– [Brad] Cheers. – Cheers. – [Brad] Cheers, to us. – To us. – [Brad] Four weeks of
travel through the USA. (rhythmic music) – [Brad] What are we doing tonight? She knows what her surprise is now. – We’re going on a boat. (air whooshing) I’m excited. The storm is brewing. – Yep
– Always. – It’s a big storm too, here in New York. Romantic dinner for two in New York. There’s our boat. (crowd murmuring) – We got on the boat everybody. (lively piano music) – Come with me right down the stairs. (crowd murmuring) – Guys, check this out. This is amazing. We’ve just taken our window seats, look. (laughing) How you feel Robs? She’s pretty pumped. Look at that smile. Cheers. – Cheers. – [Brad] Cheers to us. – To us. – [Brad] Four weeks of
travel through the USA. – Biggest adventure of my life. (rhythmic music) – [Brad] To us. – To us.
– [Brad] To us. (rhythmic music) – That is so good. That is so good. – [Brad] Is it?
– Yeah. You gotta try this babe. You gotta try this. – You know what it’s like guys, when you’re like looking at a menu, and you have no idea what
half the things are on the menu, like togarashi tuna. Maybe you should get togarashi tuna. Edamame, what’s that? – [Robyn] Green beans. – Why don’t they just
call them green beans and not edamame? Is that the Greek name? – [Robyn] It’s specific. It comes with sushi, Japanese. – Green beans are green beans guys.
[Robyn] No, no, no, no. – [Robyn] Gnochi’s different. I would agree with you normally- – Guys. This is so amazing. We’re cruising down the Hudson. We’ve literally just pushed back. Cruising down the Hudson. Look at her face. I think I’ve done a good job. Check this out. (laughing)
(crowd murmuring) (lively piano music) – He’s done the most amazing job. This is sensational. Look at it. – [Brad] Look at that.
(lively piano music) (laughing) – So, we’re outside the Bateaux New York. The cruise ship here. And it’s absolutely amazing. We’re cruising down the Hudson. (air whooshing) We’re cruising down the Hudson River. And I’ll show you the city
views in just a minute, it’s a little bit windy right now. And it’s absolutely amazing out here. Everyone’s outside to take photographs, and I’ve got my little camera here. So, I’ll take some photos
for you to come and check this out, if you want to see. If you want to come and
check this out for yourself. What do you think Robsies’s? It’s quite nice, huh? – What quite? It’s superb. It’s amazing. It’s incredible. It’s a dream. – [Brad] That’s right, so.
(lively piano music) – Everything is just fitting
together like you always imagined New York to be. The music
– It’s really amazing. They got really good music here too. – [Robyn] The buildings, the lights. (air whooshing)
– [Robyn] We’re on a boat. We’re about to go and see
the Statue of Liberty. Does it get better?
– Yes. – It’s gonna get better. – Stick around for that. (rhythmic music) – [Server] Happy birthday. – Thank you. – [Brad] Happy birthday. – Thank you. Oh, that’s amazing. – [Brad] Happy birthday. (singing)
– [Brad] Aw. (laughing) – I am taking these home with me. – [Brad] I know, you better pack those. – No, I’m taking it with me to England. – [Brad] We’re going under a bridge. Let’s go outside.
– [Brad] Let’s go, let’s go. It’s right under the bridge. – [Brad] Let’s go, let’s
go, quick, quick, quick. (singing)
(crowd murmuring) – [Server] Please watch your step, guys. Watch your step
(air whooshing) – [Brad] Oh, look at that. (singing) (laughing) (rhythmic jazz music) – Oh my gosh. I love it. I love it so much. (singing) – There’s so much emotion.
(laughing) – I don’t even know
what to do with myself. (singing)
(laughing) – Baby, I’m so happy. (rhythmic music) – Guys, we just got off the boat. We’ve just got off the dinner cruise. And it was spectacular. This one got roses. Look at her roses. – Look.
– [Brad] They’re very hard to see her roses in the light that we had. How amazing is that? She’s got six red roses for her birthday. All prearranged. She’s very very happy. See guys. If you’re watching this
and you come to New York with your girlfriend or your-
(laughing) No, serious. Message to the guys.
– [Robyn] Okay. watching this right now. Just stay there for a second.
– [Robyn] Yes guys. Okay.
– Message to the guys. If you’re looking to coming to
New York with your girlfriend or your wife, then definitely check out the cruise, by the way I’m not being paid to say this. They don’t even know
I’m making this video. It’s incredible. I told them that it was Robyn’s birthday, and it was her first time in New York. She’s had this dream of coming
to New York for 30 years, and they arranged to have
a piece of cheesecake with a birthday candle in it. With six roses, right there. So, spectacular. And, come over here Robs. – [Robyn] I thought you (mumbles) – I want you back in here. Yeah, I want you back here so. So, I think it was like a
– [Robyn] Right. two hour, it was a two
hour boat ride experience. We got to ride down the Hudson River. We got to see the One World
Observatory, the new building. – What are you talking about? It’s 10 o’clock. It’s like four hours. – Is it four hours? – Yeah. – What time did we start? – Didn’t we go at quarter
– Six? past six? – Yeah, it was, sorry, four hours. – Four hours.
– Gosh, okay. Four hours, there you go. Four hours, and I’ll, you know. Price is (clearing throat) website. And (laughing). I’m not gonna tell them. (laughing) – You can’t do that. That would be terrible. – It’d be terrible. That’s right, I’m sensitive. I’m gonna (mumbles) people watching it. I get it. Website google
– Should I go away? – No, it’s fine. It’s okay.
– Okay. Google.
(laughing) – Anyway. They’re like get on with it. Anyways, so you’ll get to ride
past the Statue of Liberty. This is actually an
experience which you should do instead of doing a water taxi. Which is very touristy, and yeah, it does cost less money. But, nevertheless, you get the dinner experience
and you get the beautiful skyline of the city.
– It’s amazing. – And you walk away with a very
happy (tongue clicks) lady. She’s very very happy. We had additional photos taken
by a photographer on board, so we paid $40, I think.
– 20. Yeah, for two
– For two. Yeah, it’s worth it.
– They’re framed. It’s framed – They’re framed, and they (mumbles) – Exactly. It’s worth it.
– It’s an amazing memory. Like, you only do that
– it’s worth it. once in your life,
– Exactly. sort of thing.
– You do it once, yeah. If you come to New York for
like three, four, five days, you have to do this experience
if you’re doing New York for less than a week. Get the window seat. Get the window seat. Yeah, get the window seat. We had the window seat, we had great views. Anyway, that’s it guys. We’re off to Mr.Purple now. Rooftop bar here in New York City. – Last night. – Our last night
– Let’s make the most of it. – Our last night in New York. We’re not filming this one.
(laughing) We’ll just show the photographs. We’ll just you show the
photographs instead. It’s like in the Hangover, right? With the photos?
– Yeah, exactly. You just get to see the photos
– You just don’t know what’s gonna happen tonight.
– That’s right. Photos only, goodbye.
– Okay. (rhythmic music)

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  1. Great choice, Brad! Will keep that in mind if I ever go to NYC again! By the way, edamame are soy beans prepared in a certain way. 🙂

  2. Wow, awesome view of the city and the statue of Liberty! That cruise is a good way to celebrate Robyn's birthday and to end your US tour! 👍🏼

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