BELL (Bridge to Earning, Living, and Learning) Program 10th Anniversary

It has been a very
interesting and fun experience here at Roberts honestly when I heard about a
program here at Roberts for specifically me, for me as a person it was sort of
like oh okay it was gonna be so much of my high school probably and so really I finally only made the decision to say “Know what? I
will take the two-year experience and I will see how this program can help me
through my college life.” for Lily to attend Roberts it was a dream for me that I didn’t know was still available to us. So she did lots and lots of things
that as a BELL student that she was really excited about being included she
swims, certain teams take her to lunch once a week or peer mentors take her to
social activities. So being a peer mentor is mainly about helping them get involved on campus, get to know people, work on social skills, go to events, but
as an academic coach I do go to classes with the students, help them with
homework, help them in in-class interactions with peers and with the
professor. One of the students that I work with she said that in the beginning
of this program she didn’t feel ready for college and even in her class, “I can’t
do this it’s too much,” you know ,”I’m just auditing it,” and then she’s like, “I got this! I
passed the first test!” and just to see that college sometimes is such a scary
thing even for any kind of student and to have someone have that assurance that
yes you can do this scary difficult thing I think it’s just really empowering so I
see the BELL program as highly integrated into the undergraduate
population. We go to classes together they’re in my speech classes and like
it’s just exciting to see people who belong in the spaces that you’re with.
Without that program I wouldn’t have been able to think about any of it. I never would have dreamed of going to college.

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