Batwoman 1×11 Promo “An Un-Birthday Present” (HD) Season 1 Episode 11 Promo

– [Kate] How is she Beth and not Alice? – [Mary] Oh my God. – [Beth] What’s happening?! – [Kate] My wish came true. – [Sophie] My heart breaks for that little
girl who was trapped in that cell. – [Kate] Let Alice go. – [Narrator] Batwoman new episode next Sunday
at 8/7c only on The CW.

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  1. The ending with Beth revealing herself was so good. The earth 99 version of Beth arriving at Earth prime. Now it got really good. When the Rebirth happened certain things were taken from different earths and one of them being for example is Earth 99's Beth. The Rebirth took particular aspects from various earths and merging it with Earth Prime.

  2. Earth-99 Beth on Earth-Prime was a good twist!!! The crisis has really changed a lot its super lit now! Doppelgangers from other universes are on Earth-Prime!

  3. I don’t care for CW’s Batwoman or the Arrowverse all that much to be honest with you but just by this title it seems like we’ll be seeing The Mad Hatter show up at some point which intrigued me as he is one of my favorite Batman villains ever.

  4. But I still don't understand. How can there be two Beths? Y'all say it was the Earth-99 version but why didn't that version of Beth just merge with Alice from Earth-1? Isn't that the point of the merge? How can two Beths exist at the same time on the same earth?

  5. My jaw dropped when Beth from another earth came, I wonder what’s gonna happen next, can’t wait! ✌🏽😍

  6. I don't think it earth 99 Beth and I think there a twist. What Oliver did probably split Beth into two. Where Kate got two Beth now.

  7. Well, this is something from the comic books too. After the crisis some people have doppelgangers all over the world like superman/old superman from E-2. I don not know if she is Beth from E-99 or beth from E-38 or some other one.

  8. Know what? I don't care how shit this show is, I'd still fuck Ruby Rose in the face. That pornstar name must mean something.

  9. Hey guys in the episode 11 info they said a surprise guest will be in it any idea who that could be or are they talking about earth 99 beth as the surprise guest.

  10. Ohh I see what’s going on here you see I have a Theory that since the multi-verse was destroyed I can see that hair anywhere I feel that earth 99 Beth Kane survive from the Antimatter wave and she ended up in earth prime since her earth is gone and now I feel that Beth thought her kate was alive and now she going to work at Gotham university and now surprise kate for not being died that’s is what I believe

  11. I see one of three possiblities here: 1) Alice is pretending to be Beth to try to win favor over Kate so she will stop trying to put her in jail 2) Alice is no more and somehow its just Beth back somehow or 3) there is BOTH Alice and Beth walking around Gotham ( We did get several Brainies so its possible we have a Beth and an Alice)

  12. I'm not gonna lie, I love how self aware this show became with how obsessed people are about identity politics. Batwoman wanted people to know who she was, and yet the news anchor made a slight against it. Maybe just because this show features a lesbian superhero doesn't automatically make it liberal agenda. It's just who she is and she doesn't want people to make assumptions. And she did it in the most polite way possible without trying to yell at anyone.

  13. Just a reminder for anyone saying this is Earth 99 Beth. Bruce said the Kate on that Earth died. So why is NewBeth acting like her sister hasn’t been dead?

  14. Plot predictions:

    Kate has to out herself to Mary in order to explain the Crisis, and dopplegangers in order to explain why there are two Beths.
    Good Beth gives Kate a chance to have a loving blood-related sister again.
    Alice finds out about good Beth and kills her in a jealous rage so that she has no competition.
    Kate holds Beth as she dies.
    Kate almost considers breaking the Bat-Code but is reminded of Earth-99 Bruce Wayne, and is terrified of ending up like him.

  15. It’s not Beth from earth 99 cause Kate is dead in that universe. Beth would’ve been surprised seeing her dead sister alive

  16. A reminder to everyone in the comments: Bruce Wayne of Earth-99 told our Kate that his Kate died. He was very emotional about it as well. This Beth can't be from the same Earth, because she'd have known that her sister was dead and wouldn't go meet her at Wayne Enterprises like nothing happened.

  17. Of course since the merge of Earth prime we get a new person in this case Beth the one who didn't die so I'm other words the earth prime has made massive changes in it

  18. I knew that Mary wasn't crazy when she saw Alice's doppelganger. I hope Kate will finally explain everything to Mary. I have a feeling that Alice will be pissed about her doppelganger being here and she'll probably try to kill her.

  19. Anyone else noticed that Kara published the Article about Batwoman being lesbian, nodding the fact that all of earth's merged into one to turn into Earth prime

  20. I loved tonight’s episode and I can’t wait to see the new episode next week when comes out~ I am curious about how Crisis changed Batwoman and feel like this is gonna be interesting with both “Beth” and “Alice” on Earth Prime~

    I really hope Kate tells Mary about her identity because it could be very beneficial to have someone else close who knows your secret identity and could even help you with keeping it secret~

    Plus I like Mary too and want to see her and Kate on better terms, especially after what happened in episode 8~

  21. I think this is Mouse.
    Although how Mouse would know there's a version of Beth who's brunette is… Unknown. Maybe Alice confided that she always wanted to be a Brunette? I dunno.

  22. Remember what Kate said when she saw the picture of earth 99 Beth " i wish i knew her like this" that was what she wished for during crisis

  23. Oh I never saw this coming, I seriously can't wait for the next episode, this show is just getting better and better in my eyes.

  24. Did y'all notice kara took kate's interwiew like yaysydhdhwbhxgshdjsjs 😫❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. My problem whith this show its that i feel the main character to arrogant for a begining i mean she didnt train in the league of shadows or anithing its almost like any random guy could be batman or batwoman .You just need to be rich or have at least a rich person in your family.
    flash went step by step learning his powers as arrow learning to be in team.

  26. I predicted it when Kaith step sister recognize Beth at the University… When they show Alice I was disappointed but when the last scene arrive it was Exciting….. Expected Unexpected Episode 🤣🤣

  27. Okay, to anyone saying that Beth is from earth 99, please remember that in Crisis part two, earth 99 Bruce Wayne told Kate that when his Kate put the cape, she got herself killed. And with how Beth treated Kate when she walked into her office, she acted as if Kate was always alive.

  28. Am I the only one who noticed that in the previous episode the article with Batwoman was written by Kara Danvers and that there was also a headline with something about S.T.A.R Labs? 😀

  29. I'm really excited what the events of crisis are doing to all these shows.
    The previous episode was really good.
    They weren't trying to be overly feminist and woke but instead just said it how it is
    I hope they see that they were trying too hard and keep this tone from now on.

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