Chase: we’re doing things we’re going out of
the house I’m wearing pants Sierra: didn’t shower but that will happen at some point today, maybe Chase: you didn’t shower either your
greasy hair and you’re not wearing makeup
Sierra: it reminds me of that song, thats in my head “women gotta stick together” backhanded compliments Chase: ok hold on i need to tell people thats not me saying that there was a person in the comments
of yesterday’s video that wrote something about Sierra would look good
if she just slapped on some makeup and took a shower for her greasy hair like
maybe she doesn’t wear makeup if she doesn’t want to wear makeup right?
Sierra: yeah I
don’t wear makeup it’s not my thing Chase: so we’re going to Walmart
Sierra: and this one? this is 16 minutes away
Chase: let’s do that one first cuz then walmarts beside there is that one in deptford? yeah cuz
Sierra: now they know our location. Chase: well 16 minutes away from Deptford so women
gotta stick together
Sierra: post in the comments below if you know what show that song is from
Chase: I feel like I’m gonna sing
three other songs from that show whoever gets it go on my new Instagram post that
promotes today’s video and write the name of the show that that song is from
and I’ll follow couple yeah huh engagement.. ive been sooo
Sierra: foreshawdowing…. Chase: disconnected. You still have time to do the
holiday cards you have for four more days to sign up and you can get a
holiday card from us to you we have half are personalized and half
are personalized-ish yeah they all have your name on him get one person’s name
hey Dan like and we’re gonna start doing those this week we have to start signing
those and putting those and envelopes and stuff it’s exciting holiday cards is
like one of my favorite things to do for this time of year even though I usually
do it two months before whoops listen toots, if you saw yesterday’s
video you’ll see I’m not doing too great I have to I have a talk coming up I got
a message today in Lancaster Pennsylvania in January or beginning of
February so I need to plan that so if if you know you’re gonna be in the
Lancaster Pennsylvania area in around that time I’ll be there also fun fact
there is a vegan cinnamon place cinnamon bun place in Lancaster random that’s
from Canada and it is beautiful and it is I’m thinking about it now and I’m wet
like well it’s also raining but love me I dyed her hair a little bit purple and
now she wants to do more because it was just a test to see if we would like the
Sierra: but I mean I’ll have to wash my hair like twice the same day so we’ll see
Chase: hey baby before I turn this off and we get to Michael’s like magically you want
to tell them how many times I’ve been misgendered and the last month
Sierra: oh my god. like well
I think like twice yesterday and three in the last week right
Sierra: wild well I
don’t think I’ve heard any of them like as it’s happening
except my grandmother but it was a collective ladies
Chase: oh baby the
gingerbread houses are on sale the last time I filmed in public was last vlogmas I’m so shy baby what’s wrong with me can’t what are
you kidding you get paint like okay well this is all wood women gotta stick
together I feel dizzy you ever go into Michael’s and
you want to buy everything because you just want to do all these arts projects
Sierra: yes, it’s very motivating
Chase: it is I want to do all these things so we couldn’t technically show you what
we’re getting at the store because one of Sierra’s friends two of Sierra’s
friends I guess got married and we’re making them a gift is that okay to say
okay so we don’t want to show it on camera in case they watch this video
before we get it sent out because it’s only in December second and technically
we haven’t even started doing it so where me off to now baby?
Sierra: good old walmart
Chase: good ol good ol
I feel not embarrassed to have my camera at Walmart can I tell you something I have
a headache I cannot believe I forgot my wallet at home and my water bottle this is not a great no I’m not feeling too great today huh how you
doing baby?
Sierra: im ok are you stressed?
Sierra: I regret making this turn Chase: we need a PEEL a MASHER
Sierra: yes, we need a masher Chase: I’m making thanksgiving dinner tonight see there you go we’re
doing shopping and Thanksgiving dinner there we found the vlogmas video or this
could be shopping if we have enough footage Thanksgiving dinner could be day three hahaha when you’re tying to squeeze as many days …. did we just get a spot right here?
Sierra: I think so im going to go check it out Chase: oh nope let’s generalize about men’s let’s
take one bad thing about one man and apply it to all of them let’s conflate
all the guys that’s generalize about men what the f*** is this yeah okay f***ing
like 12 cards right in front of us we’re at Walmart and this what does this
masher was under the $8 and I was like there’s no f***ing way I’m paying eight
dollars for this potato masher but it was actually 98 cents so hey
Sierra: we dont need any more rugs right? Chase: baby please, can i let’s tell them the story since we didn’t do that during vlogmas story
time we went to like five different stores to find rugs one night we went to
Marshalls t.j.maxx Ross that expensive one that wasn’t
Ashley’s furniture and then that big one they were like what is it like Joe was
there something like that I don’t know her the name of that we left with 2
so that’s good and they were like pretty cheap like 25 bucks or something which
is good because some of them are a hundred dollars who who who Chase: when what happened?
Sierra: when the checkout clerk misgendered you ChaseL you know, it was funny at first, it was when we were at Lowe’s and Lynn
and I “hey ladies” it’s like “I aint no lady” is a joke it was funny like I don’t want
to be oversensitive but you know this sucks is it cuz I shaved
my beard too small is it my long hair which isn’t is a bun why are people
so gendered that like makes me want to leave that house even more Sierra: im sure theres a lot of people thart can relate to that
Chase: yup Sierra: i think hair is very gendered for some people. Especially where we are at. geographically
Chase: I thought New Jersey was liberal Sierra: North Jersey and South Jersey are two different countries Chase: great, can you guess where we are at? just cuz this happened and I feel like
shit now I’m gonna go cut my hair like these people ruined it for me
“when it rains, it pours” … because it’s raining and shit keeps happening
Sierra: you’re punny huh
Chase: okay we’re gonna go make
Thanksgiving dinner even though Thanksgiving was like last weekend but
we didn’t get to eat anything and we had like a vegan roast I’m excited for
that it had to thaw for a day I’m excited to taste it though if it sucks
I’m gonna scream I feel like shit but now we have to cook for dinner so
I’m going to be doing potatoes and hopefully I won’t be so depressed from
being misgendered every day
[Sierra making noise in the back Sierra: is that annoying?
Chase: that’s fine [Christmas music] Chase: so I’m cooking I’m sweaty but it’s fun
I’m making vegan gravy I have no idea how it will taste
probably like shit but I hope it’s thick enough mashed potatoes veggies the roast
in the oven as you saw which is like that’s vegan? it is we’ll see how that
tastes so let’s continue [Christmas music] Chase: it looks cooked it smells really good
do you want some? Sierra: yes
Chase: oh I was talking to the people on the camera I’m gonna taste it
to see if it’s good oh yeah oh baby Sierra: theres a lot of seasoning and its not spicy [music] Terry: where do you want me to be?
Chase: well, I cooked us dinner
so come in here so I can show you the dinner uh-huh all right so here I have
the roast, which is vegan, the ingredients are all here if you want it to peak
Terry: check it out
Chase: and then mashed potatoes yeah veggies and then homemade gravy is there
so are you excited yeah I’m excited if it sucks if it sucks sorry
look at that mmm I put my food in a bowl because I
drown it in gravy what do you think of dinner oh my god the cameras are falling
what’d you think of dinner
Terry + Lynn: very awesome Chase: they’re just saying that because the cameras on
Terry: oh so this is just sound? Chase: no this is me you’re in it
Terry: oh, hi!
Lynn: Peace Chase: these are Sierra’s moms… gayyyyyyy Terry: Dinner was delicious, especially these mashed
Chase: what are we eating now Sierra: this is a vegan chocolate cheesecake Chase: oh shit
Sierra: what if it was fragile!
Chase: I KNOW Chase: you want to open it with me?
Sierra: ok Terry: I mean, if you hate it it doesnt matter because its a yard sale item Chase: this is good for now!
Sierra: that’t cute Lynn: that’s what we were saying Sierra: that’s perfect
Chase: festivities Terry: like a backdrop or instead of getting a real tree if you dont want the mess Chase: this is great
Sierra: awesome thank you 6 feet high, it’s tall Chase: 6 feet high? Terry: yes Chase: is it is it outside Terry: yeah it was outside
so indoor/outdoor
Chase: that’s cool Terry: so whatever I didn’t know that I wanted to
use it as a backdrop or just throw it out there when you’re by the fire its kind
of ambience Chase: thank you Sierra: oooooo did you know about this ? are you sure this isn’t for him?
Terry: I asked him which one Sierra: with footsies!
Chase: yes! She sent me a picture and I was like omg you need to get these
Terry: cuz I didn’t want to steal his thunder if he had already gotten one yeah
Chase: I think the one I can’t do two
years I’ve been looking for one yeah oh my god what is this?
Lynn: this is amazing Terry: stop, you’re going to love it. I hope you’re going to love it Chase: oh my god
Lynn: wait
Terry: it lights up Chase: oh my god, what?
Sierra: so extra Chase: oh my god
Terry: is that cool right
Sierra: that’s so good
Chase: I’m like living Terry: no, we couldnt find footsie Chase: these are our new outfits for vlogmas. Thank you. thank you
Terry: hi babe
Sierra: what does he think? Chase: do you like it? Chase: our beautiful outfits together Terry: awww and she has feetie
Chase: she has feet. I have lighties [Chase DRAMATICALLY yawns] Chase: baby, it’s so late I’m so tired
Sierra: it’s like 9 o’clock Chase: it’s 8 o’clock
actually we’re gonna go to bed soon but look we’re Christmassy now look at us
getting ready for vlogmas oh i see wait what wait you Sierra: lighten your face up.
Chase: you’re cute Sierra: you’re cute
Chase: alright anyways today we’re just gonna end this day I hope you
see to you yen it’s 8 o’clock and im so tired
okay let’s talk to you later see you tomorrow
Sierra: good night
Chase: love you Sierra: maybe not goodnight for you Chase: is thart a sex joke? Sierra: no, im jsut saying they might be watching this
in the morning Chase: yeah but we’re going to bed yeah it’s

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  1. Day 2 vloggggggggggggggggggggg yehaw!!!! F the person with that lousy comment to your g/f. Not a vegan but enjoy. Trans guy Lee, Richmond, VA

  2. Are people in Jersey blind! You are a whole man and you look like it too. Also I live in Lancaster so I'll be here!

  3. You both are so cute. And the food looked so good. Can't wait til tomorrows video. ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

  4. Not in every way, but in a few of them, I know your pain.

    Stick in there. You have a wonderful partner by the looks of things, and both her and I believe you can reach your goals โค๏ธ I know that Chase Ross can beat this โ˜บ๏ธ

  5. It's so great to see you happy Chase. That dinner looked alot better than mine. lol That roast looked SO good! I need one lol. I just love Sierra's moms. You all look so happy!! Great times!! I LOVE the onesies!! So cuties!!

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    P.S (Sierra is sooo cute) ๐Ÿ’–

  7. I feel like at this point if someone misgenders you, Chase, it's because they know you're trans because of your online popularity. Because you're unclockable tbh

  8. Iโ€™m sorry but how could some one misgender you!! You are all Male as far as I can see!! Also your girlfriend is beautiful and who ever said that nasty comment about her is jealous

  9. Sucks that you're being misgendered, but your long hair is handsome and if you like it you should keep it. Misgendering sucks, but they're probably not going to remember you since they see hundreds of people a day. They're not going to remember you, so you don't need to remember them. I know it's easier said than done, but those people don't matter.

  10. How did you get misgendered? You got that facial hair. But donโ€™t feel too bad. One of my cis male friends gets misgendered all the time because he has floofy hair

  11. I love you chase! i got a christmas card last year and i think about it all the time, i hope youre doing well :)โ™ฅ๏ธ

  12. It's honestly a bit alarming how gendered hair is, my brother is cis, but likes to wear his hair really long, and is misgendered all the time. He doesn't seem to mind, because neither of us are all that invested in the binary (I identify as nb femme), but it still sucks that it holds true in so many places. You are both cute as hell, and I hope people will stop being so rude about Sierra's choice not to wear makeup, and those onesies are both outstanding.

  13. Sorry to say this but itโ€™s your hair – long and dyed. As a female who is 5โ€™9 and wide frame I get Sired when I have a hat on and gender neutral clothing. It has nothing to do with how big my boobs are or how soft my skin is people are simply stupid. Just donโ€™t take it to heart and if it really bothers you just cut your hair short.

  14. I've missed this! You make our holidays! Sierra is such a good person for you! You two are so cute! I'm so happy you have someone so supportive in your life! ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽ„ ps no one needs makeup! And those ppl that hurt you mean nothing! They are just blips that don't need your energy.

  15. hmmm im confused thanksgiving was back in mid october or have you turned American… but more seriously keep the long hair it really suits you as a man

  16. Hi Chase – I'm a trans dude living in California, and I recently decided to go back on testosterone after taking a break for 5 years. I was on T for 7 years before that, so the downtime has been pretty rough. I'm currently waiting on my new prescription to be filled, and your videos have been one of the the very few things that have helped me during this really weird and depressing time. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and that I often wish we could hang out. I'm sorry you're feeling so down and I hope the clouds break soon. Sierra seems like such a sweet person and I'm glad you're wearing pants out in the world again. Love to both of you, and Happy Vlogmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I'm sorry you're not doing too well. But I like the new tuned down version of you. I stopped watching because your videos were so loud and over the top with screaming all the time.
    Love you to be back.

  18. After getting misgendered many times I decided Iโ€™m not leaving my house. Itโ€™s been 3 months and I can count the times Iโ€™ve stepped outside in one hand. I feel you.

  19. Chase I cant imagine how it must feel to be Miss gendered, but even in cis world people are misgendered. One time I went to the grocery store with my mom and they call her sir. My mother didn't seem to care that she got misgendered. She said, " " I don't give a flying s***."
    Everything's going to be okay Chase nothing lasts forever. I bet you Sierra's the best thing in your life in a very long time. You act different in a great way.
    I prefer women who don't want to have to put makeup on Sierra surely is beautiful lady and certainly doesn't need make up.
    Again Chase don't let the freaking miss gender people get you down. One other time I remember when my brother and I were younger somebody asked me where my sister was and I'm like I don't have a little sister. Isn't that your sister over there and they pointed toward my brother I said no that's not my sister that's my brother. every time something is not going too well for me to make myself laugh and feel a little better I always say that I must bring the hammer down it's time for you to bring the hammer down Chase. Chase if you want a liberal State go to Vermont. The state of Vermont was the first one to notice notice same-sex marriages. That's where I'm from I'm from Vermont but I currently live in Michigan right now.

  20. Dude hair is SOOO gendered. My hair is an inch longer than usual and I get misgendered more than ever now! It's absolutely ridiculous. My feels go out to you dude. Buuuuuuut….you growing your hair out has given me the strength to grow mine out so there's that. Keep your head up. Gender is fake. That's all for now.

  21. I have uvitis in my eyes which is an inflammation of the colored part so I do not wear makeup either. Just ignore those negative people.

  22. pls do not cut your damn hair!!! also do a vid where you let S dye your hair ๐Ÿ˜‰ hint hint dye your hair lols

  23. Honestly I have a beard, not huge but it's there, and I still get misgendered occasionally. And it's annoying that no one believes me or say "oh maybe they got their words wrong" or "oh maybe they call everyone ladies" (???)
    Like no I can tell that sometimes people still see me as a woman. I think a lot of it is based on my height and shy personality. Thanks for talking about it so I know it's not just me

  24. Dude! I know how you feel 1,000%. I get misgendered almost every other day. I've been on T for 3 years now. I'm 4'6" and my beard is sparse. So I not only get misgendered I get thought of as a child. Its ridiculous how people take one look at someone and already have an image of who u are. I've limited myself to work and errands when I need to. It sucks. But I've been trying to get out and not let others be a reason I shut myself off from the world. When I do get misgendered it's sometimes even hard to correct them because I don't feel like I pass enough to even say anything. So it's a hard thing to navigate. I'm sorry you're dealing with this and around the holidays that's already hectic and stressful. But chin up my dude. U are a Male and definitely look like one. You and your girl Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  25. I donโ€™t know how people could misgender you! You know what they are not worth your valuable energy. You are way too good to pay attention to those people. You are such a handsome man Chase, you got this! I definitely relate this. Btw DONโ€™T cut your hair because of other ignorant people. Do what your heart feels is right. Love you!!

  26. Sorry the mis rendering shit keeps happening. Shes right. North jersey and south jersey are two different countries. I was born in south jersey and still live here. It is nothing like north jersey. In fact if you go further south, more southern than deptford… Its farm country. Corn fields and horse farms. That's the jersey I know.

  27. Completely understand. I'm in South Jersey and most people can be chill, but some areas people just want to tear you down I swear.

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