Behind the Scenes: Inside the Kitchen for the France State Dinner

Cristeta Comerford:
State Dinner, of course, is the highest honor that a
host country could bestow to a visiting country. So like for the French dinner
what we want to do is show what the bounties of the
Americas is like. We want to give our guests a
taste of the kitchen garden. We were very fortunate that
during the summer months we had so much varieties of vegetables
from the garden that we were able to pickle. Like for example,
we have the fennel, that we’ll be using some hot
peppers and some mustard and onion, the spring onion. So we’re incorporating a lot
of this pickles to some of our canapés and some of our salad. The First Lady’s signature dish,
we’re calling it the Winter Garden Salad. This particular dish, it
looks like a terrarium, and we’re going to have like
little tiny vegetables like carrots, radishes, cucumbers,
and do not forget we also have the White House honey that
we’ll be using for our dressing. Our garden is not just a symbol
of the First Lady’s initiatives on good lifestyle and eating;
this is actually a working platform. So it’s a little representation
of the kitchen garden, so it’s really, really
an awesome plate. Bill Yosses:
There’s a great
history of French culinary and French pastry ties between
France and America. One of the really signature and
sort of important parts is going to be the petit fours. So we have chosen very typically
American style cookies and chocolates. For example, we’re making
cotton candy and maple fudge; sort of the carnival type
of sweets in America. And they’re all going to be
served on this amazing piece, which is poured sugar made to
look like a marbleized bowl. Susan Morrison:
Here I have a the petit four tray. I have made some
hand-pulled sugar flowers. The red one symbolizes
the American Red Rose, and then symbolized for
France the Purple Iris. Each flowers are placed on
each side of the platter. This will be a wonderful presentation for the guests. ♪♪ (festive music) ♪♪

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