Behind the Scenes with Jimmy Kimmel & Audience (Couple Celebrating Anniversary)

[music playing] How many of you are
on vacation right now? [cheering] Good. Where are you guys
from, here on the end? We’re from El Paso, Texas. – El Paso, Texas huh?
– Yes. What do you do for
work there in El Paso? I’m a colony inspector
in a manufacturing plant. Are you the guy that we take
the thing out of the pocket and it’s inspected by number 12? Yeah. What number are you? ST006. You’re what? ST006. That’s my employee number. ST006. Does that mean you were
the sixth employee, or– I’m really not sure. You don’t know. How many other
inspectors are there? There’s six for
the whole plant. Six? And you’re the last one? And the newest
one at the plant. You’re the newest one, yeah.
So yeah, you’re the last one. You’re the new guy there. How long have you
been working there? 2 and 1/2 years. And what kind of stuff
are you inspecting? It’s mostly Toyota parts
that go into Toyota vehicles. OK, Toyota parts. Do you inspect all
manner of parts or is there one specific
part you’re looking at? Mostly everything. But honestly, I just
skim through it. [laughter] And then blame it on
the Japanese, right? Well, that’s
refreshingly honest. And how about you? Are you guys dating or related?
– Yeah, she’s my wife. It’s actually our
anniversary today, our two-year anniversary.
– Oh, happy anniversary. [cheering] And every once in a while, do
you give her a good inspection? Yeah. She’s actually due
for one tonight. [cheering] You want to get a jump
on it, feel free to– lovemaking is permitted. There are no cell phones,
but you can– yeah. And do you work in
El Paso as well? Yes, I do. What do you do for work? I’m actually a biller
and coder for a doctor. For what? For a foot specialist. A foot specialist. Oh, that’s a weird job
to get into, isn’t it? Yeah. How do you think the
guy got into it– or is it a woman or a man? Well, I work for two doctors. My main doctor is a man. And it’s actually his father
was a foot specialist as well. I see. So it got passed down
from one foot to the next. Yeah. Oh, his father. Did you work for his father?
– Yes, I did. You did?
OK. And who was better
with the feet? Did they ever look
at your feet at work? You know what? A lot of people liked
someone, and then the other one likes
the other one, so it just depends
on the person. Oh, I see. Some people are like,
hey, we like the old guy. Do they tell him that we
liked your dad better? They would tell.
Yeah. They will tell?
Oh, that’s nice. Yeah. Why Would they do that? Some people
think one is nicer. The other one– I don’t know. Are they both working? No, not anymore. OK, so even though one
of them is retired, these [bleep] come into your office– Sometimes, yeah. –feel the need to
tell this poor guy– he’s probably
really like, listen, you think he wanted to get
in people’s– these are not normal feet, by the way. If you had to go to
a foot specialist, something has gone awry. So you hop in there, and
you’re like, oh, here I am. Some kind of mould is
growing on my foot. You stick it in the guy’s
face, and you’re like, I don’t like you as much
as I like your father. [applause] That poor guy. The foot business isn’t what
he used to be, you know? And do you ever have
to see the feet at all? No.
No. No, and when you’re
billing, I noticed something at the doctor’s office. Whereas everything else
seems to be computerized, the doctor’s office
is full of files. And there are files,
and files, and files. So do you guys have a
lot of physical files? No, we’re actually paperless. – Oh, you’re paperless.
– Yeah. So it’s all computerized now. Oh, OK. Oh, well
congratulations on that. Thank you. Yeah, is that is that
unusual that you’re paperless? Yeah. In the practice
I work with, yes. It is unusual
with foot doctors. How about that? And have you ever
had a situation? You’re like, I have a bunion. Will you take a look at it? All the time. Oh, you do? But I don’t look at them. I’ll tell him to look
at the top doctor. No, no. I mean if you personally– – Oh, no, never.
– Never? No. Is that because you haven’t
had any feet problems, or you don’t feel comfortable? No, I don’t have any
feet problems, but– Can we see your
feet right now? Of course. [cheering] [music playing] Yeah.
All right then, yeah. They look good. They look good. If I was running
that office, that’s how I would do the
job interview, like, OK, your resume looks wonderful. I’m going to have to
see your feet now. Well, welcome.
I hope you guys have fun. Happy anniversary.
– Thank you. Thank you for
coming, everyone. [cheering] [inaudible]. Should we keep going? Let’s keep going. Thanks for watching. If you liked that, subscribe
to our YouTube channel for all the latest videos. And if you didn’t,
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  1. Now the part of the show where Jimmy dragged her on stage during an interview and took her shoes off makes sense. lol

  2. Kiki's restaurant and bar. Best Tex Mex place in El Paso. You want it fast, good and on the go, you have to check out Tacos Chiampa (Ft Bliss 2008-09).

  3. "And then blame it on the Japanese, right?" and "So it got passed down from one foot to the next." Jimmy is simply the best.

  4. The guy is an idiot for talking about how he doesn't care about his job but the "she's due for one, tonight" joke was on point! Anytime you can get a good joke in with a comedian, its epic!

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