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( laughter and welcoming ) This is my dear friend Beatriz. Hi. Nice to meet you. Beatriz is a healer. I do massage, sound therapy, reiki .. This woman is a saint. It’s like birds fly out of the sky and land on her shoulder. It’s like Snow White. Can I ahh .. get another Bourbon hon’ ? Oh no dad, this is Beatriz, she’s staying for dinner Oh, you we’re hovering, I just figured
you we’re part of the .. staff. Wh .. do I know you ? Dad’s famous, he’s been on the news. I don’t know why .. I think I know you. Did you ever dance in Vegas ? Thank you for having us in your stunning home, I couldn’t be more pleased in how smoothly this whole process has gone, Alex, if any of those efforts were illegal, I do not know you nor was I even here tonight. Neither was I .. and it’s my house ! I would just like to say to Cathy and Grant;
thank you for having me, when I first came to the United States a long time ago .. Did you come legally ? Yes ? Ahh, this tenderloin was amazing. So was the fish, so buttery. So Doug, you build hotels ? I just own ‘m. I always had inside me the desire to be a healer .. Good for you ! You’re working,
you’re contributing. We’re going to South Africa in a couple of days. It’s true what they say, those animals would basically be gone if it wasn’t for the hunting. I don’t consider it murder. It’s like this original dance of man and beast, the struggle for survival. Are you for real ? You killed this, mo .. you think it’s funny ? I think it’s sick ! You think killing is hard, try healing. You can break something in 2 seconds, but it can take forever to fix it. Sounds like you have a pretty tough job ? I think that fate brought us together. For what ? I don’t know .. revenge maybe ? You think that you can hide up here behind this gate and that everything is gonna be alright ? The world doesn’t need you’re feelings, it needs jobs, it needs money, it needs .. what I do. The world doesn’t need you. Doug is a great philanthropist .. Shut up Cath. A Chihuahua … ok, you’re done. Sorry .. thank you very much. What we’re you thinking ! My relationship with that guy paid for this house. I kind of feel like .. I don’t even knów you. You dón’t know me. This can’t possibly end well.

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  1. I really don't think this movies do any good. I as a Hispanic don't like it at times. The reasons why are 1) it creates tension between whites and hispanics.
    I understand that there are some white people that are like this but not all of them. This makes and enforces hate towards white people , (although they can be like this) I can see white people getting frustrated by yet a another movie that put them as bad people.. what this does is it reminds that there's a line between Mexicans and whites. I just want to see a movie where we all get along . Why do we have to make people look bad for others to look good . Now I must say that actor John (from 3rd rock from the sun) can play an evil guy like a dorky guy very well . He's a good actor .

  2. I kinda wanna see this movie but I feel like I will be very angry with the message it's sending … I don't know .

  3. NOTE !!!* Alternate ending to the totally stupid ending the movie currently has! Here it is: That night, after getting a masage from Beatriz, Paul has a revelatory dream of profound intensity (kinda like in the movie "La Strada") He is shaken to the core. He has seen the entire Universe as Consciousness, and that he as "I" is non-different from it. He announces to everyone that he is divesting all his nasty investments and going 100% philanthropic. He sincerely apologizes to Beatriz, and asks Beatriz to be his personal assistant, and falls in love with her. She is deeply touched by this turnabout in character and falls in love with him too. etc. etc. etc. Now come on !!! Isn't this a better ending by 10,000 times???

  4. i so wanted to see this movie they spelled the name correctly my name is Beatriz and i LOVE Selma and I HATED THIS MOVIE it was such a disappointment it was a Waste of Time and Money! i expect intelligent dialogue not a fake bleeding heart! No one that has gone through as much as the character had gone through would have killed her self nor uncontrollably drink to the point of becoming an obnoxious rude guest.

  5. I'm getting rlly annoyed how there aren't a bunch if movie theatres with this movie…its almost impossible to see this movie…its annoying and i hate it…

  6. two hours of awkwardness… and i didn't understand the ending at all, it was so random.. was anyone else confused by it?

  7. Hollywood, appreciate you throwin' us Mexicans a bone and all, but I can't take this film seriously. What? Does John Lithgow's character toss old ladies into traffic too? Does he tie Beatriz to railroad tracks at the end? Geez!

  8. just saw it. very, very well done. and no, its not a dark comedy. hollywood and their crappy trailers are so full of it.

  9. Looks like ultra liberal ass porn . PETA /SJW/ANTIFA/SNowflake .. ZZzzzzzzz! I'll pass . Let the libertards take this and run

  10. I find it amazing that people that have used the American empire to there benefit are now trying to dismantle it . I really would like to see what replaces a country that seems to be some kind of vacumn cleaner .

  11. i just saw the movie …not really good ..her caracter its so annoying ..who do that on dinner ?? maybe i'm wrong but not a good movie for me

  12. Mexicana que no le gusta vivir en México, que se fue a Estados Unidos para buscar lo que ahora tiene, vivir en París con una persona que tiene un emporio como Donald Trump. Eso no es criticable. Lo malo es que se la da de muy defensora de los mexicanos cuando ella nunca ha vivido esa situación. Muy chocante la actuación, muy pedante y muy incoherente. Fuchi!

  13. Typical liberal hollywood crap. There must have been mandatory group masturbation sessions at the end of filming each day! I'm sure the actors must have been creaming themselves over this film! hahaha

  14. i didnt like the movie …. yea it shits on rich white ppl … who gives a shiet? that's all this movie is… if u hate rich white ppl this movie is good for u if not then it's pure shit….

  15. Idk wth u guys are talking about. This sucked ass and I waisted an hour an a half watching this bull. Omg this was a terrible movie

  16. A holistic medicine practitioner and an international banker, a pseudo science bullshyt money grabber other an arrogant elitist… and the so called medical practitioner is acting like a morally righteous person here?……

  17. Stupid movie.. And love Selma … Could not stand the selfish and all important healer… Terrible movie . Wonder what happen to her goat and dogs

  18. Can anoyone identify that piano song from the beginning sequence of the film? I think it's from "Enlightened" but I can't find it anywhere

  19. Oh look she came to America legally not like the rest of the 11.3 million illegal immigrants. The Trump era is about enforcing laws, not open borders.

  20. this was really a terrible movie. could go on a whole rant about it, and yeah i am a white Trump supporter but let me say this. neither perspective (Lithgow or Hayek) was represented. this movie was shallow all over. Selma’s character was just a whiney, disrespectful, weirdo. Lithgow’s was a cliche, rude, tyrant type. But they didn’t really talk about anything. Again, massively shallow movie. Waste of time.

  21. An ad to watch an ad: what an utterly useless heap of shit YouTube has become. In future I'll watch trailers on Vimeo or ANYWHERE else!

  22. Wow, this was a powerful movie, although the ending was a total cop out. Some in the comment section are saying that the film has a Liberal vs. Conservative theme. But I don't see it that way. To me, it is simply a story about woman with a high "Quality of Consciousness" trying to navigate a dinner party filled with many lower "Quality of Consciousness" individuals. I don't see anything political about being a caring human being.

  23. The comments are basically white american people getting angry because they can't face the fact that they're racists.

  24. I love Salma Hayek, she's a great actress. You fall in love with Beatriz passion, and her ability to speak her mind. But she is a little too intense. This movie was great but it feels incomplete. I never knew who was she talking on the phone with and we never got to know Tara.

  25. hideous bangs. i cant stop looking at them. & btw, selma lives behind a very big gate. another hollywood hypocrite preaching but not living by it.

  26. There are thousands of ways to end a movie.

    The writer / director had an invaluable opportunity to close the film with an outcome more transformational and uplifting for the characters, and especially the viewing audience.


  27. I think all the characters had several shades and lots of depth, and it wasn't a good vs. bad story. It makes you think. The ending is really dumb though, a person with as much knowledge about the spirit world and the universe as she does would not consider either of the two options she ends up considering, and especially not the one she choses in the end.

  28. So its a rich radical leftists and a rich ass hole conservative are invited to a dinner party were they both quickly make asses out of themselves while everyone else gets drunk and watches hilarity ensue. Yup sounds like modern politics alright.

  29. why people love to see this kind of films? Did you know there's a horrible addiction epidemic ravaging areas of the US with mainly white people as victims? men and women. Will we ever watch a movie related to it?

  30. What a bunch if shit. Another Hollywood move that makes a caricature of everyone, even the 'protagonist'. No wonder this is pile of garbage is at 6 on IMDB. Can't Hollywood make an entertaining comedy drama that doesn't rely on white guilt and identity politics for a change?

  31. What a long boring pointless waste of a movie and talent of some otherwise great actors. I watched it for free but I demand my money back.

  32. salma hayek, a filthy rich actress who married a filthy rich businessman, she's campaigning HARD because shes worried that actresses are making 10 million per picture compared to 10.5 million for male actors. My heart bleeds for her.

  33. SPOILER:

    I don’t get why Salma Hayek’s character says at the end, “That man killed my goat,” referring to John Lithgow’s character, unless she was speaking metaphorically. Maybe she meant, men like him killed my goat. Jeronimo was pure white, and was a “scapegoat” perhaps.

  34. I am a huge Salma Hayek fan.
    I respect the sentiment of the movie; however, nice ruse of an ideal of goodness and connection to “the rhythm of life”.
    And if we should praise her simply because she is François-Henri Pinault’s wife, then she is not a true artist!
    The only real actor was John Lithgow.
    Salma’s acting was shallow.
    Everyone else, in particular Kathy, missed their mark.
    Kathy was the worst!
    Beatriz should have thrown Doug’s phone at his feet.
    And in real life, an unruly/embarrassing employee unexpectedly at your house would have been sent home at the first infuriatingly, uncomfortable outburst.
    She would not have made it to a second chance!!!
    Salma’s supposed, makeup free, natural look was unsuccessfully accomplished by makeup.
    Those bangs were unnaturally hideous!
    I guess she liked her Frida eyebrows!
    This effort was an absolute joke!
    I should charge someone or sue them for losing 83 minutes in my life!!!

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