Believe Again (Halo 3 Anniversary)

What about you? Well I… I used the Shotgun. I was a Sniper… Used a Standard High Power Sniper Rifle. I was in the back of an overturned Warthog. Firing an M41. He gave us hope… All we could do was sit… and wait for Master Chief. Chief told me once… but no soldier should be honored… for doing what is expected. Do you believe that? I did. And I still do.

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  1. Fuckin beautiful!! II loved Halo 3's marketing it was glorious !!!! I hope that Halo 3 Anniversary will come to Steam in the future

  2. Jeez i can remember yesterday buying this game to BOOM to today i miss this game now when everyone use to play this every day

  3. I was 4 when halo 3 came out and was the first video game I have ever played. And when it became backwards compatible ten years I was excited to play again, expecting the population to rise again, but then I saw the player count and I felt nothing but sadness as of me typing this comment on 10/16/2017 there are only 128 other gamers currently on halo 3. It’s truly depressing that such an amazing game (which is a ridiculously large understatement) is almost dead. Halo 3 isn’t quite dead yet, but when it does die, and it will die, it will be heart breaking, but halo 3 will never be forgotten, it will be remembered as one of the best first person shooters, NO one of most UNFRIGGENBELIEVABLE GAMES EVER MADE!

  4. Well if you quit making machinima's you'll be the 2,580 Machinima director that quit making videos for Halo

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