Batplane vs Joker’s Gun | Batman [4k, 30th Anniversary Edition]

(Gun shot, people screaming) woahhh Come on you gruesome son of a bitch come to me (Laughing) come on Darling I’ve got to get you to the church on time (Radio) Yes sir Gotham city cathedral. Transportation for 2 (Radio)Right away sir 5 minutes (Radio)5 minutes Better make it 10 (Radio)Okay, 10 minutes

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  1. 1:18 Holy cow, I figured out why Batman couldn't hit Joker for some reason!

    He didn't use the Force!

  2. It was such a treat to watch this scene.

    24th June 2019 – 0:07 Reminds of Game of Thrones when Kit and Emilia fly above the clouds on their dragons.

  3. Ledger Joker: Common hit me I want ya to hit me!
    Bale Batman: “Aaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhh!” Fall off the bike
    Nicholson Joker: Common, come to me
    Keaton Batman: where is my missile?


  5. Funny fact about the Joker's revolver in this.
    It was a joking insult about the NFA's gun barrel rules stating that over 8 inches and it's a felony.
    Joker's was 15 inches and that is a level 7 felony.

  6. 1. Batwing fires at Nicholson for the kill: "Cmon you gruesome son of a bitch, hahaha CMON!": Waits for Batman to fire first and returns fire, causing bats to crash… Vs, Batpod riding at Ledger, "Cmon c'mon I want you to do it, c'mon Hit me, HIT ME"; Waits right there until Batman goes around and crashes.
    2.) Batman kills Nicholson by bat grappling his ankle and causing him to fall to his death… Vs Batman saving Ledger by bat grappling his ankle, keeping him from falling to good death.
    3.) Nicholson gives away free money and kills the people as some kind of sick joke… Vs Ledger burning money and having a mob boss killed while telling a Joke.
    4.) Nicholson puts on tan Makeup over white skin, to look normal… Vs Ledger taking white makeup off to look normal.
    5.) Nicholson kills gangster with a pen, a feather pen… Vs Ledger killing a gangster with a pencil, a fucking pencil.
    6.) Tim Burton kills off Joker, even though Nicholson was still alive… Vs Christopher Nolan keeping joker alive, even though Ledger was dead.
    7.) Keaton never cried, NEVER… Vs Bale whining

  7. Never made sense to me that whatever the Joker had as armour, there's no way he could've survived that type of assault from the Bat wing (machine gun and rockets). And given the armour on the plane, no way that Joker's big gun could've brought it down. But it was pretty neat to watch! 🙂

  8. Jeez 30 years? I remember this came out while I was on my 8th grade end of the school year trip to Washington DC…

    Where in the hell did the time go?

  9. Funny how 80s batman is the best one, same a all the 80s greats, all these remakes just aren't as good

  10. One of the dumbest scenes in the history of hero movies. I rolled my eyes when I saw it in the theater way back in 89.

  11. I guess he had one of those guns Will Smith got in Men in Black because that’s the only explanation for that tiny gun taking down the whole batwing

  12. Batman. You are fired! Seriously you blow up all the goons, but can't hit the guy standing in the street saying HIT me. And then your terrible designed plane goes down with one bullet.

    Joker is now my favorite. He doesn't even wanna hurt Batman. He just enjoys proving that Batman is useless, weak, stupid, selfish retard. Wich he is. Batman is useless.

  13. 5 minutes… Make it 10
    I like that part how he see how big the cathedral is. Love this movie. Best Joker ever

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  15. Keaton's batman killed a lot of people and that too directly……………………….

    But no one cares,so yeah, forget what I just said

  16. While this scene is impressive visually and probably one of the most iconic scenes of this movie it is also complete BS. This Batwing has worse aiming than a Stormtrooper. And neither would the Joker have been able to reach the top of this cathedral in 10 minutes or even less nor does it make sense that some of his henchmen were in it. Why should they be? I don't think that this was the plan right from the start.

  17. "I'm sorry batman, your insurance doesn't cover 3 1/2 long pistol bullet wounds. And in fact, your premiums just went up and you missed your last payment. Have you thought about autopay?"

  18. So this may be just me and I know I'm being an audiophile by saying this, but I wish they had just gone to the master for the sound effects. I'm aware that they're all generic foley sourced sound effects but I've literally watched this movie hundreds of times since I was 3 and it just sounds wrong to me. Visually it looks better than ever but it's just missing those sound effects that are just cheesy enough to be comic believable.

  19. Ugh, I really hated this scene, even in 1989. Didn't rate Nicholson's joker either. Or, sacrilege, Ledger's for that matter.

  20. Another reminder of just how terrible this movie really was. If it was anything less than the return of Batman in a real cool, state of the art rubber suit, people would have walked out.

  21. I haven't watched the film since the days of VHS. I don't know whether it's because I was a kid or now I'm seeing it in higher quality, but only now I notice how entire shots are models and the cars look like Matchbox cars.

  22. Am I the only one here who finds that the added sound effects in this 4K edition unnecessary?
    The original sound design are perfect as they are without adding more modern sound effects to it.

  23. Whose bright idea was it to put new sound effects on top of the old sound effects?!!! It's doesn't even sound right!! Fuckin 4K assholes!!!

  24. Only thing i hate with (4k) on "old" movies like these, it's the fact that they get clearer and now you can really tell when it's a model and a miniset 🙁

  25. Why did they change the audio of gunfire from the Batwing when he fires at the Joker? If you look back at the previous/OG format you’ll notice. It sounds like it’s pulling audio from an M60 being fired. I like the original since it sounds like how it should with a fast fire rate and just because it’s the original sound I’m accustomed to.

  26. Batman: rich billionaire, master of hand to hand combat, world's greatest detective, world's second best escape artist (after Mr. Miracle), and all around badass.

    Only weakness: low midichlorian count.

  27. hey! Do you know about this ' The Joker He asked for the helicopter that needed it in five minutes and then changed it to ten to get to the roof. Well, it really takes ten minutes in the whole scene until the moment the helicopter appears but what changed the story instead of the two leaving is the joker who tries to leave. Did you realize that?

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