Behind the Scenes: White House Chefs Prep the Kids’ State Dinner

♪♪(music playing)♪♪ Chef Bill Yosses:
Mrs. Obama came up with
this really cool idea for a Children’s State Dinner. And Epicurious Magazine
collected recipes from kids all over the country, all 50 states. Children sent in their recipes
for healthy lunches, snacks, all kinds of food. And from that, we chose several
recipes that will be featured. We say Children’s State Dinner
because we are so used to saying State Dinner. It’s lunch — it’s Children’s
State Dinner lunch. Chef Cris Comerford:
For the first course, we’re
doing “Quinoa Black Bean and “Corn Salad.” This is a recipe from Arizona. We’re doing some black beans,
corn, tomatoes, and cilantro, lemon juice. Very, very, healthy,
and actually, it’s good. I’ve tried — I did a little
bit of the recipe earlier, so it’s a very good recipe. And then for the main course,
we’re doing, I love the name, it’s “Yummy Cabbage
Sloppy Joes.” Sloppy Joes is such — I
always think of like, you know, when you were younger it’s
really one of those kind of, like, go-to meals that you go
to when you’re just, like, at home by yourself, like,
yeah, I’m going to make myself a sloppy Joe. But this is really a
very, very, good version. What’s a sandwich
without fries? So that’s going to be served
with “Baked Zucchini Fries,” which is a recipe
from North Carolina. The good thing is, it’s
not fried; it’s baked. We just kind of, like, bread it
with parmesan cheese and all the goodness, and then
bake it at 400 degrees. It’s going to be crispy. And we’re going to make our
own version of the ketchup. So a healthier
version of ketchup, because you’ve got to have
ketchup with your fries. So we’re going to put all of
the fun ingredients as well. Chef Bill Yosses:
We chose out of the many recipes
that came in, a smoothie. So, it’s a very healthy
smoothie with low-fat yogurt, strawberries and
honey, of course — some of the White House honey. And we’re going to serve that
in a pilsner glass which is, kind of has a cool shape. Chef Cris Comerford:
We’ve never done this before,
so it’s actually awesome. ♪♪(music playing)♪♪

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