Battle of the Bulge Veteran returns to Belgium for 75th Anniversary of the Battle

HARRY F. MILLER: It was the 75th anniversary
of the Battle of the Bulge, which my unit served in. It was a case where I figured, because of
my age, it would probably be my last trip overseas. I wanted to go to the 75th to see if the people
there still remembered the way I did; and, I was happy to find out that they did; and, I’m glad I made it for that reason. It was a good trip. At least it wasn’t as cold as it was
the first time. Yeah, this is a photo of our monument to the
740th Tank Battalion , and, it just means a lot to be near that thing. It has all the names on the columns of the guys in the battalion, and the name of our battalion commander. We’re quite proud of that monument — it’s
really a good feeling to have something like that there.

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