Battling 100 Years! Battleship Texas Century Celebration – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

((fireworks/clapping)) [Narration] A fitting finale for a 100-year-old
fighting lady. [Bill Irwin] Battleship Texas was commissioned
as an actual war ship on March 12, 1914 so this is her 100th birthday as a fighting battleship. [Crowd] Come on Texas! ((dissolve to B&W footage)) [Narration] When the Texas was commissioned
in 1914, she was the most powerful weapon on Earth. [Bill Irwin] She fought in so many battles
because she was an old lady during WWII and kind of expendable so they always put her
toward the front…and her crew did her proud. [Narration] Today, she’s our country’s oldest
surviving battleship. Her crew numbered as many as 1800 men — the size of a small city.
All crammed in an area a hundred and four feet wide and two football fields long. ((rain)) [Narration] And though the weather added one
more battle to overcome, thousands turned out for her 100th birthday. [Paul McCann — Battleship Texas Foundation]
This is awesome! To have the rain that we’ve had today and the weather and still have the
support of the community out here and just showing the love for the Battleship is pretty
amazing. Not to mention the fact that having this as the final crew reunion and having
32 veterans from WWII on here with us has been pretty special. [Marty]
Hi folks! Ya’ll have a choice to make. You may notice the yellow arrows diverge at this
point. If you want to see the Super structure, you may go up this ladder. [Meric Pinkerton — Belaire, Texas] We have
an 8-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 5-month-old. They were SUPER excited about coming on the
ship, though they thought they were going to go somewhere on the ship. They thought
we were going to sail off on the ship. [speaker] Battleship Texas will be closing
in 15 minutes. [Bill Irwin]
We had the Texas Outdoor Family program, we had folks doing mountain biking, all sorts
of outdoor activities that you can enjoy in our state parks. ((gunfire)) [Bill] We also had WWII reenactors. They had
a small skirmish here between the German and US Forces. [Reenactor] Cease Fire! [kid] Do it again! Do it again! [Reenactor] I got killed. It happens. [Woman] One, two, three. (picture of kids
with reenactor0 [Robert on stage] It’s great to be here to
honor the Battleship Texas! ((music)) [Narration] And headlining the evening was
Texas musician Robert Earl Keen. [Robert Earl Keen] It’s meaningful to me because
I grew up on the Gulf Coast. My father was on Normandy Beach on D-Day. As a matter of
fact, he would have been 100 years old this year. ((horn blowing)) [Bill Irwin] That is our ship’s horn. It has
just been restored. [Narration] Fees for the day will help restore
more of the ship. [Bill Irwin] Ultimately we’re trying to save
Battleship Texas. We want to keep her here for another 100 years. ((guns fire)) [Bill Irwin] Ideally for the next thousand
years. ((fireworks)) [Narration]
For Texas Parks and Wildlife, this is Abe Moore.

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