Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle Launch Edition (PS4/Xbox One) Unboxing

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re gonna be unboxing the
Bayonetta and vanquish pack it says 10th anniversary bundle launch edition and
this is the steelbook version, it says steelbook included as well and down here
you can see that the game is rated M and this is developed and or published by
Sega and we have it for the ps4 and the Xbox one and we also have the regular
edition for the ps4 -that’s not a steelbook but we’re not gonna be
unboxing this because the steelbook is cooler, alright and now we can take a
look at the left side, we’re going to see the titles again and on the right side
we’re going to see the same thing, from the top we can take a look at the
steelbook top and we can see that these are both wrapped in shrink wrapped and
the same thing from the bottom and now onto the backs
it says commemorate the 10th anniversary of Platinum Games’ 2 most celebrated
titles with the Bayonetta and vanquish remastered dual pack, experience the
genesis of the Bayonetta series with the cult classic original action-adventure
game and when mutiny strikes Providence it’s up to a specially trained unit of
Space Marines to reclaim the colony and down to the play modes on the ps4 the
game is single-player twenty nine gigabytes required Dual Shock 4
compatible and ps4 pro enhanced and on the Xbox one, Xbox one X enhanced 4k
Ultra HD single-player and thirty-six gigabytes of storage required and they
are both rated M due to blood and gore intense violence partial nudity strong
language and suggestive themes, alright and now we can open these up and see
what’s inside and when we take out the sleeve we will
see bayonetta right there and here’s the back and now the spines on the other
sides are pretty plain, on the xbox we do have the tape here, all right now let’s
take a look at the ps4, okay we’re gonna see the game disk on the right here and
there’s just some images I’ll show you the images that are underneath the disc
as well, there you have that and here’s the Xbox one, it appears to be the same
images as well, same kind of warning sheet, alright guys and that will do it
for this unboxing of the Bayonetta and vanquish 10th anniversary bundle launch
edition steelbook included version for the ps4 and the Xbox one, as always thank
you guys for staying tuned to popngames for these unboxings and if you
enjoyed this one you can let us know by liking commenting subscribing and
clicking that notification bell thank you guys for watching bye bye

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  1. I love you Nintendo! but because of you we’ll NEVER Get a BAYO II 4K Release ;(

    (Unless there’s a 4K Switch! – unlikely)

  2. Thanks for doing this but I think it's best to open Ps4 regular copy then an Xbox one special edition or vice versa to give a good scope

  3. cant wait. i almost got the game early. Could have but i already had 5 other games i picked up. Manager woulda sold me my preorder. Regardless, Bayonetta is great. Vanquish i have had on ps3 forever just barely ever touched it. This release i will definitely play.

  4. Nintendo still owns the rights to Bayonetta 2? Lmao. I thought by now that game would of finally reached the other consoles. I also thought this was a new bayonetta game lmao.

  5. if I were you I would keep the steelbox copy clean and un-opened and keep it on the shelf as a collector and only open the regular ps4 copy and keep it as the one I'm going to use.

  6. I really want the steelbook edition but i'll risk it and wait for a lower price, still deciding if i get it on PS4 or Xbox One, i do have the X so better resolution for now, but i kinda want it on PS4

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