations and expansions would be great to see!

  2. Just wait until the druggies and homeless take it over. One person sprawled out over 4 seats, with a pile of vomit next to him. Then you get off the train and Bart Police are sitting on their ass watching a sports game. Lets not forget the bart janitor who brings in over 100k a year in overtime pay, he can be found in the broom closet taking a nice nap.

  3. Safe to say that it is a lightrail train with nowhere near the space a 10 car normal bart train offers.

  4. 0:43 "These trains use new science called Diesel Multiple Unit technology" you guys ever heard of the River Line in Jersey?

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