Behind the Scenes: Preparing The United Kingdom State Dinner

♪♪ (music playing) ♪♪ Cristeta Comerford:
The United Kingdom State Dinner
takes its inspiration from our kitchen garden winter harvest. Yesterday we have chefs
out there harvesting some vegetables, some greens, that
are actually being used today for our state dinner. In Washington, D.C., during this
time it’s really hard to find anything that’s growing, but
we do have hoop houses that’s really generated some good
produce that we’re able to use. Our main course for this
evening is bison wellington, and it’s pretty much
like a little twist. Since beef wellington is such
a traditional British culinary fare, we kind of want to give
it like something American. And what’s more American
than our wonderful bison? Our bison came
from North Dakota. So, as you see, throughout
the menus for tonight, it’s pretty much a marriage
of the two countries. Bill Yosses:
Tonight’s dessert
is a steamed lemon pudding in English style. It’s also served with
an American element, including Newtown Pippin apples. And the symbolism of the apple
is that these apples have been developed here in the states. They were grown by George
Washington and Thomas Jefferson. And they were actually sent as a
gift to Queen Victoria in 1838, and she liked them so much that
she eliminated the duties on apples imported from America. So it’s one of the first
examples of a partnership between British and
American interests. And then we also
have petit fours. Susan Morrison:
Here I’m showing you the
chocolates that are being used for tonight’s dinner. We made salted caramel,
coffee with Dulce de Leche, dark chocolate with
White House honey, dark chocolate
with Earl Grey tea. The President likes
salted caramel. So we made sure we
had that tonight. ♪♪ (music playing) ♪♪

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